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Catalog Number 1938.100.31
Object Name Journal
Accession number 1938.100
Description Journal containing information about patients.

Full transcription of text follows:

Page 1

Alkimer; Chas. Room 10 Bed 95 (1445319) 9/30/18 Pvt. Co. A. 128 M.G. Bat. R.C. Boy Shrapnel in left shoulder. Up and about; March; Carl (1787973) Room 14-Bed 102 R.C. Boy 9/30/18 Sprained Hip. Getting along well; Dowell, Henry Cot 9 Room 8 (3107569) Pvt. Co.C. 313 Inf. R.C. Boy leg [?] w right arm up and admit doing well. Devinger, Claude 1542759 Cot 8 Co C 145 Inf. Sprained back R.C. Boy Slight [ms. illegible] wound in finger up and around. Good and.; Sgt Brown, Guy (2274002) Co 3 316 F.L. Bat. R.C. B. W left arm doing well good sports

Page 2

Duncan, Major (1459348) Pvt. 140 Inf. Mach Gun Co. 9/30/18 doing fine fractured arm Red Cross boy. Draper, Julia A. (1449187) Pvt Bed 88 Y[?] s. W. in arm- 137 M Co. I. Operated on last night. Plucky and cheerey RC Boy; Pantano; Rosario. Room 8 Bed 89 Pvt 145 Inf. Co. A. (2965571) shrapnel both legs elbows thights just operated on uncomfortable unt 6 k.; Masin; Edw g. Room 7 Bed 81 RC Boy Crpl (1247807) 112 Inf Co. E. S.W. in shoulder-Pretty good conition cheerful and smiling.

Page 3

Lopez, Chas Room 7-Bed 82 Pvt Bat B. 6 [ms. illegible] (842048) RC Boy Dislocated right knee; Swingle, Howard Room 7-83 (1257103) Cpl. 108th M.G. Co. A. RC Boy, fractured r arm and left left leg and r. shoulder feeling good this morning; Rapp, Alfred (1449550) Room 7-Bed 80 R.C Boy Sgt. 137 Inf. Co. L. G.S.W. r. knee-feeling fine best spirits; Newton, Moak Room 7-Bed 79 (2287083) Co. C 363 Inf. Pvt. R.C Boy Compound frcr. r. thigh G S W. r. thigh not feeling good but will keep checking in few days.

Page 4

Marshall, Henry Cot 6.-Hall (1791722) Pvt. Hdq. Co. 814 Inf. 9/30/18 M. gun W. in r. arm. Feeling quite good inspite of arm; Pinkerman, Chas. Cot 5-Hall Pvt. co. B. 144 Inf. 1517498) Sp. ankle. OK. RC boy; Crawford, Chas. Cot 4-Hall Cprl. RC. Boy 313 Inf. Co. L. (1781296) GSW. in l forearm. Good Shape; Aulley, Chas Cot 3-Hall 1st Pvt Co. A R.C. Boy 140 Inf (1459617) G.S.W. wrist up and around feeling ready and good.

Page 5

Baker, Noble Cot. 2-Hall Priv. 132 Inf. Co. H. 1448936 G.S.W. in shoulder Reading and feeling good. R.C. Boy; McGlinn; Edw. Cot 1-Hall Pvt co B 140 Inf. 2175516 G.S.W right hand not severe doing well R.C. Boy; Cottrell, Henry Bed 113 (1456485) R.C. Boy 139th Inf. Co. D. G.S.W. right foot cheerful doing fine; Putt, Anderson E. 117 Bed Pvt. Co. B. 145 Inf (2708623) G.S.W right ankle. Doing well R.C. Boy

Page 6

Rohrer, John Bed 116 1780398 Cprl. Co E. 313 Inf. 79th Div G.S.W. right ankle Good and good spirits. R.C boy; Goldsworthy, Marion C. Bed 114 (2263355) Cpl Co B 363 Inf. G.S.W up. 2. grm: comp fracture Getting along fine RC boy; Stites, O.R. (1449533) Bed 115 RC Boy; Cpl Co L 137 Inf. Shrap. w. arm doing fine. Seen more heaven thru his window though a long time; Jell Miss Hellman

Page 7

Dibenedritto, Guiseppe Bed 119 Pvt. Co. A. 362 Inf. 2781994 G.S.W. r. foot. to fighting; Doing fine and good spirits. R.C. Boy; Batz, Vernon S. Bed 118 2266896 Co. F. 364 Inf. Doing fine and best of spirits. Shrap. L. Shoulder. R.C. Boy; Little, Albert Bed 121 Pvt. 110 Inf co. A. (2300138) G.S.W up.l.arm. Doing fine singing. RC Boy; Cox, Lloyd B. Bed 120 1448259 RC Boy Mechanic. Co. E. 137 Inf. GSW left foot. Reading and in good shape.

