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Catalog Number 1938.100.46a
Object Name Diary
Accession number 1938.100
Description Blank pages were not scanned.

Full transcription of text follows:

Page 1

Mabel Barr 37 Perry St Woodstock, Ont, Canada; Mary L. Winter 175 given st Woodstock, Ont. Canada; Mabel L. Gardiner Hornell, NY R.D. # 2; Nellie Leggali, 2460 Maplewood, Toledo Ohio. Berthe B Weortt Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

Page 2

Brijnry [crossed out] Le begney (pancakes) les crepes; Miss Slayes nurse-("Battic") Tel. Saxe-1481 Yriedo [ms. illegible] near Paris; Miss Akerfeldt Dock Infirmary St Nazaire; Miss Wanda (?) Heath Balkau Com.

Page 3

Vittel. Madame Lucie Pierre Vittel (Vosges) Rue de Petel Baion; M. et Muse Marcel Martin Rue de l'Union Vittel (Vosges); "Le Begney de gourwaud"

Page 4

408 Palisaor Am Yonkers tel. 448 "Yonkers"; Carol [ms. illegible] 4 St Johns Place Buffalo N.Y. or [ms. illegible] N.Y Route 12; Marelle E Caldence 44 West Seneca St Buffalo, N.Y; No. 63 cap-service stripes (2) dark blue

Page 5

"Jack" B.J. Dawis, Brooksville, KY

Page 6

Rheims 2/9/19; Mrs Lucretia S. Bobtoor; YARC Paris, Boise, Idaho, USA; Mae McMichael Room 282 366 grove st [ms. illegible]; Katherine Comnveey Room 282 Oxford and Cambridge [ms. illegible] 135 garrison ave Jersey City [ms. illegible]

Page 7


Page 8

Round Table- Peusion Galilee; Awiue S. Ralhtine Westfield State Sanatorium Westfield-Mass; A Ch Sdiggs Si-. Chany Si-One Si-offend England; Susan Daves Potts 445 George Street New Haven Conn or Yale University Infirmary New Haven Conn; Harriet M. Bonmason 212 Allen St Hudson, KY.

Page 9


Page 10

H Co. 13th Regt U.S Marines St. Nazaire Comp 1.

Page 11

B.H. 85 A.P.O. 733 Augers; Mary Cruuden (?) 4426 Westminster, Pl. St.Sevier- Fiskcreek, Wis- R.C. reading room; Emily Barber 126 Court St. Oshkosh, Wis. R.C hut

Page 12

Augers. M. Vallage- "chef" Dear old Mar-i-a Madame Maria Hamard 27 rue Brissac; Mme. Marie Louise Parmeut Mlle. Parmeut 27 rue Brissac

Page 13

(young lady who usually comes to see Miss L'Heureux at office) Mlle. Deuveau 47 St. Leonard Angers; Lceur Mari Francois Regis 2 Chemmin les Raines Angers Mehl

Page 14


Page 15

Paris A.R.C Major Wne. Hereford Publicity A.R.C-Room 64 Lt Coe Robt E Leeds Room 328; Bureau of Photography 218 Blvd. Bineau; Mm Allen White Hotel rouilleueont

Page 16

Dr.-Arthur (?) 100 Nost St Leominster, Mass; Leominster

Page 17


Page 18

At Mengazon (No. 85) M. Dec.; Mrs.Fred Bauch Mother 216 Turner St Le Crosse, WI; Sister Mrs. H.H. Suyder maid [ms. crossed out] 58 Jefferson Ave. Oshkosh, WI

Page 19

Young Amer friend of Mmll Katz (anyw) Otty Bauch 208 Hospital Lycee 191403 Yaleuce, Bordeaux; Pvt. Co. B. Hdqs. Co., 503 Eugrs Amer. E.Y.; St.Nazauire (2) Montoire de Bretagny (1)

Page 20

letter recd from boy Apr.4.; friend of husband returned a few days ago and said he was a little better; Husband left today for Bordeaux and will see him.

Page 21

Mrs. Gertrude J. Barr (Mother); Miss Winifred Barr Walnut St, Westfield, N.J; Amer. Hosp. 44 rue Chauvau "appendicitis")

Page 22

Eugene Burlot 66 avenue Bemar diere Angers Met S. (salesmen in bijmiteree [ms. illegible] Angers where I bought Margaret's watch; Michelin book of war 105 Blvd Pereire

Page 23

C. R. C. Hours Paris; A.R.C Women's Club 118 rue de la Faissaudeie 15 yr full pension 12 " 2 meals; registration and inf. Room 5

Page 24

A.R.C. Personnel Pension. 11 rue St. Jaivres Neully s/Seine Apply Room 610; Write to Miss Neuell, Room 610.

