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Catalog Number 1938.100.32
Object Name Journal
Accession number 1938.100
Description Journal containing information about patients.

Blank pages were not scanned.

Full transcription of text follows:

Page 1

Pvt. Claude Bywater 10/18/18 2054692-28 Inf. Co. B. (Father) John Bywater Gr Rapids, Mich; Admitted 10/4/18 Wrote letter wh was at No. 9 Hosp wrote couple of wks ago. B.H now [?] Oper on yest-10/17/18 getting better. Tell Write Mabel and the boys and tell them very bad, died 10/21/18 10/25/18.

Page 2

Deffaveri, Lebbale (1826976) Pvt Co G. 319 the Inf G.S.W. hand O.K 10/19/18 Admitted 10/17/18 10/25/18 Father Pietro Deffaveri, allano de Piovle, Trevisso, Italia; 10/19/18 From (Nouvel) Franklin W. M. Bride Pvt Corp. Co E 30th Inf. Miss Floy Peipery 119 E 18th St-Eric, Pa Been recg yr mail regularly, Hope you are all well Do not change address Been wounded but not bad right hand wrtg commissioner 10/25/18.

Page 3

Pay due Owner of money 151 fr. Mm. P. Miller, Pvt. Co B 315 Inf. for month of Aug; To go to Commanding Officer- Co. B. 315 Inf. ([?]: Blair, Corp. Co B. 315 Inf. Oct. 3; Sgt Ralph G. Clark Co J. 60th Inf. To Co. Com-Co. J, 60th Inf. Send here Base H. 23-Send July and Aug pay wh has been signed for Getting along OK. Well treated Regards to rest of fellows are 10/25/18

Page 4

Sh. Through r. wrist-Hard to write but would like to hear from the fellows. 10/25/18; Mrs. Bertha M. Hack (Mother), Humboldt, Kansas. from Lyle W. Hack Still in hospital-Wrote from here about 1st of month. Wound nearly healed. Has trouble with stomach and can't eat much. Could write himself but doctor thinks best not to.

Page 5

Rests pretty well. Be here for a while then to base. 10/25/18; Ivan F. Carlson (1945629) Pvt Co L. 102 Inf. G.S.W Mouth. Severe. To wife-Mrs. Ivan F. Carlson 12901 Woodside, Ave. Cleveland, O. Wounded Oct 25 Admitted 10/27/18-doing well as possible 10/29/18.

Page 6

Miss Mabel L. Sands (Sister) 200 Highland Ave Salem, Mass. (Father) Admitted 10/18/18 Very bad Morris C. Fun[?]Sands (1899781) 328 Inf Co. B. 10/8/18 G.S.W. leg Severe r. knee wound very bad. Both hands badly swollen I can not use. 2 operations through Shrapnel. All frds and fellows his love; (Father) John Warriner 5 Fairsax St

Loose pages inserted between page 6 and 7:

Page 1

Stephen, Walter (Mother has 3 sons in [?] 1st Cl. Pvt. Co B 362 Inf. 2259775-Bed 224 3rd Fl B.W. Thru r forearm. Doing well good spirits; Mandell, Harry C. Bed 225-Pvt. Co G. 315 Inf. 3110124 Gn. scratch on legs/no come. Bad cold; VanLauinghau[?], Hros. F. Red 226 3rd Trumpeter, Co. C. 347 MG. 2 Sh wounds in thigh not severe Rheuma

Page 2

Goold, John Priv Co L 362 Inf. 2251577 RCB M G Bullet, left wrist Bad pain-first aid; Olson, Alivn RC b Priv. Co. L. 361 Inf 2291709 M G W right lef f. aid not slight; R.C boy Kellcher, Bartholomew Pvt Co K 146 Inf. old shrapnel l. forearm Good [ms.illegible]

Page 3

Bed 213 RC boy Foley, Roger Crpl-Co G. 315 Inf. 2711593- 3 fingers blown off by m. gun. F. aid. walking about; Tompkins, Calvin Crpl-Co. Hdqs 148 Inf 1530626 M G bullet thro l. forearm-in good cond. first aid.

