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Catalog Number 1994.41.19
Object Name Letter
Accession number 1994.41
Description Full transcription of text follows:


Rec [February] 17 Oregon [March] 6 [Dun-sur-Meuse] [January 21, 1919] Dear Mother & Others Kinda cold tonight - but we have had four days of sunshine so we cant kick on a little chilly weather. Now let me tell you about my bed so you wont have to worry any more. I sleep on a canvass cot. On the cot I have my canvas - heavy duck water proof bed-roll & mattress that cost me 22\50 or something like that not francs either - and five O.D. wool blankets. may be Ihave only 4 blankets any way I sleep - warm - sound - comfortable and too much. I generally go to bed about 9 - and get up about 6\30 I’d like it better could Igo to bed at 10\30 but I get tired sitting


[page 2] around talking and reading old magazines. One thing certain I get plenty of sleep - and plenty to eat - what more could any one want. For light we have one - oil lamp that doesnt give any light and 3 candles - For heat a stove and to night we have two stoves. as it is rather chilly as - I’ve stated before. So dont worry any more as Iam comfortably situated and as happy as usual. I really enjoyed the game more when we we making rather long marches - and eating at uncertain hours - and never sure just where we were going to sleep. I got a nice letter from claud - the same day that your no. 7 came - Ive gotten all


your letters and now I am looking forward to the coming of 8.9.10 etc. Claud hasnt received any of my letters and Iam inclined to think that you havent received all of the letters Ihave written for I think Ihave written ever two weeks and some times oftener. I wrote Prigmore today but Idont know when I’ll get to send it - we thought for a few days that we were going to move within about 50 miles of him. but the fates changed their mind glad Ethel is making that much money every Sunday but Ihope she doesnt work too hard no use for her to break down at it. Just to get the money. Tell me next time you write what my balance is. Uncle Sam


owe me about $300 - besides what he sent you - you see Ive only drawn one months pay since we landed. If Ihave good luck Ill be in good shape when I get home - Dont forget to pay Ethel her interest and collect the interest on the Liberty bonds when it is due - So Ethel and Amy - have taken a French kid to raise - well there are plenty of them that need help - The poor little devils do not look much like our American kids. They all wear - boys - especially - an apron over there cloths. That isnt so bad but when you see an old white haired woman and a man coming (walking) into a ruined town to find their home - That cant be found it certainly makes one hate the Hun.


The English children that we saw were much better dressed than these French children. altho the style of clothes are different from what we see in America. You remember those little tan Jersey suits Bill and Ihad - well the English kids wore cloths cut along that line and one of these big white starched colars - like we used to wear. with a big bow-tie - now there if you can go back about 24 years and picture us - as we dressed then you can see the Englished kids as they looked to me. The hedges of England were mighty pretty and the island was filled of well kept Lanes - but the general atmosphere of the place to me was cold and rather depressing. The women of the countries that Ihave seen arent in it with the


American Lady - dont know just what the difference is but they lack something guess it is style and pep. One of the boys wants the table so I’ll get ready to stop. So Maria got married. Well Ihope she is happy - and - that they can live long and happyly. If there is any present to be sent to her count me in on it. What have you done - about Billie’s wheel - Iwant him to have that as it will keep to develop him physically and Iam just beginning to realize how very too important a feature of his education his physical training is. Think Ihave written


enough for tonight so I’ll close give my regards to Mrs Lankford ask her if she got my letter - Hope you all keep well - love to all Jim Lt JR Davis 816 Pioneer Inf.

From the service of James Robert Davis, M.D., Medical Corps, 816th Pioneer Infantry Division.
Date January 21, 1919
Year Range from 1919
Year Range to 1919
People Davis, James Robert
Subjects Letters (Home)
World War I
News (Home)