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Catalog Number 1994.41.18
Object Name Letter
Accession number 1994.41
Description Full transcription of text follows:


Rec in [Kansas City] - [February] 11 [Received in] Oregon [March] 4 [Received in Tennessee] [March] 10 [January 15, 1919] Verdun France. Dear Mother and all Others - at last rather to our sorrow we moved in to Verdun at that tho it was a pleasure to go visit some of the other companies for they certainly made me feel welcome. I got the box to day and two letters dont tell me I wasnt glad to get them. It was the first news I had had since Xmas and my Xmas letter was written [December] 1st


I knew the letters would come some day but Iwas getting very anxious for fear you were sick and hadnt written me. Darn these candles. Dont see how I’ll ever get used to them. I put my handkerchiefs away to use when I go some place - you know white handkerchief were a hobby with me and the ones I brought with me are rather yellow - I dont mind the rest of my clothes being a little spotted as much as I do not having clean looking handkerchief - I divided the candy and dates with the boys in the car sure hated to divide the dates as I like them too well myself, but from the way they disappeared I think they rather liked them too Iwould have


[page 2] been disappointed if the boxes hadnt contained some dates. The cigarettes also came in handy as I have been out of them for three weeks and couldnt get any. During your life time you have fixt up a lot of boxes but Idont believe you ever prepared one that was as successful as this and Iknow no one ever received one with any more pleasure. glad you got the allotment please let me know about that each month the letter that left here yesterday made the request for information concern-


the allotment in no uncertain terms - tried to stop it to day but couldnt do it - also let me know about the boxes of books and made some inquiries if they havent come for I know they were sent - Dont hesitate to spend some money going to [Kansas City] and have your eyes tended to - use the money Ihave there - Ihave two months wages - coming and 200 francs $40.00 in my pocket so Iam in good shape - as far as money is concerned. claud should have had a letter from me as Iwrote him about Thanksgiving and once since then. glad you sent that one on to him tho what I said in it is more than Iknow.


[page 3] So Manning is coming back. Well he has had the glory of it and I guess he enjoyed the glory he insisted on having as much as any one ever did - and the feeling of a great and wonderful sacrifice certainly was his chief topic of conversation Oh well we cant be bothered about such things as that. I have a feeling now that we are going to be over here long enough to get our gold service bar. They arent of any special value - but they look nice on the arm and I guess we’d just as well add them to


the rest of our decorations and get the glory. you know all this gold and silver stuff will look good when I get home - provided my uniform will last that long. glory is great stuff Mother - we all like it. Iam glad you got to go to church - you must have felt about like I did Sunday when Igot to take a shower bath. For it did seem good to have it after trying to take a bath in a tin-cup - tell Mary Miss Whitaker (cant say that spelling is correct but you get me] wasnt alltogether wrong when she said it could be done. But Ill tell the world it isnt very satisfying to soul or body.


This shower bath was taken in a brick building in a little worse state repair than the shed in your back yard. So you know it wasnt very warm - But the water was warm. Altho the joy was taken out of life when I found that my stricker had gotten hold of a new towel. (He never will pull that bone head again tho) at that tho I finally got dry and felt lots better. Yesterday and this afternoon I went to the hospitals to the bath to see that about 350 niggers really washed themselves. Their idea of getting clean is to paint themselves white with soap - and then beat if for their cloths - I think a few of them learned a little about washing that they didnt know before - and as long as I live I can


smell them. If any man can teach these bird anything about sanitation I’d like to see him. It cant be done the leopard cant change his spots - you didnt say anything about Betty or Eliza hope they are well. Tell Mary to plan her visit so as to be home when I get there any time between now and next January - altho we might get there by June. Ethels letter was No 6. Dont Remember about Waynes letter but rather think it was sent to [Camp] Upton - No Iam not especially tired of the country - I’ve seen all Icare to of this section but it doesnt make any difference to me where Iam - Iwouldnt kick any if they sent me to Germany or to Russia (no chance)


as long as I am reasonably certain you are all well - I dont worry and so dont you - It is just as I’ve said before - I am really happier than I’ve been for years - I wish some times that Ihad come over four years ago. There really is a little of the pioneer in my blood - and while I love all the comforts of home - yet I can get along with out them and the “roughing it” that we have to do isnt hard on me. I like my good bed - good food - and a car to drive but if I cant get them I dont suffer any. I havent had a cold or a headache since I joined the army and I dont intend to have one.


well all good things must end - so I’ll have to stop give my best to Mr &Mrs Lankford - and anyone who might be interested Ive told you in several letters where Iwas but I’ll go over the list again - Liverpool - Romsey [England] [Le Havre] - Dannemarie - Toulain - Verdun - Eix - [Bouzy] - East Portal of tunnel you may have read about in the papers - [Charny] - Dun - Saulmory Verdun - and a lot more little towns for over here - if you want to empty a pan of water you have to look first on you apt to hit a little village. Must stop was glad to hear from you thank for the box - and - write again soon Hope your eye is better and that you are all well - Love to all - Mary Biel, Wayne and their families included Jim. Lt JR Davis M.D. 816th Pioneer Inf- Did you get Bill the wheels

From the service of James Robert Davis, M.D., Medical Corps, 816th Pioneer Infantry Division.

Date January 15, 1919
Year Range from 1919
Year Range to 1919
People Davis, James Robert
Subjects World War I
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