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Image of 1920.1.253b - Poster

1920.1.253b - Poster

Country of Origin: America Title: For Your Boy Artist: Arthur William Brown, signed Date: 1918 Size: 50.9 x 75.8 cm Issuing Agency: United War Work Campaign, YMCA Medium: Lithograph, Ketterlinus, Philadelphia Inscription: "For/ Your/ Boy/ United War Work Campaign/ November 11-18, 1918"

Image of 1920.1.256a - Poster

1920.1.256a - Poster

Country of Origin: United States Title: Help Us Help Our Boys Artist: Haskell Coffin, signed EP Date: 1918 Size: 20 3/7 x 27 3/7 (52.7 x 70.5 cm) Issuing Agency: United War Work Campaign, YMCA / YWCA Medium: Lithograph American Poster - War Work Campaign Inscription: Help Us / Help / Our Boys / YMCA (YWCA) / United War Work Campaign November 11th to 18th / $170,500,000

Image of 1920.1.260 - Poster

1920.1.260 - Poster

Country of Origin: United States Title: One of the Thousand YMCA Girls in France Artist: Neysa McMein, signed McMein Date: 1918 Size: 27 3/4 x 41 3/4 inches (70.5 x 106 cm) Issuing Agency: United War Work Campaign, YMCA Medium: Lithograph American Poster - War Work Campaign Inscription: One of the / Thousand / Y.M.C.A. girls / in France / United / War Work / Campaign / November 11-18

Image of 1920.1.309 - Poster

1920.1.309 - Poster

Country of Origin: Canada Title: YMCA Red Triangle fund Artist: Unknown Date: n.d. Size: 101.5 x 50 cm Issuing Agency: YMCA Medium: Lithograph Inscription: If we hadn't the "Y" our here we would / enjoy hardships proper / They help like / everything when a fellow is all in. / The "Y" serves us where we want to be served. / Y.M.C.A. / Red Triangle Fund / $2,250,000

Image of 1920.1.472 - Poster

1920.1.472 - Poster

Country of Origin: France Title: The Home of the Soldier and Sailor Artist: Constant Duval, signed Date: n.d. Size: 29 3/16 x 41 3/16 inches (74.2 x 104.5 cm) Issuing Agency: YMCA Medium: Lithograph, printed by Coquemer, Paris Inscription: Les Foyers du Soldat et du Marin / Union Franco-Americaine YMCA / Baie du Bouley Translation: The Home of the Soldier and the Sailor / Franco-American Union YMCA / Bouley Bay

Image of 1920.1.473 - Poster

1920.1.473 - Poster

Country of Origin: France Title: The Home of the Soldier Artist: Anonymous Date: n.d. Size: 30 x 46 7/8 inches (76.1 x 119.1 cm) Issuing Agency: YMCA - Franco-American Union Medium: Lithograph Inscription: Le Foyer du Soldat / est le trait d'Union / entre la ligne de / bataille et la vision / de la paix qui rrendra / les foyers familiaux / Il aide a combattre / a vivre, a esperer. / General Malleterre / YMCA / Les foyers du Soldat / Union Franco-Americaine. Translation: The Home of the Soldier / is the unifying touch between the battle line and the vision / of peace which restores the family home / It helps him to fight, to live, to hope. / General Malleterre / YMCA / The Home of

Image of 1920.1.568 - Poster

1920.1.568 - Poster

Country of Origin: Great Britain Title: Don't Pity a Disabled Man Artist: "Abber", signed Date: n.d. Size: 75.7 x 50 cm Issuing Agency: YMCA Medium: Lithograph Inscription: Don't / Pity A / Disabled / Man-- / Find Him / A Job / YMCA / Regent 4030 / The Red / Triangle / Employment / Bureau / for / Ex-service / Men / 102 Dean St. / W.I. / or your local / Employment / Exchange

