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Name 42nd Division

Associated Records

Image of 2001.25.5 - Map

2001.25.5 - Map

A map of the western front during 1918. The title of the map is 'The Western Front June 1918: Dark Shaded Areas Show Sectors and Fronts occupied by the 42nd Division'. The seven shaded areas have regional titles. Six of the areas are on the front while the largest one is in Germany on the left bank of the Rhine. From the World War One service of Joseph W. Murphy, Co. B, 117th Ammunition Train, 42nd Division.

2001.25.6 - Map

A map showing the route of the 117th Ammunition Train of the 42nd Division through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. The map is pasted into a cardboard cover. The cover reads 'Map Showing Route of Motor Battalion 117th Ammunition Train 42nd (Rainbow) Division Through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany. Across the top of the cover written in pen is the worlds 'Altenahn, Germany 3-21-1919'. The map is on blue paper, and shows the greatest German advance into France, the front line in the spring of 1918, as well as where the front was when the armistice was signed in November of 1918. A brief history of the formation and arrival in France of the 117th ammunition train is located

Image of 2004.100.35 - Letter

2004.100.35 - Letter

A retyped letter from Douglas MacArthur to Major William K. Herndon, President of the Kansas Chapter of the Rainbow Division Veterans. Undated. Includes a version of the Rainbow Division insignia: a circle with "42" in the background with the half rainbow crossing through. MacArthur declined the request to attend the 117th Ammunition Train reunion during the annual convention of the Kansas Chapters of the Rainbow Division Veterans on November 11. MacArthur further described the achievements of the 117th Ammunition Train during the War. 28 x 21.5 cm. From the service of Corporal Frederick Bruce Shields, Jr., 117th Ammunition Train, 42nd Division, AEF.

Image of 2006.84.1 - Roster

2006.84.1 - Roster

Roster for Truck Company No. 4, 117th Ammunition Train, 42nd Division at Camp Mills, Mineola, NY Images on Roster: Resting After a Hike; Guard Mount; Firing Three Inch Gun; On a Hike; Recruits Learning to Aim; Trench Digging; Firing 12 Inch Mortars; Camp Scene; Cavalry; Field Artillery; Field Mess; Field Wireless; Machine Gun Auto Truck; The Engineers

Image of 2014.44.118 - Art, Shell

2014.44.118 - Art, Shell

Vase made from a 75mm shell casing. Reliefs, with an embossed background and engraved details, decorate the vase. The design depicts an Eagle, vines and a relief of a nude woman inside a U.S. federal shield. The vase has a Red/copper patination and crowned top Inscription: RAINBOW DIVISON Co. 168 Inf. Elizabeth 1918 A.E.F. Headstamp: 75 DEC PDPS10L.17.C C H

1985.159.4 - book

Contents: Formation of the Rainbow; Organization of the 2nd Battalion; Mobilization at Camp Mills; "Lafayette, We Are Here!"; We See Lorraine; The Rainbow "Rests"; The "Lousy" Champagne; Francois-five-seven-o!; The Aisne-Marne Offensive; The "Secret" Move; The St. Mihiel Excursion; Nach dem Rhine; California or Bust; Roster. Images: In Training Camps; Behind the Lines; At the Front; Germany; Homeward Bound. Maps: Route Traveled 1917-1919; Luneville-Baccarat Sectors; Champagne Sector; St. Mihiel Salient; Aisne-Marne Offensive; Meuse-Argonne Offensive

2005.67.1 - book

Contents: Over there (August 1917-February 1918); LuneĀ“ville sector (February-March 1918); Baccarat (March-June 1918); EspeĀ“rance-Souain (June-July 1918); Aisne-Marne offensive (July-August 1918); St.-Mihiel (September-October 1918); Meuse-Argonne (October-November 1918); Germany (November-December 1918); Neuenahr (December 1918-February 1919) ; Annecy (February 1919); Paris (February-March 1919); Home (March-May 1919). Subjects: Sherwood, El

1983.34.10 - book

Contents: 122 Diary entries beginning with the defeat of the 5th German drive in Champagne through the Chateau-Thierry, St. Mihiel, and Argonne drives, to the Armistice. Illustrations: Generals Pershing and Summerall inspecting troops, France, 1928; The Author on his Mount "Rabbits"; 150th F.A. Rainbow Division Marching Through Chateau Thierry to the Front, July 1918; Snipers of 166th Infantry, 42nd Division; "The Fields are Covered with the Bodies of American and German Soldiers"; Emplacement of the Big Bertha which Shelled Paris; Observer in Shell Hole Viewing Enemy Lines through Periscope; Howitzers Firing from the Ruins of Vegneulles; Running across the Road while Exermont is under sh

2009.37.4 - book

Personal Journal dated October 17, 1917 to September 9, 1918 Letters home the mother dated October 1917- March 1919 Images: On the town in Manhattan; Going over; Censor's stamps and signatures on letters; One reason why; Behind the blackest pipe; Joan of arc and me; Our ambulances will have plenty to do (Paul, second from right); Domjevin, military burial of the first American soldier of the Rainbow killed in this sector; Rolampont; The Rainbow Division flag unfurled for the first time in France; Bertrichamps, Kelly and Roy. Notice the energy; Suppertime; Waiting for the big fun to start; German observation balloon; Kelly and I; Liberty plane in flight; General orders No. 50; Dressing st

2014.126.7 - book

Table of Contents: Title Page; In Memoriam; Introduction; Author's Preface; Could the National Guard be Trusted to Fight in France; The First National Guard Division Organized for Service in France was the Rainbow; From a Name on Paper the Rainbow Becomes a Division; Starve England or Stop American Troops, Which?; The Beginning of the World's Greatest Argosy; The Difficult Problem Facing Pershing as the Rainbow Arrives; Is the Rainbow to be a Combat Division or Only a Replacement One?; Allies Recoversing Confidence at Time Rainbow Goes to Front; Face to Face With the Enemy at Last; Rainbow Frees French Troops to Help British; The First American Division to Take Over a Whole Sector; Allies' De

2001.25.4 - Book

A book about the history of the 42d Infantry Division of the American Army.

