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Catalog Number 2000.14.22
Object Name Letter
Accession number 2000.14
Description Full transcription of text follows:

#43 Somewhere in France 10, September 1918 Noon. My Dearest Loves" Have time to write a few lines now so better do it. How are my Babes? Fine I hope. This leaves me just fine. But am wet again, as it is raining again in fact it rains here most all the time. More so than the last place we were in. But am getting used to it. Beats hot weather in my estimation. Just got my Laundry back and was glad to get it, as I was beginning to need some of it. Laundry is very cheap.

[page 2] But I can't get it out every time I want too. Haven't had any mail for several days and am getting anxious to hear from you. But have hopes you are well and happy I will be when I get that cable. Not before. I just know we have a Little Doll (Boy or Girl) by this time (10th) Have we not? And "Gee" how I long to see you both and show you how much I Love you instead of writing it. It sure is raining hard here now and almost dark and just 12:15 I have a candle alighted. Saw Lt. Bailey this morning, said "Hey" Be sure & Let me know "when you get that cable." I told him not to worry that the whole A.E.F. would hear about it, and they will too. I bought me some handkerchiefs last night 8 in all four kaki & four white ones I am pretty well fixed now. Plenty of clothes, in fact more than I can keep with me all the time. one thing I hang on too is my Toilet Kit & sewing out fit and your two pictures I'll carry those to Berlin with me

Have you ever seen Allie yet? Poor Little Kid I just know she is crazy to see you, for she told me in her letter she was and when I wrote her I told her you would bring your Little Babe & come & see her before many months But Dearie don't go out too soon. As I would surely go wild if anything should happen to either you or the child. and take good care of yourself and it. which I know you will Dear for I have more faith in you than anyone else or all the rest in this big world. And I can trust you

for or with any thing. And it is a great comfort to ne to be able too. And hope my wifie has the same true faith in me. Well Dearie how are my letters reaching you 8 and 10 at a time I suppose. and do you read them as you come to them or by number. I guess some are lost though are they not? Have you gotten your allotments regularly and did the $75.00 money order reach you O.K. I sent it over a month ago. This month my pay jumps to $300.00 That is more than I could pack in French money if I got it all, as it is, I have

a sack full.- I have seen one american Lady since comming over here. she was a salvation Army Lady and runs a small sort of a Y.M.C.A. here. But it really sounded good to hear a Lady talk English. Babe I sure had a fine dream of you last night. would tell you but it would take all the paper I had. Any way it was good and I'll never forget it and can tell you later what it was. I see where my sweater & knitted Helmet are both going to come in very handy if it keeps getting cooler. sure glad I brought them along. and sure glad my Little girl was thoughtful enough to make them for me. well in fact Babe everything that you got for me before I left has sure been appreciated over here. and I can never repay you for all of it. But you are a perfect Dear anyway. And I know also that we are going to have the sweetest Babe in the whole country! Are we not Babe wish I could only see it. If a Boy remember is C. J. Jr If a Girl I have

some names to suggest and you must let me know what you want to name her. I have several in mind right now. But will wait awhile & see what my Cable says. I will be so happy either way & Love one just as much as the other. won't you. well of course so. what is Dad doing? Working hard I suppose. Tell Viola I have not forgotten her but when I find time to write at all I always write to my own Little Girl. And some day I will find time to write her. so tell her to be patient. Hope Mother is well & that she got my letter O.K. Give her my Best Wishes.

I don't know when I will get to mail this letter, but just as soon as possible. "Gee" but have got some good tasteing nuts here, wish you were here to help me eat them, I crack a while and then eat awhile. sure do crave apples & Bananas and can't buy any at all Do get some very fair grapes but they are pretty expensive, 20 cents for two bunches about all one can eat in a minute. Run into some blackberries a few days ago while out on a maneuver I sure did get a few while on the go, and there were sure nice and sweet.

I have had the heart burns all after noon. Can't imagine what causes it, but think it is the water here, as we have to chlornate all of it. And it tastes fierce afterwards. I don't drink in only when I just have too. Well Love I have written off an on on this letter. since noon it is now 4:00 P.M. Had very little to do this afternoon but have tonight and besides I just heard that the salvation army would mail this for me so I will say Good Bye for this time. Closing with all my Love to you Dear - and wishing you all the good luck in the world for an early recovery Hoping this will find my dears well & Happy. Many Many kisses to you & Babe. Yours Lovingly Daddy & Hubby Clarence J. Minick Captain 361st Infantry American E.F. A.P.O. 776 Via [New York] O.K. Censored C.J. Minick Capt 361 U.S. Inf.

From the service of Clarence James Minick, Mexican Border Service, Company B, 11th Infantry and the World War I Services, 361st Infantry, 91st Division.
Date September 10, 1918
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1918
People Minick, Clarence James
Subjects World War I
Letters (Home)
Pay raise
English language
Letter Writing