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Catalog Number 1994.41.23
Object Name Letter
Accession number 1994.41
Description Full transcription of text follows:


Rec April 14 1919 Montierchaume France March 24 1919 Dear Mother & Others This has been one regular March day, wind - rain - and sunshine - almost like being back in Missouri. only Missouri cant have the mud that we have in France - never saw as much mud in my life as we have here. We always smile when any one writes about sunny France - muddy would be more suitable at that tho it is a rather pretty place. The last of this week I am going to Paris at least I’ve asked for Paris leave then an Isuppose I’ll get it If Ido that will be the first time Ive been away from the company since I joined in last October that seems a long time when you get to thinking


about it. I wrote Prigmore about 3 weeks ago but havent heard from him Idont know why but Ihave the feeling that my letter will probably find him in the states. Ithink about August I’ll be there but I am really not expecting it tohappen much before that date. Thats all guess work tho. There sure isnt much to tell about this time as we are in a camp that never changes - and when one gets settled in one place - he cant tell much in a letter - But I’ll give you all the latest dope on Paris about the last of next week. Ive also put in for a leave to England Scotland and Ireland we are pretty sure that wont go there but it does no harm to try.


got Ethels letter about the books Iam afraid she wont get much out of Parsons and if she doesnt she had better try S.H. Turner - he wrote to me that they were already to ship and I dont understand what happened. If Idont get them soon I’ll send Will down there as soon as he is free to go, a trip down there would do him good any way. Ihave also written [Charles] L. Fraker Jr. four times to send me a statement (while Iwas in the states) and he has never done it. Idont know why but I’ll write him again and tell him to mail it to you - I dont know of course what Iowe him as he never sent a bill. I guess tho about $50 he may think he’d [ms illegible: 1 wd] have some of my stuff - thats the only way I can see why he hasnt come across with a statement.


Oh - yes - Iwish you would get a piece of cut glass and send it to Carrie Turner in care of S A Turner - Wagon Mound Iheard today that she was married and she and her Dad were mighty nice to me. guess thats all the business Ihave to charge you with this time - and next time any of my friends get sick as Claud did and wire for me Iam going to take better care of J.R. stuff before I leave - at that tho Imade money by the change even if I never get that stuff. Well Idont know of anything more to write this time so will stop may be able to add something to morrow and I’ll sure send you the right dope from Paris. Love to all. Jim Lt J.R.Davis M.P. 816th Pioneer Infantry


There isnt much to write this morning except that it is raining again. I am pretty sure that Noahs ark must have been down in this part of the world - cause there is so much water here. I got my new uniform last week, it fits pretty well - too - and Iwas begining to need it badly. I imagine we’ll feel rather strange when we get into regular cloths again. How is Bill getting a long with the wheel? Did I tell you Ihad a nice letter from Mary some time ago. Well I’ve got to write some more letters and then get out and go over the camp. Ihave to do that every day. If Idont it wont be cleaned up and when a camp isnt policed daily it soon


gets to looking mighty bad - guess my direction on what Iwant done un clear and if that doesnt get [ms illegible: 1wd] I’ll give Bill a vacation trip Love to all Jim

From the service of James Robert Davis, M.D., Medical Corps, 816th Pioneer Infantry Division.
Date April 14, 1919
Year Range from 1919
Year Range to 1919
People Davis, James Robert
Subjects World War I
Letters (Home)
Military leave