Page 4

Crandall, Dale A. Pvt 138 Inf Co. J 2144510. Shrapnel-head and eye-frac.leg g.s.w. Pretty fair-good night; Bull; Geo B. Sgt. 313 Inf. Co. F. 1781127 g.s.w left foot. frac. toe. on left foot, O.K.

Page 5

Amberger, Jacob Pvt Co K 18th Inf 2881176 To be oper Hernia up and about [end loose pages].

Page 7

Bracebridge, Lincoln, England Brother John Warriner, Jr Ft. Kennedy-Pa. U.S.A. (Cousin Miss Florence Warriner 1942 S. Norwood St Phila. From Herbert Warriner Corp. (1784924) Co K. 190 Inf. G.S.W. Chest- Admitted 10/8/18 10/29/18 Gen. cond. good-

Page 8

(Mother) Mrs. John Shoemmer 3824 Spokane Ave 11/1/18 Cleveland, O. From Carl A. Thommies (2435251) Pvt. 102 Inf. Co M. G.S.W. Left thigh. 3 cuts r. arm cut front and back has had diarrhea. Doing well except for cold. Do not worry will write soon as arm limbers up a bit; Pvt Ernest W Lawrence 11/1/18 Co C 363 Inf (2263495)

Loose leaves between pages 8 and 9:

Leaf 1 front: Walter H. Adaues Pvt (1383) Co. Med Dept 16th Inf 10/25/18;G.S.W. face and mouth and lower jaw. left shoulde left leg and l. wrist Mother Mrs. S.A Adaues Morehead, Miss. Back: 6703 16 9 Sedali Mo.

Leaf 2 front: Walter H. Adaues Nouvel Pvt. Med Dept 16th Inf. Bad jaw case 10/24/18 Ruby Ruby Rodge Miss Rodgers.

Page 9

(Sister) Mrs. J. M. Webster 839 Leavenworth St, San Fran Cal Expected in Oct. Not heard fr. brother in law for sev. months. Memtto in [ms. illegible]; (Cousin) Elias Thomas 195 Pleasant St Pawtucket, R.I. (No. 36 Service) From Pvt. Mich Esper A. Shwalry Co C. 11th Inf. 11/11/18 Admitted Oct 16. l. arm. m.g. fracture 3rd engagement-Doing fine Love to him.

Page 10

Mrs. Sarah Smith Smithfield, Pa- 11/2/18 Pvt Charles W Smith (3169210) Co M. 168 Inf. Not going very good. Wrote some time ago. Has had no mail since he came over (Aug 13-) But love to all-Admitted 9/12/18 Leg broken-; Mr. J.H. Compton (Father) Atlanta,Ill. From Pvt Carl D. Compton (2098872)

Page 11

Co. F.-58th Inf. 500 Francs. 11/6/18 Admitted Doing well. operated on since and now doing well. Eat well. Sleep fine. Improving rapidly. Sends lots of love; Mrs. Edward Cole 11/8/18 Martinsburg, W. Va R F D. 6 Admitted Oct 11-18 Wound in the fr leg Bad Getting along as well as can be exp. Tell Helen I'm sorry I can't write not to think hard of 11/18/18

Page 12

me fr not writing to her. Picked up Just told him about the great [?] weakened condition, no suffering now but doesnt eat well. Sleep well. Writing letter [?] to Mother Paul F. Cole (3635875 Co D. 127 Inf.

Page 13-15 blank

Page 16

M- Morphine
A.J.S. Anti-tetanic serum
G.S.W. Gunshot wound
F.S. Fracture Simple
F.C. Fracture Compound
F.C.C. Fracture Comp. Comminuted
N.Y.D. Not yet diagnosed or undetermined
F.U.O. Fever of Unknown Origin
D. A. H. Disordered Action of Heart
W[?] Slight
S. Severe

From the service of Eleanor McGee, American Red Cross nurse at Base Hospital # 23 "The Nouvel" located in Vittel, Vosges, France from 1918-1919 (?).
Date n.d.
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1919
People McGee, Eleanor
Subjects World War I
Wounds & injuries
Medical aspects of war
Medical care