Image of 1964.2.18 - Envelope

1964.2.18 - Envelope

Blank Stationery, Envelope and Postcard: American YMCA

Image of 1976.204 - Newspaper

1976.204 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Clobenz, Germany Vol. 1 No.69 June 28, 1919 Articles Included: Crown Prince Still in Holland Says Official Denial That He Has Made and Excape into Germany ( Now believed certain that both he and Kaiser will be brought to trial in accordance with terms of treay) Huns Reach Paris Washington To Have Gala Time on July Fourth Prayers for Peace Were Offered Just One Year Ago Toda Lt. Ross Still Walks Off with Swimming Races (Again Wins Every Event in Which He is Entered Against World's best) Officers Must Eat in Galley on Big Vessell Act Precipitating Big War Committed on June 28, 1914. Bastille Day Will be Great Victory Fete President Speaks of Be

Image of 1976.205 - Newspaper

1976.205 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Clobenz, Germany Page 1: Amarca Will be represented in Monster Victory and Peace Celebration in Paris July 14 (Major General Allen and Staff Accompanied by Commanders and Color Bearers of Each Division to Participate- Elaborate Program is Planned); Fourth on Way Toward Seaport for Home Trip (First Units Began Move Yesterday and Regiment Will be Out by 4th); Austria Will be Admitted into League When Government Shows Ability to Carry Out Its Laws (Allies Make Public Note Stating That Austrua May Enter Covenant as Soon as Her Governemnt Shows Power and Will to Carry Out her Obligations); Every Regiment in Second has Big Decoration (Croix de Guerre With Palm

Image of 1976.206 - Newspaper

1976.206 - Newspaper

"The Cologne Post" Cologne No. 86 July 10, 1919 Articles Included: Return Journey of the R.34. Germany Ratifies Peace Treaty; Prince of Wales Ill Royal Motor Accident ( Prince Albert's car hit a child accidentally) Depserate Criminals Wine Shop Murder Captain Fryatt (Impressive Memorial Service at St. Paul's), Crime in Ireland Woolwich Arsenal War Graves Memorial (Churchill agrees to public favor of markers for fallen abroad) Free Emigration Paggasge (for honoroubly discharged Service men/women) Army Posters The Sixth Corps Dance British Renegades (allowed back in GB as "there was no power to exclude British subjects whatever their past history...") Infirmary Rag Fight

Image of 1979.60.60 - Postcard, Inscribed

1979.60.60 - Postcard, Inscribed

Postcard with inscription, describing the building on the left-side of the image, marked with an "x". Caption on Front: BORDEAUX - Place de la Comedie - BR - 623 Inscription on Back, Transcribed: This big [illegible] house under the x is of the [illegible]-end of the wide street running to the Y.M.C.A. It's a wonderful building.

Image of 1980.74.14. - Newspaper

1980.74.14. - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.7 April 27, 1919 Articles Included: Gen. Dickman to be Relieved By Gen. Legert Conference is Calm Despite Italy's Stand Finest Army in World Says Sec. Baker of Third Big Horse Show Ends with Third Corps as Winner ( England Pays High Honors to Sec. Daniels Final Standing of Competitors at Big Carnival 785 Millions Paid on War Risk Insurance (Death award payments to date, April 26 1919) Fliers Crash to Death When They Start For Play King's Horses Hobnob With Yankee Breed Do You Drink? Yes. Is Answer of College Men Three Captains get Their Gold Leaves Michigan State for 10- Round Bouts Thaw Damage Suit Postponed to

Image of 1980.74.15 - Newspaper

1980.74.15 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.6 April 26, 1919 Articles Included: High Officials of Allied Armies See First Class Exhibitions at Third Army Carnival Horse Show Standing Today of Competition as the Carnival Four Officers Decorated by Gen. Pershing (Distinguished Service Medal Awarded for Meritorious Service.) Anxiety is Felt for American Workers in Italy, Speculation Rife As to Outcome of Situation 249 Millions Subscribed to Victory Loan First Germans in Peace Party Arrive in Paris Young Pershing Aspires to be Real Top Kick Lid is Lifted for Returning Frisco Soldiers Prince Leopold Leaves after Visiting A.O. Wolgast Sued for Absolute Divorce (b

