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Name 35th Division

Associated Records

Image of 1976.225.44 - Card, Commemorative

1976.225.44 - Card, Commemorative

Commemoration card presented to Major-General Edward M. Stayton at the 34th Annual Reunion of the 35th Division. Printed on reverse is Stayton's military record and his biographical entry from Who's Who in America.

2006.135.7 - Card, Mourning

A mourning card for Private William L. Davis. Written on the recto above center in gold is his name, date of birth, date of death, age at death, along with a brief explanation of how he died and in which division he was a part of. Below the bibliographic information are the words 'In Loving Remembrance' written in black. Further down is a poem written in gold lettering that reads 'He heard humanity's clear call, An new the voice divine; He have his life, he gave his all in deadly battle line. The silent stars in love look down where lies this loyal son; In frost and dew they weave a crown of honor he has won. Along the left hand side is the image of a soldier holding a rifle standing b

2006.71.16 - Letter

A letter from the National Military Sisterhood of America on National Military Sisterhood of America stationary. Letter opens by stressing the desire of the Military Sisterhood to aid the veterans of the 35 Division. It goes on to thank Governor-elect Henry J. Allen for all the work that he had done to help the Kansas veteran, and then states that Henry J. Allen is to be an honorary member of the Topeka chapter of the National Military Sisterhood of America. It then goes on to say they understand the anxiety that Mrs. Henry J. Allen must have had while her husband was away in France. The letter bears the names of committee members Mrs. J. F. Jarrell, Mrs. Nellie C. Tarrill, and Mrs. E. G.

2002.15.4 - Letter

Letters from Corporal Russell Olive Weathers to his sister Mrs. C. A. Crale From the World War One service of Corporal Russell Olive Weathers, 1460375, Co. D, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F.

2002.15.21 - Notebook

An address book with names, addresses, and identification numbers of over 240 soldiers of Company D,140th infantry The list is broken down into members of the cavalry, scouts, transferred individuals, and soldiers in a base hospital. Russell wrote inside both the front and back cover. The names of the transfered soldiers are crossed off. From the World War One service of Corporal Russell Olive Weathers, 1460375, Co. D, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F.

2002.15.22 - Itinerary

An itinerary for the 140th Infantry listing the locations, arrival, and departure from the United States to places in Europe and then back to the United states between April 25, 1918 and April 28, 1919. Date of sailing from USA April 25th, 1918 Arrived Liverpool England May 7th, 1918 Transport Adriatic; Stations Arrival Departure Winchester England May 7/18 May 8th/18 Southampton England May 8/18 May 8/18 Le Harve France May 9/18 May 11/18 Monchaux France May 12/18 June 6/18 Claise France June 7/18 June 7/18 Mauconville France June 7/18

2002.15.24 - Roster

A roster of Company D, 140th Infantry dated March 2, 1919. Includes their names, rank, ID number, and address. From the World War One service of Corporal Russell Olive Weathers, 1460375, Co. D, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F.

Image of 2002.15.31 - Application

2002.15.31 - Application

An application for adjusted compensation for service filled out by Russell Olive Weathers. From the World War One service of Corporal Russell Olive Weathers, 1460375, Co. D, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F.

2002.15.32 - Pass

A week long pass for Russell O. Weathers dated January 23, 1919. The pass states that Russell O. Weathers was given a seven-day leave in order to visit Aix-les-Bains. The pass is bilingual in French and English. There are several stamps on the front. One stating that the pass was approved, another says that substance and quarters will be provided, another stamp states that Weathers did depart on his leave, and then the bears a date from early February. The back of the pass details the rules and regulations of this pass. From the World War One service of Corporal Russell Olive Weathers, 1460375, Co. D, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division, A.E.F.

2004.8.2 - Letter

Two letters from Harry M. Tompkins' parents From the World War One service of Sgt. 1st Class, Harry M. Tompkins, Co. E, 110th Engr., 35th Division, AEF, then 5th Engr. Training Regiment.

