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Name 168th Infantry

Associated Records

1985.119.1 - book

Table of Contents: Editor's Introduction; Author's Preface; The Third Iowa Answers the Call; Camp Mills; The Voyage on the Grant; Back at Camp Mills; Across the Atlantic; The Regiment Arrives in England; France at Last; Rimacourt; Into the Line; Life in the Trenches; March the Fifth; The First American Attack; Filling out the First Month; The 168th Returns to the Line; The Scouts; Interludes; Behind the Lines; May and the Gas Attacks; The Last Weeks in Lorraine; From Lorraine to the Champagne; The Battle of the Champagne; From the Marne to the Battle Line; The Battle at La Croix Rouge Farm; The Advance of the Ourcq; The Capture of Hill 212; The Capture of Sergy Illustrations: Colonel Ernes

1985.119.2 - book

Contents: The Tragic Thirtieth; The 32nd Division Attacks; The Last of the Battle; In Reserve; Back to Rest; The St. Mihiel Attack; The St. Benoit Sector; Intermission; Into the Argonne; The Conquest of Hill 288; the Struggle for Chatillon; Chatillon is Ours; Tour of the Third Battalion; The Recovery; The Advance on Sedan; The March to the Rhine; The Watch on the Rhine; Homeward Bound; Roster. Illustrations: Colonel Matthew A. Tinley; Road Leading to Bivouac of 168th; Airplane View of German Positions; Airplane View of Marimbois Sub-sector; General Douglas MacArthur; E Company Waiting to Go over the Top; First Aid Treatment for Officer; The Chateau de Nesles; Pannes Captured by the 168th;

1989.41.2 - book

Contents: The Ship that Runed Around; Behind the Firing Line; Our First Hitch; Blocking the Champagne Offensive; Chateau-Thierry--The Turning Point; Advice on How to Run the Army; Back for Repairs; The Yanks at St. Mihiel; In the Argonne Forest; The Lst Push; "La Guerre Est Finie". Illustrations: News from Home; Sergeant Wee Wee; Private Poulet; First-Aid Station, Badonviller; Steady Nerves; School at Courtisol, Champagne; "Chappie" at Ease; Field Kitchen; Faacde of Lepine Cathedral; Second Lieutenant; Company Cook; At Ease; French Ration Wagon; Battalion Headquarters, Lorraine; Machine-Gun Cart; Push on Sedan; Detail of Lepine Cathedral.

2000.30.34 - book

168th Infantry. Table of Contents: Dedication; Foreward; Acknolwedgement; History of the Old Third Iowa; Organization; Photos and Records of Boys Who Died Going Over; First 'Hitch-Up' in Lorraine; Lorraine Dead; Champagne Defense; Those who Fell in Champagne; Chateau-Thierry Drive; The Awful Toil of Chateau Thierry; Reducing the St. Mihiel Salient; And Those who Paid at St. Mihiel; Argonne Offensive; The Argonne Dead; Drive to Sedan; Those Who Fell in the D

Image of 2004.5.16 - Print, Photographic

2004.5.16 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photograph of the 168th Infantry Band. Typed on back of image: "Every evening at about 4:30 or 5:00 o'clock the 168th Infantry Band formed in front of this old German Church to play "Retreat". The town is "Niederbreisig Am Rhein". / One Battalion and Headquarters Company of the old Iowa unit wintered in this little Rhine village in 1918-1919 with the Army of Occupation. / Lou F. Morgans is the director of the organization. He stands on the Drum Major's left. The Drum Major is SErgeant Major Joseph Benge. / Submitted by Everett M. Griffith, Washington, Ia., a member of the above organization.". From the service of Band Corporal Everett McKee Griffith, Headquarters Compan

2004.5.22c - Print, Photographic

Black and white panoramic photograph. 168th Infantry in front of Iowa statehouse, Des Moines, May 15, 1919; photograph by Hebard-Showers Co.

Image of 2010.125.169 - Photograph

2010.125.169 - Photograph

Black and white photograph. Signal Corps #30937. Three American soldiers inspect a German supply wagon hit by an artillery shell. The wagon is on its side with scattered wagon contents and dead driver visible in the foreground. Caption written on back of image: Lieut. H. Pritchard & Lieut. D. J. Skinner, 168th Inf. looking at the results of a hit by one of our 75's. A German supply wagon was destroyed & the driver killed by a shell which struck close to it, scattering wagon & contents several feet. Imecourt, Ardennes, Nov. 3, 18. From the Catalogue of Official A.E.F. Photographs taken by the Signal Corps: Lieut. H. Pritchard and Lieut. Dwight J. Skinner; One hundred and sixty-eight