Page 25


Page 26

Restaurant- Bon! Pocrardi Blvd des Italiens at rue Fayat ou Favat Took lunch there with Mlle. Cajander; Mlle N. Cajander 6 rue Demours; au Petit Riche with Col. [ms. illegible]

Page 27

A.R.C. Photographic Bureau 218 Blvd Bineau

Page 28


Page 29

Miss Katherine Lear 3903 Livingston St. Tel. Cleveland 824 New York Address 651- West 169th St Tel. Audubon 4440-N.Y apt. 33 90 Mrs. M. Y. Donk (sister)

Page 30


Page 31

Miss Isadore Lee 96 Morgan St New Bedford Mass

Page 32

Anerrida Frita Julio 19-1919 Barcelona, New York

Page 33

Frita Rosa Bas Vapor 53 allos Heabana Cuba

Page 34

All Wabash 1980 to Simpson Mrs.Jones; Jimmy is well going on a trip tonight stars and stripes best of health 5-14-19; [card inserted reads: James W. Earp 2617 E-30th st.

Page 35-36


Page 37

A.M.C at Soissons (Juveguy) Carl W. Walling 139050 Hdqs Co. 147 F.A.; Richard D. Easterau 279250 K.A. 8/31/10; Albert E. Brown Co: L. 127 Inf; Jason H. Honaker 264858; Dan C, Kelley 79782 Co. L. 126 Inf.

Page 38

John W. Fowler 78743; Cpl. Ben Richmond 262323 Co. E. 125 Inf; Antone C. Bastian 246178; Co. B. 121 M. G. Batt'n.; 2nd Lt. R.W. Kearn 2448527 Co. F. 306 Inf; 2nd Lt Frank G. Godfrey 63442 128 Inf.

[inserted leaf] Front: Sgt. Jass (?) Palmer Co. F. 125 Inf. 2435513 85 81; Back: Houston Fraizer 140-48- Co F 570 Inf.

Page 39

Lt. R.W. Kelly M.G.Co. 127 Inf; 1st Lt. Harold H. Joyce 163rd Inf. Lt. Wilson Harold Hyland 32nd Div; 2nd Lt. Lloyd 119th F.A K.A 8/30/18; Picture from Miss Hennessy French woman visits and decorates grave every week.

Page 40

Lt. Douglas A. Taylor 127 Inf. K.A 9/11/18; 1st Lt. Homer R. Smith 2448395 Co. F. 126 Inf.; 1st Lt. Wm. H. Rust Co. K. 125 Inf; Dellia Marthell Co. M. 370 Inf.; Wm. Cuff 1402324 Co. E. 370 Inf. K.A 9/30/18

Page 41

Sgt. James S. Palmer Co. F. 125 Inf; Houston Frazier 140-48- Co. F. 370 Inf; Ben Carter 1402733 Co. G. 370 Inf.; S.T.M. Bradley Co. L. 370 Inf; Mathomu White Co. F. 370 Inf. K. A. 9/19/18

Page 42

Oscar Wager Co. G. 370 Inf; Richard A. Dodson 370 Inf; John Walker Co. L. 370 Inf; Cpl. Wm. W. Banks Co. G. 370 Inf; John L. Banks Co. M. 370 Inf; Leonard Fry 1402936 Co. H.-370 Inf.

Page 43

Elwood McCurdy Co. H. 370 Inf; Frank Williams Co. H. 370 Inf; Ollie Myles Co. F. 370 Inf; John Standlioke Co. B. 370 Inf. Henry Green Co. C. 370 Inf; Edw. A. Jay Cor 14197601 Co. F. 127 Inf.

Page 44


Page 45

5x7 o 9 Branger? 5 rue Carnbon Pershing leading push past the Arc; Sailors just past the Arc in which only 2 boys are in step. 2 of Place de la Concorde-French flag in foreground; The two photographs joined make complete Place de la Concorde.

Page 46

Ms.Catherine M. Blainey c/o Colonial Apts, Reno, Nevada; Ethel Montgomery 243 West Park St Portland, Oregon.

Page 47


Page 48

Excellent atlas- Handy volume atlas of the world 8.50 fr (E.G. Ravenstein) Leo. Philip and Son, Ltd; London: London Geographical Society 32 Fleet St; Liverpool-20 Church St.

