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Name Henschel, James (Ned) Edward

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Image of 1996.51.136CA - Letter

1996.51.136CA - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0049_0001 January 20/1918- Dear Father and Mother- My "weekly" is due, and by the good graces of the powers that be, there is plenty of time to write it. The last three days have been full of wonderful weather - just cool enough to put life in one. Save that I still lack the power of speech, my health is excellent again, so that I am enjoying the pleasant days to the fullest. Quite the reverse of usual conditions - there is so much of which I should write that I hardly know just where to begin. Perhaps I should tell first of a package from Uncle Albert and Aunt Marguerite. It seems that everyone remembered me this Christmas in especiall

Image of 1996.51.136BO - Letter

1996.51.136BO - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0037_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- November 11/1917- Dearest Father and Mother- I chanced to meet one of the boys who came over in our unit but did not enlist and he gave me a letter from Mother dated October tenth - much to my surprise and pleasure. Also he informed me that my [Kansas City] Stars were being enjoyed immensely. Newspapers, it would seem, are not forwarded; hence I have not received a copy - yet. However, it is good to know that some one enjoying them. What do you think of this [ms illegible: 1 wd] stationery? It is the best that I could get hold of in this pl

Image of 1996.51.136EC - Letter

1996.51.136EC - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0103_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance P.C., G.H.Q., A.P.O. 930, A.E.F. January 26th, 1919. Dear Mother: Sunday morning, an so letter writing time. I am now thoroughly established at my new work, and expect to like it more all the time. We are always doing something, which makes life thoroughly enjoyable. Acknowledging receipt of two money orders for $5.00, from the two Mrs. Henschels. I certainly appreciated the remembrance, and wish to go on record as sending home and to Friona some of our very most complete thanks. It was mighty good of you all to send them. My billet is the most wonderful ting that ever happened in th

Image of 1996.51.136ED - Letter

1996.51.136ED - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0104_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance P.C., G.H.Q., A.P.O. 930, Amer. Ex. F. February 2nd, 1919. Dear Dad: Uncle Sam is supplying the paper again tonight I don't think it a very great crime to use it, especially when writing home. Had a queer experience the other day. There is a lieutenant here who wears a Masonic ring, so of course I mentioned the fact that I carried an Ivanhoe card. We had quite a talk, about things in general, and it seems that his Masonic career is about as extended as mine. We tried to go over some of the work together, but I'm afraid it was all wrong, for neither of us could recall enough of the wor

Image of 1996.51.136BP - Letter

1996.51.136BP - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0038_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Missions- Provisional Co. "A"- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- November 18/1917- Dearest Mother- Obtained church leave - and so ensured having time to write home. Your letter of October sixteenth was delivered yesterday - thereby raising me to the pinnacles again. Am pleased to know the things from Biarritz arrived; I had serious doubts as to whether it (the package) would get through. Hope that they did not charge you too much duty. We had a "show" at the Y.M.C.A. last night. The stunts - whether good or not - were at least diverting. The "talent" was remarkable. Baldrige - an

Image of 1996.51.136FG - Letter

1996.51.136FG - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0125_0001 Brest, France. July 28th, 1919 Dearest Mother: This war is something awful. The end is pretty nearly in sight, provided I don't go completely raving mad in the meantime. We have reach Brest, and from the minute of our arrival here, the miles and miles of typewriting that has been necessary, and the multitudes of inspections, has certainly kept me going. Since landing, my valient top and clerk and myself have burned three o'clock electricity and been up promptly at ten minutes before six. This being the only officer in a company that is preparing to "partee" is no joke, and for the time at least, I figure that I am earning all

Image of 1996.51.136BQ - Letter

1996.51.136BQ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0039_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- Provisional Co. "A"- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- November 30/1917- Dearest Mother- So many things have happened in the past week and a half or two weeks that I would like to tell you. We were away from are base, if it could be called a base, for a number of days on what has proven the most fatigueing as well as the longest trip that our outfit has undertaken. None of us would have missed this convoy for a great deal, but by the same token, we shudder at the thoughts of repetition. We were at the wheel continuously for more than forty-eight hours, our only stops being to

