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Catalog Number 1938.100.30
Object Name Journal
Accession number 1938.100
Description Journal containing information about patients.

Full transcription of text follows:

Page 1

69-Sept 27-18 (Ward) Pvt Holthaus, Geo. J. (1290860) Co. A. 112th Mach. Gun Bat'n automobile accident-bruised leg. Doing well. Pennock, Peter S. 12305493) Wagoner Supply Co.-Legs bruised by being run over by water cart not of much concern just fine spirits. Says the doctor chased him or he would never have been in hosp.; Gerdsuolo, Dante (1719293) Co. D. Priv 302 Am Train Accident-on leg by train. Not to be laid up long. Fine spirits; Priv Westerhoff, Fred (2080316) 602nd Eng. Co. A. Shrapnel, left lef. Not sleep much last night but doing all right.

Page 2

Troy C. Co. F. 113 Inf. Troy Obar C. (2245002) gunshot right knee. Doing fine. Sleeps well.; Corporal Sackett, Paul A. (1537748) Co. A-112th Eng. Shrapnel in knee. Doing well; Private Mahoney, Walter D. (1537955) Co. B-112th Eng. Thigh-Shrapnel- Doing fine. Pleased with everything and in fine spirits.; Corporal Fergeson, Wm R. (286640)

Page 3

1st Pioneer Inf. Co. M. Struck by autom. in back-back makes him restless. Doing well, good appetite; considers himself lucky) in good spirits; Robinson, Private James E. (1661407) Co. K. 39th Inf. his "friend" -Bruised foot. Glad he is by rolling kitchen having a good rest and says he is doing fine; Thear, Comp Jerome S. (31830) 1st Balloon Co., 1st Army Corps. Shot in left foot. Getting long well. Doesn't bother much. Good spirits; Garcia, Private Eugene (2787173) Co. A-118th Inf-Right left. Comfortable today. Shrapnel sleeps well.

Page 4

Simple, Corporal Charley (2169599) Co. H. 366 Inf. Gunshot, accidentally in arm-right foot while cleaning gun moderate. Doing well and sleeping well. Not at all serious; Showman, Franks (1240214) Co. D. 110th Inf. Corp'l Shrapnel in right foot, leg, arm. Getting along nicely. (Letter) 21- Miss Caldwell

Page 5

Sept 27-1918 1st Floor (Ground floor) (Miss Caldwell Graham Milton (2091942) 365 Inf. Co. M. Flat foot-left. Will be out before long. Not at all serious In good spirits. Pvt.; Bed 118 Rook, O'Rourke;

Page 6

Kohman, Ernie J. (1639442) Battery D-16th F.A. Truck ran over foot. getting along OK. Gets around and out every day. not confined to bed. In excellent spirits; Walton, James E. (566425) Brown eyes Battery D-77th F.A. Cpl [?] keeps him penned up but anxious to return. Is about recovered. In fine spirits; Bowers, John L. (2424394) C Co-308th Ammunition Sgt Sprained ankle. Nothing of course in fine spirits (Mrs Jas S. Bowers 14 West 110th St Cleveland; Albert, Alfred R (1261267) Mrs. Robt Albert 1953 Wakeling St

Page 7

Ambuland Co-110th Inf Shrapnel-Getting along fine nothing of consequence, sleeps and thinks the [?] fine; Palmer, Sam E. (1452506) Co. F. 138th Inf. Sprained ankle. Fine and in good spirits; Book, Frank J.(679563) Troop D 2nd Cav. Right foot-accident in good shape well satisfied with everying. Right foot squad

Page 8

Kelton, Davis (2418383) 148th Inf Co. C. Private Sprained ankle. O.K; Shuck, Clifford (1466355) 130th F.A.-Co. B. Gunshot wound in hip, [?] wound on left ankle and 5th fingers of right hand. O.K; Wood, Jas. P. (726570) (Room 9) 1st B.N. M J. Co. C jr? wrist and collar bone-OK; Kippin, Wm. (546357) E.H. No. 9-Co. Med. Corps

Page 9

Arthritis of left knee O.K.; Fiscus (Room 9) Homsher Room 90 Lace (Room 12) Teleszon, (Room 14)

Page 10

O'Neill, Ford (1466966) (Room 16) 113th F.A.-Bat .E. OK. Gunshot wound-shrapnel above elbow; Osborne; (3489985) 28th Div. Infected right knee-Ford Laughram; (Room 17) Randall; (Room 17)