1986.94.11 - book

American Battle Monuments Table of Contents: Forward; Preface; Abbreviations; Organizaion and Service from Arrival in the AEF Until July 4; Esperance-Souain Sector and the Champagne-Marne Defensive; Aisne-Marne Offensive; St. Mihiel Offensive and Essey-Pannes Sector; Meuse-Argonne Offensive and Subsequent Service; Appendix; Index Maps: Esperance-Souain Sector and the Champagne-Marne Defensive; Aisne-Marne Offensive; St. Mihiel Offensive and Essey-Pannes Sector; Me

1994.6.1 - book

Contents: Son of the 69th; Over There; Final Maneuvers at Longeau; Luneville Sector; Motorcycle Dispatch; Champagne Sector; Chateau-Thierry and St. Mihiel; Battle of the Argonne; Allerey Hospital and Stockade; Homeward Bound. Maps: Baccarat Sector; Battle of Champagne; Battle of the Ourcq; Battle of Landres-et-St. Georges; Headquarters of the 165th U.S. Infantry, 1917-1919. Subjects: Ettinger, Albert M., 1900-1984. New York (State). Natio

1981.41.9 - book

Contents: The 42nd Rainbow in World War I; Rainbow to Europe; Rainbow Reactivated; Final Attack; Rainbow Victory; Rainbow Division Veterans Association; Memorials; The Rainbow Men. Subjects: United States. Army. Infantry Division, 42nd--History. World War, 1939-1945--Regimental histories--United States. limited edition, 358 of 1000.

1980.120.17 - book

Contents: Before the War; Genesis; The yankee rainbow at Camp Mills; Down to the Sea in Ships; Billets; Twentieth Century Valley Forge; The Fighting Finish; "All American--Out to Them Wires"; The First to Command; Spring in the Vosges; The Boche Learns Respect; The Fourth-Fourteenth Again; Through the Wheat at the Ourcq; First Rest and Clean Clothes; St. Mihiel in Nothing Flat; Smashing the Kremhilde Stellung; Nach Sedan, and Make it Snappy; Nach dem Rhine at Last; The American Movement in the Watch on the Rhine; At the End of the Rainbow is Home. Appendix: Maps; Battle Participation; Casualties by Sectors; Station List; List of Decorations Received; Orders and Citations; Letters from Amer

1991.57.1 - book

Illustrations: Ashad G. Hawie when a member of the Rainbow Division of World War I fame; Countryside of Lebanon, the author's birthplace; The Author at the time he was President of the Syrian Rose Charity Association. Subjects: Syrians--United States.

1989.41.2 - book

Contents: The Ship that Runed Around; Behind the Firing Line; Our First Hitch; Blocking the Champagne Offensive; Chateau-Thierry--The Turning Point; Advice on How to Run the Army; Back for Repairs; The Yanks at St. Mihiel; In the Argonne Forest; The Lst Push; "La Guerre Est Finie". Illustrations: News from Home; Sergeant Wee Wee; Private Poulet; First-Aid Station, Badonviller; Steady Nerves; School at Courtisol, Champagne; "Chappie" at Ease; Field Kitchen; Faacde of Lepine Cathedral; Second Lieutenant; Company Cook; At Ease; French Ration Wagon; Battalion Headquarters, Lorraine; Machine-Gun Cart; Push on Sedan; Detail of Lepine Cathedral.

1992.71.2 - book

Contents: Preparations at home; In training abroad; the Luneville sector; The Baccarat sector; The Champagne defensive; The Battle of Ourcq; After the battle; The St. Mihiel offensive; The Argonne offensive; With the Army of Occupation; Historical appendix by Joyce Kilmer. Appendices: Regimental Record ; Decorations, 165th Infantry ; Officers who served in the 165th Infantry ; Citations, 165th Infantry ; Officers of New York Chapter "Rainbow Division" ; Board of Trustees of the 165th Infantry ; Woman's Auxiliary to the 165th Infantry

1987.142.3 - book

Contents: The Rainbow; Camp Mills; Voyage; France; Through England; The Hike; Training; Baccarat; Champagne; Chateau Thierry; St. Mihiel; The Argonne Drive; Race to Sedan; To the Rhine; Bad Neuenahr; Home; Ancient History; Citations; Biography of Officers; Roster. Subjects: United States. Army. Sanitary Train, 117th--History. World War, 1914-1918--Regimental histories--United States. World War, 1914-1918--Medical care--United States.

1987.66.17 - book

Contents: At Camp Mills, New York; Behind the Lines in France; Introduction to Trench Warfare under French Tutelage; The Rainbow Takes Over the Baccarat Sector; The German Attacks our Front; The Work of the Artillery and Engineers; Relieved--From Trench Warfare; We Take the Front in Champagne; The Plan of Defense; "Francois 570"; The Rainbow is Shifted Westward; It Breaks Through to the River Ourcq; It Pushes Forward to the Ridge South of the Vesle; Rainbow is Withdrawn from the Front--For the First and Last Time; Suppressing the St. Mihiel Salient; The Rainbow Remains Two Weeks Longer on This Front; On October 12th the Rainbow Takes Over the Front of the 1st Division East of the Varennes-Fle