Image of 1980.74.16 - Newspaper

1980.74.16 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.5 April 25, 1919 Articles Included: Wilson Appeals to Italians to Settle Problem Fifty Thousand See 89th Team Win Relay Race Sec. Baker and Party See Many Points of Area 90th Division is Reviewed by Gen. Pershing (Brig. Gen. McAlexander Heads List of Those Given D.S.M, Colors of All Units are Decorated by Commander in Chief) Novel Contests Keep Carnival Crowd Thrilled France Facing Great Crisis! Must Have Help Nervy Airman Lands in River to Avoid Fall (his airplane went into the Rhine and he was able to swim to shore) U.S. Navy to Need Many Men to Man Ships (Navy need 250,000 men to help bring US soldiers overseas ho

Image of 1980.74.17 - Newspaper

1980.74.17 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.4 April 2, 1919 Articles Included: Germans May Not Reach Versailles Before May 1st, Doubt Expressed Delegates will affive Monday, Italian and Japanese Demnds Continue to Tie up Convference Congressmen to Visit Vaious Parts of Area Bolshevism is Being Defeated in Many Places, Czecho-Slovak plan to Strike Hard Blow at Budapest, New Offensive Would Preven Lenin From New Campaign Carnival Bring Out the Best Horses and Motors from Every Division in Army of Occupations General Pershing to Arrive Here Sometime Today Sec. Baker is Here for Visit with A. of O. War Bureau Will Take Steps to Care for Men (Disabled soldiers will

Image of 1980.74.18 - Newspaper

1980.74.18 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.3 April 23, 1919 Articles Included: Monster Carnival Opens Crowds Break All Records Rubel Wins Mat Championship for Third Army Sweetzer Beaten in Tennis Finals Name Commander for Monster Transport Attempt to Ascend Pike's Peak Falls Fields will Head Soldier's Burear (Marshall Field, grandson of merchant) Simm Resigns as Committee Head Germans Will Have Power to Sign Treaty, Gloomy Prospects of Last Few Days are Dispelled, French Press now Optimistic as to Early Signing of Treaty Largest Battleship in World to be Launched (New York April 22, 'Tennessee' from Brooklyn. Tonnage is 32,300 manned by 2,019 officers) Victor

Image of 1980.74.19 - Newspaper

1980.74.19 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.2 April 22, 1919 Articles Included: Sec. Baker, Gen. Pershing and Prince Leopold will be here during Third Army Carnival Wilson's Stemer Arrives at Brest Track Meet to Mesves Hopsital Woman Candidate for office in New York (Mrs. Margaret Quais of Brooklyn is the first woman candidate for alderman) Congressmen to See How A. of O. is Doing Things Feminine Line Holding Paris Must Retire? Hobson and Withers Win Tennis Honors Band give concert in Kaisers Yard Marsahl and Noland to Fight Wednesday Student strike ended by threat Former Turkish Harem Inmates In Grave Danger Sunday baseball in New York State Chicago to New

Image of 1980.74.20 - Newspaper

1980.74.20 - Newspaper

"The Amaroc News: Your Newspaper" Coblenz, Germany Vol.1 No.1 April 21, 1919 Articles Included: Crowds already arriving in Coblenz to attend the big third Army Carnival U.S.Delegates hope for peace by mid-May Great Ovation to Daniels when he tells ment hey wil be going home soon Two more honors to 2nd Engineers from French Army All Quiet After Violent Fighting (4 policemen were killed and forty wounded in street fighting) Sargeant believed to have shot self (Sgt. Carlos Wupperman April 20, no apparent cause for suicide) Autos to be used during Carnival Strikers return to work at Essen Chopped off hand to Evade Draft (Cape Girardam, MO April 20- Sam Wheeling, a farmer near Hol

Image of 1981.16.152 - Pamphlet

1981.16.152 - Pamphlet

44 page pamphlet by called France Our Ally by B. Van Vorst and published in association with the YMCA. Is a brief account of France, its people, and their part in the war, with special information for American Soldiers. Topics covered include: First Impressions French Customs Courtesy French Bargaining French Money and Measures Living Conditions The Home and Marriage Reasons for Learning French History of France The War-Its Causes and Progress The Government of France Geography and Physical Features Transportation and Industries The Young Men's Christian Association Conclusion Published in 1918 by Association Press for the National War Work Council of Young Men's Christian