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Catalog Number 1938.100.33
Object Name Diary
Accession number 1938.100
Description Blank pages were not scanned.

Full transcription of text follows:

Inserted page front: Benton or Benton (Y.M.C.A) with 7th Division under Gen. Sawple. Met wife and daughter at Helen Reed's; Where is M.P.O.-705 Base Hospital No. (Josephine Hughes); 7 Villejuste 12 fr a day- 3 meals Mr. Merritt suggestion. Amer. Cut rate Druge store 38 Rue Mont Thabor; Back: 1st Sient. M. L. Booz 139th Inf. U.S.R. Las ru at Eu. % The wrauglois-Evanston, Lee; 2nd Lieut. B.L. Kessinger Cav. U.S.R.-A.E.F. Horse Cave, Ky. B.S. Woodard 1st Lieut-U.S.R. 1640 E. 13th Ave. Denver; Hotel des Frevalides Way 25-1918 and drive Pleasant "ships in the night" in leave in Paris.

Page 1

Hewey Little Co. A. 138th Inf. Hardice, Wo. (Au and Aus. D. Witte) Room 92-Nouvel; A.P.O. 753 (Limoges) James E. Walton Corp. Battery D. 77th F.A.

Page 2

Ribbon; Hauteur

Page 3

Source- 10/15/18 Room 92- Letter to be written; Blain-Moving order- Room 124; Room 44-Patnaude count casual pay; Room 46-Harry Sherman Fr. Book; Room 60 Dipitta-Box of toothpicks

Page 4

Franz Ebert chancellor; Isaac Racing Cobello 960 Park Ave New York City, N.Y; Clarence Dougherty M.F. C. # 308 A.E.F.

Page 5

Newspaper reporter met for a moment at Deurecey[?], gave me the souvenir pin; Frank A Coleagno 12 Lawrence St Yonkers, N.Y.; Ben M. Kreger 203 Middle St Portsmouth VA Ambulance Co 115 Sanitary Train 104-29th-

Page 6

Elmer Wakeley 3.u. inf Co. G. Springfield, Ohio; Ferdinand F. Wolfram Jr. Hdq. Co. 109th Inf.; 202 W. Rittenhouse St. Gtn. Phila. Pa.

Page 7

Pvt Arthur E. Becker Co. M. 137th Inf. 3 K. n. of Very Verdun Sector. Corp. Edgar B. Wilsie (St. Louis) Battery c. 128th F.A.

Page 8

Testament Abott; Booker Sources-Room 43- Sutterfield-Nouvel-Main 11/13/18 has ward overcoat

Page 9

12/14/18 Received of Miss E.E. McGee acct. Amer. Red Cross Gillette Shaving Outfit Co. 5 115th Shelly J. Shields Former prisoner)

Page 10 blank

Page 11

10/15/14 Nouvel 3rd fl-tobacco; 5th' Reichert Sweater; 3rd floor Room 78 Ritchey-egg omelet; Laita " " French fried potatoes; 1st fl. Room 14-Yerkins grapes-10 francs-; 2nd fl. Room 56 Wm F. R.C. boy-Roberts Paul Moore "

Page 12

10/19/18 (Hillwau) Herbert Warriner ward-Nouvel Left 100 fr. at field H; Henry Fulcher Left money-20 fr.; Room 57 Singleton grapes; Cot 377-4th Fl. Nicola Dipaolo Prayer book.

Page 13

Sweater; 11/14/18; Columbus Mathena Ward A-Nouvel 11/13/18

Page 14

Sternberger 605 W. 137th St N.Y.; Clements-Geneva, Ala; Lenhardt Somerset, Pa.

Page 15

3 returned prisoners (Nouvel) Leon Sternberger Co C. 165th Inf. (N.Y.) Pvt. "My dear lad" Sylvester J. Clements ("Alabama") Co. F. 167th Inf. 42nd Div.; John H. Lenhardt Co. C. 110th Inf. 28th Div. (Phila); Pvt. Howard Farmer Co. C. 166th Inf.

Page 16 blank

Page 17

Good looking, strong young westerner- Main ward, Nouvel. John R. Coonen Co. A. 28 Inf. Yakima, Wash. 19 yrs old; Abraham Jaffe Co. K. 314 Inf "Red" Mr. A. Jaffe One lpd[?] shelly 121 Chestnut St. Coatesville PA Little "Red, the Russian"

Page 18

"Tony" Tall, good looking Italian Yoli Mr. William Yoli 409-E. 100 St Ten York City made xmas stars. Co. M.-56th Inf.; 113 Fhance[?] Doran 29 106 Washington St Hoboken NJ; 113th Inf. 29th Div. Co. J. Nus is "Hoboken."

Pages19 -53 blank

Page 54

Christmas 1918 Vittel; With the wish bone; Sgt. William David Moore Bty. C. 324 F.A.H. 144 West Columbia St. Springfield Ohio. Packed the souvenir box 12/27/18 The finest sergeant in the U.S. Army.

Page 55

Sgt. Sherman W. Edwards Hy. 108th Ammunitions Train 33rd Division. Address 163 N. Euclid Avenue. Oak Park, Illinois. Ate xmas dinner with these two.

Pages 56-61 blank

Page 62

Man from 104th also pres now at Ores; Russell Morrin 104th Reg Co. A. Sherrill, N.Y.

Page 63

Shelby Shields imprison about a month (29th Div.) (1285860) Gave me "Gott mit us." buckle Corp. Co. J. 115th Inf. In prison since Oct 15 Hsp. near Jriveny (wounded) Dont know [?] hosp.

Page 64

Third hosp. Trier. One Amer. died- not know who. Mother Mrs. Mary R. Shields Fruitland, Md. Shot gun orde in back. Came here 12/7/18.

Page 65

Bernard Mich. Thos. Jensen (1280540) Co. E. 114th Inf. (Brother of Mich. Julius S. Jensen (1280539) co. E. 114th Inf. last saw him Oct 22-18 in Argonne Woods Just advance. Was a runner in

Page 66

Co. L. same regiment at time of engagement. Supposed to keep communcation on live bet. Co. E. and Co. F. Co. F. was practically wiped out.

Page 67

John E. Barbaner Pvt. Hdqs Co. 165th Inf. (Co. 69-N.Y) gave me epaulet Boche (13 number) prisoner 2 days took epaulet himself Laudres St. Georges Hill 263.

Page 68

Piece of shrapnel fell between his legs on motorcycle tank. Demelle Garey, Hdqs. Co. 10th Mach Gun. Oct 5-19-18 bet. Cuisy and Sept. Sarges- wounded 2 days later. From Medford, Mass.

Page 69

A.P.O. (Limoges) 753

Edward W. Pearson- Transferred- Oct 2-18 to A.P.O. 753- Sent testament- 10/15/18; Arthur E. Becker Pvt. M Co. 137th Inf. A.E.F. Anti-Tank bullet. 3 kilometers n. of Very, Verdun sector.; Allen E. Norton, 142 Sheldon St Portland, Ore. (Source) Corp. Co. L. 26th Inf. Taken off [ms. illegible] dead soldier about 5 of Oct in Verdun sector.

Loose leaf inserted in back: John L. Bowers "Right Foot Squad" (2424394) Co. C. 308th Ammunition Train. (Cleveland, O.)

From the service of Eleanor McGee, American Red Cross nurse at Base Hospital # 23 "The Nouvel" located in Vittel, Vosges, France from 1918-1919 (?).
Date n.d.
Year Range from 1918
Year Range to 1919
People McGee, Eleanor
Subjects World War I