Page 8

Lee, Dell. F. RC Boy Bed 122 Cpl. 226190-362 Inf Co. M. Broken knee-accident-Getting along splendidly but wants to get back keep the boys; Gouchnauer, Milton Bed 123 2965312 Priv. 145 Inf. Co. E. G.W in left arm; Doing fairly well Good night. RC Boy; Miller, Henry Pvt. Bed 124 364 Inf. Co. L. 2267789 G.S.W. r. forearm-Getting along O.K. R.C.B.; Klempiu, Ray Bed 125 110th Inf. Co. L. (2786198) Pvt. G.S. Shrapu. l. hand-Good sleep and doing well RCB

Page 9

Milsted, Harry Bed 126 1452805 Cpl-138 M Co. G-RC boy; Shrap. left hip. Doing Ok; Sherman, Ernest L. Bed 127 Pvt. 138 Inf Co. L (2226424) Shrap. left leg-OK-RC Boy; Kennedy, Fred Room 9-Bed 78 Pvt. 137 M Co. K. 1449371 Accl hit by falling into dug out hurt leg. OK RC Boy not serious, but painful; Paterniani, Annabelle Bed 77 RCB Pvt. Co. C 145 Inf. 2708285 G.SW-both knees

Page 10

Ferscho, Fred Bed 75 Pvt Co H 187 Inf. (2955304) Shrap both arms- RC. Boy improving right along; Krone, Jay Bed 76 Pvt 137 M Co K. 144947 Several Mach GW. in r. shoulder RC boy in good shape-not serious; Ellis, Karl D. Room 5 B. 74 144 8321 Pvt. Co. E. 137 Inf. RC boy Bullet w. in right knee reading doing fine; McCarthy, Wm. B. 73 2705200 Pvt Co G. 146 Inf. G.S.W. right knee Very [?] good [ms. illegible]

Page 11

Echvarne, Joseph Room 22 Bed 30-a Pvt Co. G. 364 Inf. (2267135) Shell wound l.elbow OK. RC boy in good spirits; McHenry, J.A. Bed 130 2265528 Sgt 364 Inf Co [?] RC Boy G S W calf of leg. Feels bad. Ball night; Rose, Chas A. Bed 129 1515254 Pvt 135 M.Gun-Co g. GSW r leg Pretty good! Bright and cheery RC. boy; Aeschuler, Geo. Bed 128 2019582 Pvt 18th Inf Co C shrapnel in shoulder and head GSW right arm, severe and head. RC Boy

Page 12

Pleur, Oliver L [?] Room 4 Bed 70 Cpl. 138 Inf Co L. 1453689 G. S. W. r. knee-Doing fine and cheery. RC Boy; Pepitone, Joseph Bed 69 1180084 Pvt Co B 313 Inf. RC boy; Fractured r. arm, g s.w sleeps soundly[?] doing a/c in [?] of [?]; Graves, Rube Bed 68 Pvt Co F 147 Inf. 1527352 Left Shoulder by mach gun [?] in neck and lodged in shoulder Had fair night RC Boy

Page 13

[?] Oliver B Bed 63 Ward load Cpl 138 Inf Co M 1454003 M.G.W. r. hand-left shoulder-Doing fine smoking and reading RC boy; Collius, Alfred Bed 62 War Ward Pvt 367 Inf Co L. 2465224 GSW L. hand-up and around; Bowder, Harry Bed 65 Ward Pvt. 139 Inf. Co. K. 1457784 RC boy GSW head both legs fine-sitting up; Bruffey, Raymond J. Bed 51-Ward RC. boy Pvt and cl. r. shoulder 1458920 140 in Mf. Hdqrs Co. Not serious. 4438 Va. Ave. Mrs. F.E. Palmer KC Mo. Killed

Page 14

Cowling, W. H. Red 46-Ward 1626652 Pvt. 109 Inf. Co. H. RC boy GSW right leg. Doing fine. "Just enough pull him out a little will be out some."; Bed 47-Ward Glennon, James A. (558514) Sgt Co M. 47 Inf (558514) M.G.W. l shoulder r. hand l muscle feeling fine-RC.boy; Bed 24-Ward Brocher, Lorenz G. 2048881 Pvt. Co E. 310 Eng. Acute appendicities-not yet operated on-RC boy

Page 15

Roe, Charles. Bed 25 Ward; Sgt Stags[?] Co 147 Inf. 1527616 GSW left lef. Feels fine and perfectly satisfied. RC boy; Gardella; Michael Bed 26 Ward Pvt. Co. E. 148 Inf. 1748935 Shot in thigh Doing Fine. Short stay RC boy; Harper, Raymond B Bed 27 ward Pvt 137 Inf Co. H 2138006 GSW left shoulder. RC Boy doing fine and excellent spirits; Borek, Louis; Bed 29 Ward Pvt. 134 MGB. Co B Doing well 1515450 Shrap r. should. RC Boy

Page 16

Smith, Mallard R Bed 31 Ward Corp. 313 Inf Co M. 1781520 Bayonet wound r. leg. RC boy; Stuart, Frank B. Bed 32 938999 Pvt 305 Amb. Co. GSW left leg. OK Cheerful; McCormick, Hugh H Bed 33 Corp. 315 Inf Co L. 1785723 G.S.W. through right lung. Very good condition though painful RC boy; Gluschmau, Fred H. Bed 34 Pvt. co. c. 316 Inf. 3112938 G S W muscles up left arm feels fine today RC boy

From the service of Eleanor McGee, American Red Cross nurse at Base Hospital # 23 "The Nouvel" located in Vittel, Vosges, France from 1918-1919 (?).
Date n.d.
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1919
People McGee, Eleanor
Subjects World War I
Wounds & injuries
Medical aspects of war
Medical care