Image of 1996.51.136BR - Letter

1996.51.136BR - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0040_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- December 23/1917- Dear Marian- Your Christmas letter of considerable past date arrived about a week ago. Being a very busy - and lazy - person - I could not reply before now. Besides, it would have been poor form. None the less the good wishes are certainly appreciated and many more returned - (They will probably reach you about March). We have had some very interesting work and some not so interesting - which is all a point of the game. The past five days, for example, I have about filled the scale of possibilities in the guerre [ms illegi

Image of 1996.51.136BS - Letter

1996.51.136BS - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0041_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet France- December 18/1917- Dearest Mother- Today being your birthday, in heir of other remembrances. I am writing a letter. All the love in the world goes with this and only the very best of wishes - and many hopes that we may all be home together again at this season next year. The parcel containing the underwear arrived at last to my great joy and body - comfort. The package was rather "badly stayed with" (as we would say out here) but the contents were in excellent condition. Also about a dozen copies of the Star were delivered, which jhenschel_

Image of 1996.51.136CB - Letter

1996.51.136CB - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0050_0001 Private J.E. Henschel American Mission Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet France- January 21/1918- Dearest Mother- Am a day early with my weekly letter home - three days, really - but don't suppose that you folks will object seriously. Somehow or other when there is practically nothing of which to write, I find myself overwhelmed with time in which to do it. There is no change in my work to tell you - the weather is still winter (as could be expected for a couple more months) and the war still goes on. That not only is all that can be written, but nearly all that I know to tell you. Gee whiz - gosh - (and a lot of others) -

Image of 1996.51.136BT - Letter

1996.51.136BT - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0042_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- December 26/1917- Dear-dear Folks at home-Everything seemed to fit in so as to give me the happiest possible Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve there was delivered to me a book from Mrs. Warner a box containing a little of everything from Lucile Rockwell and a package from Miss Nation and her mother at Paris. Yesterday brought the fruit cake that Mrs. Bellows was so fine as to send - and today came the tobacco from Harvey and Berthold and the toilet roll and knee-letts". Everyone was just too good to me; I hardly know how to tell you jh

Image of 1996.51.136BU - Letter

1996.51.136BU - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0043_0001 France, December 30, 1917 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- Dear Emmet- You letter of December 14th was delivered this afternoon; it pleased me a lot to hear from you. Will you thank your Mother for me for the "knee-caps"? They have not been delivered as yet, but probably will have been long before you read this - judging from the time taken by mail in transit. It was mighty good of her to do things for me, and I certainly do appreciate it. In fact it seems that every one is just a bit too good and too thoughtful of me - for really you know - all of my friends have written

Image of 1996.51.136CC - Letter

1996.51.136CC - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0051_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- February 3/1918- Dear Mother and Dad- Day before yesterday was another big day for me - as mail goes. There were five letters - two from Mother - a draft questionaire - a Christmas card, and two armfuls of the [Kansas City] Star. Therefore I was very much set up - fairly jubilant - and now have enough newspaper to occupy my attention for a week. All that I do there days is read and write and smoke and sleep - on the whole - a mighty easy time of it. Now that it is cold again - being shut of by no means unpleasant. Somewhere or other I have

Image of 1996.51.136CF - Letter

1996.51.136CF - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0054_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- M.T.D., A.E.F.- Prov. Co. "B"- Convois Autos- Par B.C.M. France- March 7/1918- Mother dear- A letter from you coming today - I am not going to wait until Sunday to answer it. Perhaps my letters to you are coming through the same as do those from home in driblets and no order at all. I have now received from you the following - in the following order - letters dated January 12, 2, undated, 29, 16, 1 from Elizabeth)- and the 20th - Also - I want to acknowledge the receipt of a pair of "kneelets" and a very, very, superior pair of driving gloves. My very best "thank you" for them both. They