Image of 2004.8.7 - Scrapbook

2004.8.7 - Scrapbook

A scrapbook page with two newspaper clippings, an official correspondence, receipt, The receipt takes up an entire side of the scrapbook page. It is dated January 3, 1919. It is issued to Travel Order at Camp Funston. The receipt itself is for $20.57 worth of hash, $3.95 worth of baked beans, $3.01 worth of tomatoes, $1.39 worth of jam, and $2.38 worth of bread for a combined total of $31.30 The correspondence and newspaper clippings take up the other side of the scrapbook page. The correspondence is from Captain Wyatt W. Taylor Company E, 110th Engineers to the commanding general, Port of Embarkation, A.E.F. in regards to pay due to Harry M. Tompkins, dated August 28, 1918 Letter r

2004.8.8 - Orders, Military

Special order number 121 from the headquarters of the 35th Division, dated August 23, 1918. Order reads: 1.In compliance with telegraphic instructions from The Adjutant General, G.H.Q., A.E.F. July 5, 1918, the following named officer and enlisted men are relieved from assignment to their present organizations and from further duty with American Expeditionary Forces and will proceed August 26, 1918 to BREST, reporting upon arrival to the Commanding Officer at that place for Transportation to the United States, where upon arrival, they will report to the Commanding General, Port of Embarkation, as having been returned in compliance with War Department Cable number 1650-R dated June 28, 191

Image of 1926.7.1 - Drawing

1926.7.1 - Drawing

Portrait sketch of Major General William M. Wright. Signed "Wm. M. Wright, Major General, U.S. Army, Com. of 35th Division."

Image of 2014.44.68 - Art, Shell

2014.44.68 - Art, Shell

Vase made from a shell casing. The vase is decorated with raised text on an embossed background above a fluted stem Inscription: ARGONNE 35 DIV 128 FA Headstamp: 75 DEC D1277L 17 D

Image of 2014.44.63 - Art, Shell

2014.44.63 - Art, Shell

Decorated 75mm shell case. The case is decoraded with a 35th Division insignia and caduceus [medical] on an embossed background Insignia: 138 FH 110 ST US 35 DIV Headstamp: 75 DEC. [D or B].460L.18.D

Image of 2014.44.81 - Art, Shell

2014.44.81 - Art, Shell

Decorated Shell Casing The casing is a reddish colored, fluted vase with an embossed background area decorated with text. Inscription: VERDUN 35 DIV 128 FA Headstamp:75 DEC D.1378L.17.D

Image of blank.19 - book

blank.19 - book

PDF Copy of Book Available Upon Request in a box marked 35th division. Table of Contents: The 110th Engineers in the Meuse-Argonne; Final Preparations; Zero Hour--We're Off; Fighting shells With Shovels; The Infantry Needs Help; The engineers Come Into Their Own; Rest Billets

1982.149.89 - book

Contents: Organization, and Service from Arrival in the A.E.F. until September 20; Grange-le-Comte Sector, Meuse-Argonne Offensive and Subsequent Service. Map: Grange-le-Comte Sector, SEptember 21-25, Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 26-October 3. Subjects: United States. Army. Infantry Division, 35th. World War, 1914-1918--Regimental histories--United States.

1997.26.1 - book

110th Ammunition Train Table of Contents: Preface; I. James, Jessie and "A Fine Boy"; II. The Oskaloosa Company: III. Prologue to the "Great Event"; The Journey - and the journal - Begin; Vosges Sector; St. Mihiel Offensive; Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Grande le Comte Sector); Meuse-Argonne Offensive (Corps Troops); Sommedieue Sector; "La Guerre Finis!"; And a Happy New Year; Epilogue; Appendix; Acknowledgements; Bibliography. List of Maps: The Beginning; Paths of

Image of 2007.21.1 - book

2007.21.1 - book

PDF Copy of Book Available Upon Request Table of Contents: Commanders of A Company; Travel Dates of Company A 110th. Engineers; The History of Company A 110th Engineers; Days on Front Line; Citations Received; Miscellaneous Information; Achievements of 110th. Engineers; Last Man Club; Minutes of Meeting Held September 23, 1939; Roster Images: Fort Sill Oklahoma; The first call - Washburn College; John McIntyre and Tommy Shannon; Leroy anderso