Page 49

Ask Mrs. Parks to send Wm's tambourine after her return to Barcelona; Rambla del Centro, 30. Barcelona Spain- Price, about $1. (6 or 8 peseta) Address of store at which Nurse Schauck purchased Spanish tambourine, and painted with garden of trees and flower pots on white wall, full length figure of pretty smiling senorita in costume of yellow satin and black lace ruffles, trimmed in petals, roses, black mantilla and fan. (painted by Lafuenta) (very pretty).

Page 50

Alice E. Flynn Cambridge Vermont 307 E. 17th St. New York City.

Page 51

Mrs. R. Roy Parks 593 belle cortes, 1, 2a, Barcelona

Page 52

Miss Caroline R.W Baud West Chester, PA; Miss Katharine F. Comstock Cottage Hill Skellton, Pa.

Page 53

June 22-1880 Westchester, Pa. Born sister- Mrs. Lydia S. Mrs. (Walter H.) Wallingford, Pa.; Nov. 5-1880 Mechanics burg, Pa. Born- Mother- Mrs. Julia W. Comstock, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Page 54

Edith M. Schanch [?] 334 Grand Ave. Rochester, N.Y

[inserted loose page, Y.M.C.A letterhead on front] Back: Mrs. N.J. Kaulum Fergus Falls Minn.; Sent shells and helmet 2 packages 7/15/19; From Cpl. W. D. Kaulum U.S. Army, Am. E.F.

Pages 55-82


[loose leaf inserted between pages 74 and 75] [printed] Neoferrum, The New Iron May I; Mrs.Nettee Brown Box 65, Geneva, Ala sister to (Sylvester J. Clements, 167 Inf. Co. F. 42nd Div.

Page 83

Mlle Amee to Penseo[?] [text crossed out]; Mrs. Mark Brann 1330 So. Albany, NY. Phone Lawndale 925

Page 84

Blank [ink impressions from page 85]

Page 85

[Blotched ink] [ms. illegible] Brooksville Ky Brooksville Ky. Can you write at once to the brother of that man to ask if it is possible for [?] to trans[ms.scratched out]

Page 86

[scribble in pencil]

Page 87

This is a good old pen; Bertrud gave it to me before I went to France. It acted up several times but it is on its good behavior now?

Page 92-88 [written lengthwise]

"If" with apologies to Kipling; If you can keep your head, when other women's have soared sky high, because of mere galore, if you accept the men's beaucoup attentions, and act like you were used to that before; if you can dance with Colonels, Majors, Captains, and promenade with First Lieutenants too, and realize you represent their sweethearts, and not because they're sweeter over you; If you'll remember that most men in service have left a wife or sweetheart "over there" and just because they flirt and act real happy, it doesn't mean they're not acting square; If you can don your uniform so ugly, and go to dinners at a gay cafe and watch other women smoking "cigs" and drinking, and admit that you do not want to act that way, if you can give an evening to a doughboy where you could, with a captain go to dice and listen patiently to almost midnight while doughboy raves about his town to five, if you can wander forth to do some shopping, and shrug your shoulders with a lordly air because the shop girl, seeing you're a Yankee, Doubles the price, then mumurs "c'est la guerre."; If hungry, you can go into a lunchroom, and wrestle with a menu, strange and new and have them bring you food you've never ordered and it tho "it's horse they've served you" If, over come, you've had in your profession, the luck to mount the ladders highest round, while over here, you're one among a thousand and the job that's handed you is on the ground; If you can do all this and yet keep smiling, and grab the good times as they come your way, but still remember thst you're here in service, and that you'll have to mix work with your play; If all these things can't make you feel unhappym and you still feel you'd like to take a chance, then hustle up and come across the ocean, you'll have a darn good time in France.

[American Red Cross letterhead, separate page] Front: Marrow, Wm. Pvt/Co A. No. Inf. [crossed out] 109 Reg 109 Inf. Co. A. Oct 17-18 Plot 258-Lot 147 B.H. 23 Vittel Vosges 1627926

Back: Morris Sands 1899781 Pvt B. Co. B. 328 Inf Nov 1-18 Plot 258 Lot 206 B.H 23.

From the service of Eleanor McGee, American Red Cross nurse at Base Hospital # 23 "The Nouvel" located in Vittel, Vosges, France from 1918-1919 (?).
Date n.d.
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1919
People McGee, Eleanor
Subjects Diaries
World War I
Letters (Home)