Image of 1996.51.136CD - Letter

1996.51.136CD - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0052_0001 Private J.E. Henschel American Mission- Motor Transport- A.E.F. Reserve Mallet. France- February 11/1918- Dear Mother and Dad- Two letters from home came yesterday morning - and a few copies of the Star. I have fully recovered from the effects of a misplaced camion - have been back in the barracks since the sixth in fact. Since then - as further proof that I am again marked "Duty" - I have driven on two convoys, pounded rock one whole day, have been on numerous fatigue details, indulged in the delights of kitchen police, and give Dynamite the second a thorough bath with water and gasoline. Since then (this time, the infirmary vi

Image of 1996.51.136CE - Letter

1996.51.136CE - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0053_0001 February 19, 1918- Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- M.T.D., A.E.F., Prov. B, Convois Autos, Par B.C.M. France- Dear Mother and Dad- Just a line for my Sunday letter this week. Will write at great length in a day or two. Right now I am delaying a dinner party that I may get this off today. Attention to the new address. Time comes and goes, the war endth not, our work and place of abode remain the same - but the address needs must change every so often and add a line or two. No matter which the rank jhenschel_0053_0002 I challenge anyone to show a longer address than Pvt. Ned. (All this last week, but repetition i

Image of 1996.51.136DK - Letter

1996.51.136DK - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0085_0001 2nd Lt. J.E. Henschel- M.T.C. School #1- A.P.O. 772- Decize (Nievre) France- Am. Ex. Forces- November 3rd/1918- Dear Mother and Dad- I'm so sorry to hear of Dad's illness - but I trust that he is all O.K. again now. It's rotten luck - being sick - and all the sympathy in the world does make it less so. I'm glad the Masons were so fine - and yet they should have been. Nothing is good enough anyway for the finest Father in the world - and when he is as hard a working brother as my Dad is - why I figure that they couldn't jhenschel_0085_0002 have done enough. I'm awfully sorry; wish I could have known and been able to do som

Image of 1996.51.136DL - Letter

1996.51.136DL - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0086_0001 2nd Lt. J.E. Henschel M.T.C. M.T.C. School #1 A.P.O. 772- Decize (Nievre)- France- Am. Ex. Forces- November 7th/1918 Dearest Mother- My little friend Jean is sick! Last night Tad and I went to the little cafe of which I have written before and heard the news. Immediately - we hastened across the street to the school which is chez Jean and there he was - in a small room by himself - seated at the table - not looing at all well. You should have seen the expression on his face as he saw us in the door! It made me think of Mary when I jhenschel_0086_0002 returned home suddenly after being away for some time. I held the poor

Image of 1996.51.136CG - Letter

1996.51.136CG - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0055_0001 Private J.E. Henschel American Mission MTD., A.E.F., Prov. Co. "B", Convois Autos Par B.C.M., France- March 18/1918- Dearest Mother- Have been in receipt of yours of February fifth for some days, also of one that came later - enclosing a letter from E - Which quite turns the tables. Hence having missed Sunday's - I have two or three to write. But honestly - I have been working so hard that when night comes - I'm all ready to turn in. Please note the change in address - again - Coburn and I have been transferred to Liechew and Joe Travis' company as first sergeant and sergeant respectively. Coburn has not written this home yet.

Image of 1996.51.136DM - Letter

1996.51.136DM - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0087_0001 November 11th, 1918. Dearest Mother and Dad: If only you all could see how glad everyone in this place is! Never in my life have i ever seen such happy people, for the eleventh of November meant the biggest thing possible to them all. Fighting stopped; at last the German people have awakened from their horrible dream. It's taken a long time, four years and half of the sort of thing that France has been through is tremendous, and now that it is all over, why it is almost too much for them to believe. The good folk are so happy the tears stand in their eyes, and they make no efforts to hide them. Even those who have lost their