Page 11

Orie ix, Victor (1915520) 18th F.A. Co. Sup. Contusion-kicked by horse leg. O.K.; Robinowitz, Harvy (2399741) Priv Co G. 103 Am. J. Shrapnel-head and arm. Out and around. In good shape. R-C.-

Page 12

2nd Fl. Miss Stephens (Amer) 6-3A-53B. 16 Red Cnvas bags- Room 94 has [?]; Snyder, Wm. (2417921) 148 Inf. Co. C. Slight wound in right ft-accidental Doing fine.;Peregroy, Clarence E. (1078339) 104th Eng. Co. E. Boil on arm and leg. Doing fine but doesn't think he is bad enough in be laid up Doing fine, in good spirits; Sanjule; Floyd C. (294416) Pvt. Co. F. 9th Inf. Wound, left thigh Good condition walks about everything fine-

Page 13

Anderson, Frank (1469360) 110th F.S. Bn. Co. B. Able to be out and around. Gunshot wound left side back Doing well Bed 330; Folman; James W. 109451 102 M.G. Bat. Co. B. Boil right hand. Doing well. out and around the town. Bed 331; Nelson, James L. (1269652) G Co. 103rd Am. F. Small shrapnel wound in left hand. No bother at all. In good health and spirits. Out aroun town; Kurtz, Edward (1258582) 103rd Am. F. Co. F. Little shrapnel in right hand-out about town. OK

Page 14

Hardcastle, Private Reginald (1259639) 103rd Am F. Co. Y. (?) Gun shot shrapnel wound, right side head-out around town. OK. Good spirits Bed 256; Phetteplace, Mark (2888121) 314 Inf Co. C. Abscess on leg. Out and about town. O.K. Bed 254; Walck, Clayton (1238328) 103rd Am. F. Co. E. OK. G.S.W. right ear- out and around town; Mumma, Joseph M. (1259002) 103rd Am J. Co. Fldg. Bed 289 G.S.W. face and back of neck out and around when O.K.

Page 15

Forkel, Raymond (1236774) 109 Inf. Co. H. G.S.W-Head Out and around town. O.K. Bed 286

Page 16-15

Letter Mrs. Frank Showman 611 Bridge St (wife) Morgantown, W. Va. My own dearest wife:-This is my scc let I have written you and Fred Jr first one on acct of having recd 3 shrapnel wounds 2 on right leg and on arm. As I said before, none are of any such nature as to cause loss of limb or anything otherwise serious; except that it will be painful for sometime and keep me in bed a while I am taking it as a good rite as we all look at things over here. I think the hospital [?] and doctors here are simply splendid and if can be sure they will do all that is poss also one comfortable and contented. I do not know after we leave here and way yet since lighter branch of service with less danger in it. You must not let this matter bother you in the least for we must take it as His plan of working out what is best for us all for my part I can consider it a most lucky turn of affairs for me both wh will mean a good restful time for me. It seems I could have gotten it no other way. You can be assured th my
[?] will be found wh I come back. You can be assured also I am as determined as ever to come back to you soon and in good health we all hope- there is great consolation in the belief the war may end soon and I will have no ch of seeing service again. Tell mother Conway I am coming back to work her coal mine fr her and girls. I will close here and will try to write often as often as the RC worker who is writing this for me can find time to stop by my bed. Your devoted husband Frank-

Back flap: Bed 85 lemon-sugar Room 8-Draper 88 39 razor razor Cot 6-Hall-Pipe Bed 16 Osborne-Writing paper; 122-Lee-Chocolate; 33-McCormick shaving outfit brick soap razor; Dinpeurary-Freeman Box of hard candies Bed 307 Corp Folker R.-C. Boy; Miss Carricthers-3d fl Writing paper; What is co. C of Sqt Guy Brown Room 8- 316 F.S. Bn. ground fl-H. Cottrell-Bed 113; What of rain- 139 Co. D. Pvt

From the service of Eleanor McGee, American Red Cross nurse at Base Hospital # 23 "The Nouvel" located in Vittel, Vosges, France from 1918-1919 (?).
Date n.d.
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1919
People McGee, Eleanor
Subjects World War I
Wounds & injuries
Medical aspects of war
Medical care