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Catalog Number 2014.27.65
Object Name Letter
Accession number 2014.27
Description Introductory wartime newsletter from Elisabeth and Hans Culemeyer of Peine, Germany to Frieda Rosendahl of Riemsloh, Germany and her circle of relatives
Date: November 8, 1914
Document in German
Three typed pages

This letter is part of a series of seven wartime family newsletters compiled by Elisabeth and Hans Culemeyer of Peine, Germany that recounts family news from the field, the home front, and abroad during the first year of the war, 1914-1915. It was sent out to a circle of over 25 relatives who grew up in and around Riemsloh, Germany, most of whom bear the surnames or maiden names Culemeyer, Lange, or Nagel, but other surnames include Barre, Dreyer, Obermeyer, Pleimes, and Rosendahl. Seven letters total were sent out between November 1914 and June 1915 - one inaugural letter introducing the idea and six "wartime" newsletters. Newsletters were stored in a steel album cover, 2014.27.114.

Full translation:

Peine, 8 November in war year 1914

Dear cousins in the field,
Dear wives and relatives of cousins,

I direct these lines [of writing] to you all simultaneously, which have the purpose, in this serious time to connect us more closely with each other and with the homeland, who were united by a happy youth, but are now pulled out in part in the hot fight for the freedom of the fatherland. I am thinking about the cousins and the husbands of the cousins from those places, which are effectively grouped around Riemsloh as the geographic center of our youth: Osnabrück, Neuenkirchen, Hoyel, Hannover. I also am thinking about the cousins abroad, who remember their besieged homeland in anxious worry, they themselves cut off from the homeland, who can now remember even less than normally in worry about their sons in the field. Also I turn to the the wives, mothers, and siblings with hearty thanks for supporting me in the desire to arrange a weekly war report to all our dear ones in the field, at home, and abroad. Only through the summarizing of excerpts from the field letters, letters from abroad, and other reports that are of interest for all, is it possible to serve everyone and to bring one person all the latest about whereabouts, status, war experiences of the other.

I ask our fighters to send me, when their time allows, weekly or at longer intervals, field reports for the above-named purpose, and the relatives to send me the suitable field letters for viewing or excerpts from them.

[Page 2]

I ask you dear ones abroad at the same for personal messages and especially illuminating information about the effect of the war abroad. My wife and I want to summarize the weekly incoming news on Sundays and at the beginning of each week the "War letters" should flutter out to the four winds.

The circle that I would like to unite, and which on demand I will gladly expand, consists of:

Martha Barre nee Lange, together with family, United States;
Carl Culemeyer, Neuenkirchen, together with family and Henny Pleimes nee C?
Louise Culemeyer nee Lange, Hannover;

Marie Dreyer nee Lange, Minden;

Karl Dreyer, currently in the field;

Amalie Lange, together with relatives and Uncle Conrad Witte, Osnabrück

Georgie Lange, Osnabrück;

Fritz Lange, currently in the field;

Hermann Lange, currently in the field;

Otto Lange, Brazil;

Conrad Lange, war volunteer, Osnabrück;

Martha Lange nee Eicke, Schönberg, currently Hannover;

Richard Lange, Schönberg, currently in the field;

Family Nagel, Hoyel;
Adele Nagel, United States
Osker Nagel, currently in the field;

Mieze Obermeyer nee Nagel, Bad Essen;

Otto Obermeyer, currently in the field;

Wilhelm Pleimes, currently in the field;

Frida Rosendal nee Lange and Lissi Lange in Riemsloh;

Karl Rosendal, currently in the field;

also Ella Volkmann, United States, who takes great interest in the members of the family circle, should be considered.

[Page 3]

You all see, that the circle is larger and the work is not small; with this large a number of copies blemishes and lack of text clarity are unavoidable; I believe however, that is the smallest thing that threatens our fighters.

Unfortunately almost four months are already passed since our fighters stand in the field. To briefly record this time span from their lives in the field in the "war letters", I ask relatives during this week to give me:

Exact address, day of departure, path in enemy territory, battles and other things of note, official business, promotions, etc.

The first edition of the "war letters," which will appear at the beginning of the coming week, would first bring an outline of the "family war history" of the passing months.

And now we want to hope, that the "war letters" can bring us all joy and bring the fighters rest in their hard responsibilities.
Hearty greetings and prayers for your cooperation.
Elisabeth and Hans Culemeyer,
Peine (Hannover).

From the collection of personal wartime letters received by German Vize-Wachtmeister Karl Rosendahl in the 10. Reserve Armeekorps and his wife Frieda Rosdendahl, who lived in Riemsloh in Melle, Germany.

Date November 8, 1914
Year Range from 1914
Year Range to 1914
Subjects World War I
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