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2013.66.64 - Letter

Letter from Heinrich Eisner to Kurt Loebinger, Director of the Elektrizitäts-Lieferungs-Gesellschaft about Sabersky's request for 50 tons of barbed wire, 500 pickaxes, and nails to be billed to the General Command Date: November 25, 1914 2 pages Document in German Translation: Berlin, 25 Nov. 1914 Herrn / Direktor Loebinger Elektrizitäts-Lieferungs-Gesellschaft Berlin N.W. Dear Director! In reference to the telephone conversation with you I give you the wording of the urgent telegrams, which I received early today from my son-in-law: 1.) Kozieglowy 24 November 11:02 in the morning: "I am attempting to purchase through Father, Loebinger and Jahns a large amount of barbed wire wit

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2013.66.65 - Letter

Letter from Heinrich Eisner at the Hahnsche Werke Actiengesellschaft to his son-in-law Sabersky saying the Upper Silesian Iron Industry Company [Oberschlesischen Eisenindustrie-Actiengesellschaft], Gleiwitz, will be sending the needed barbed wire, pickaxes, and nails Date: November 27, 1914 Document in German From the service of German officer Fritz Sabersky who served as leader of the Sanitary Company 3 (Sanitätskompagnie 3 Garde-Reserve-Korps) from 1915 to 1916 and after March 1917 as an instructor at the Royal Prussian Army Gas School in Berlin (Königlich Preußische Heeres-Gasschule).