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Catalog Number 1994.41.15
Object Name Letter
Accession number 1994.41
Description Full transcription of text follows:


Oregon [March] 4 Verdun France Dear Ethel & all the Rest got your letter last night and one from Will, - he is the only one that has written since I left the state except you and Mother. What ever Frank Bumess says about this nigger I am incline to think that he is Right. I expect to go into Verdun Sunday if it isnt raining and hunt up Seawall - Burnsworth is in the car next to this one - so I see him every day - altho Ididnt know until a few days ago that he knew the Bumesses You sure are having a time with the influenza. Ido hope none of you get sick. Idont care how long Ihave to stay over here - just so you all keep well and I rather think that you will. Evidently you and Iare of the same opinion


concerning Manning Icant see just why he had to get the big head so badly all of a sudden. Iam inclined to think that it was due partly to the fact that after 20 years of waiting for the rest of the Doctors in Marshall to die or grow old so he could get a practice that they obliged him and he was at last making a little money and thought it was because he was such a good man that he at last was succeeding. any way if he gets any pleasure out of it why let him go to it and enjoy himself. Hope Ella and Wayne finally decided how they should spend their first Xmas of course I dont know but Icant see just why they wanted to argue that question so much, anyway Ihope they stayed together I spent mine partly in my box car and partly in Verdun we went to Verdun for supper with the Major. I dont remember what we had but it wasnt turkey and it wasnt goose either. Id sure liked to have helped eat that goose you


had thanksgiving day. Havent received any box as yet hope it doesnt get lost - and always address my letters A.E.F. France regardless of any place Imay name as we may be moved long before youd know anything about it your interest will be due soon so take it and for goodness sakes - let me know if you are getting that allotment you should have had one now for [October] & [November] - Think I’ve asked this question in my last six letters - all Ido is take sick call everyday and then try to get these birds to clean their cars and their mess kits an absolutely hopeless task - They can not see any reason for keeping clean - yet this constant hauling them out has kept us from having any sickness of any importance and if you let them go 24 hours without seeing that they have cleaned up They just go back to regular cotton picking niggers it’s a gay life anyone with one of the Pioneer outfits should have the highest possible honor conferred just as soon as he hits the states. Well any way Iam glad Iam here and as


Ive said before Iam happier than Ive been for a long time and Idont get very lonesome This rambling life always did appeal to me and Isuppose I’ll always do more or less of it as long as I live. I feel sorry tho for the men that want to get back to their families They are the bluest meanest gang of men you ever saw - guess I’d be the same way tho if Ihad a family to get back to - and let me tell you right now count the little hardship you all went thru as absolutely nothing - for if Germany had won this war - we would have seen some hardship and worse than that we would have seen our women and children treated as some of these people were treated. Imay be wrong about that but I firmly believe we would had a war at home with the Hun if they hadnt been whipped here. Ido hope when the final settlement comes that they break German so that they cant recover for centuries to come. For a change to day we are having a little rain - Isaw the sun tho one day this week for about 20 minutes and that made the world look lots brighter


guess I’ve written you about enough for one time hope that box comes sailing a long one of these days. Now dont get the flu and if you do - Cable me and Prigmore one of us would get the word - and be sure and get a real Doctor use my money to get anything like that that you need. When you write mary & Wayne give them my love and address too - Love to all and a happy new year to all, Lovingly Jim Lt JR Davis M.C. 816 Pioneer Inf. A E F Rec in [Kansas City] [January] 30 1919 Over


[February] 25 1919 Dear Mary Your card of [February] 21 just came as this is so bulky all ready will not add another sheet but say we are well and let this go. We will look for you any time also look for Mr P by last of April Just now are having our winter. Hope you will read these letters and send to Wayne promptly I dont want to lose any of them Homer Tipping is going to move in to the Lowenstein house on the corner Goodbye and come Mother. Dear Wayne : - I think you have had two of these but I shall send all of them on anyway - Lucile and I are spending a week in Portland while Paul is in Salt Lake City. I am planning to go home about the last of March for three months. Love to both Mary -

From the service of James Robert Davis, M.D., Medical Corps, 816th Pioneer Infantry Division.

Date March 4, 1919
Year Range from 1919
Year Range to 1919
People Davis, James Robert
Subjects World War I
Letters (Home)
Military life
Letter Writing