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Catalog Number 1977.13.38
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Accession number 1977.13
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1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 01

Pons France Sunday [September] 29-1918 Dearest Sister. Well here I am Over here In France and will give you an little dope on our trip since I left the states. We left Camp Dix on the - arrived at x the same day and sailed the next day. men were all happy singing and feeling gay. We had a good trip no excitement at all. We were comfortably quartered on an upper deck and we slept in hammocks, some great way to sleep. Our eats on the ship were awfull, but we got by, will tell you about that when I come home

1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 02

[page 2] After being on the ship for 12 long days and it was cold we were on deck most of the time and we sure got tired of seeing water when we sighted land we were a happy bunch but even at that we were 1 day from shore. Well we landed at x sometime during the night & got off the boat the next morning about 10 o clock, we went immediately to the R.R. Station and road accross the entire country of England, here we went to a rest Camp. Eng. is sure a beautifull place. The R.R. cars in England are sure funny you enter

1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 03

[page 3] from the side instead of the end. The sure make good time. At this rest camp we walked up a Hill it was about 3 miles from the station, we had our packs on and we were all in when we got there. Well we were in this rest camp about 48 hours & moved to another rest camp we were here about 24 hours, we crossed the English channel and we didn't have anything to eat for, well we just postponed 3 meals thats all. At this rest Camp we were billeted in an old barn, cobble stones for a floor and our cots

1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 04

[page 4] were made out of Strop Iron about 8 inches square some rough sleeping. Here we got on box cars shipped like horses the box cars are about 7 ft wide and 15 feet long and there was 30 of us in a car and you talk about a time the way we tried to sleep oh it was bad when I come home I will tell you all about it but this will give you an Idea we are not riding in Pullman cars or eating in a diner. We were on this trip 36 hours and we were a happy bunch when we got off this train.

1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 05

[page 5] Our billets here in this town is fine we are in a old stone house and we are well satisfied here. Untill we got here I had my clothes off just 3 times since I left the States. I have eaten so much Salmon I never want to see another can of salmon. Now I will tell you about real War & that is we are out of tobacco and we have been smoking corn silk cant buy tobacco here or candy and say how I would like to have some sweets to eat but it wont last long.

1977.13.38_Robert Chilson to Sister_September 29, 1918_Page 06

[page 6] well I will tell you more when I come home write often Your Brother Bob Sgt. Robt. H. Chilson San. Squad #2 A.P.O.-906.-American.E.7 Via N.Y.

From the service of Corporal Clyde Chilson, Battery B., 129th F.A., 35th Division, A.E.F.
Date n.d.
Subjects World War I
Military camps
Military travel
Ocean travel
Railroad stations
Railroad travel
Train cars
Stone buildings
Canned foods