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Catalog Number 1982.95.2
Object Name book
Accession number 1982.95
Summary Table of Contents: Humble Beginnings; Recruiting; At the State Camp Near Peekskill, May 13-May 30, 1917; Memorial Day, 1917; The Call of the President, July 15, 1917; Camp Whitman, July 16-Aug 15, 1917; On Guard, Aug 15-October 8, 1917; On to Spartanburg, Oct 8-Oct 10, 1917; Spartanburg, Oct 10- Oct 24, 1917; Goodbye to Spartanburg, Oct 24, 1917; The Port of Embarkation, Oct 26-Nov 11, 1917; Wrecked, Nov 11-Nov 13, 1917; A Dreadful Three Weeks, Nov 14- Dec 2, 1917; Fire, Dec 2-Dec 12, 1917; Collision, The Night of Dec 13, 1917; The Voyage, Dec 14-Dec 27, 1917; St. Nazaire, Jan 1-Feb 12, 1918; The Colonel's Story; The Band Tours France, Feb 12-March 20, 1918; Given a New Name, March 21, 1918; Early Days with the French, March 21-April 13, 1918; My First Anniversary, April 13, 1918; Death Valley-Our First Shelling, April 14, 1918; Our First Tour in the trenches, April 15- May 1, 1918; Our First Experience in No-Man's Land, April 17, 1918; The Technical Side of Trench Warfare; On Our Own, April 20, 1918; Color Sergeant Cox Dips the Stars and Stripes, April 1918; En Repos At Maffrecourt, May 1-11, 1918; The Battle of Henry Johnson, Our Second Tour in the trenches, May 11-31, 1918; Back to Maffrecourt, June 1- 10, 1918; Preparing for a German Offensive, June 1918; Our Last Month in Bois D'Hauzy, June 10-30, 1918; Waiting for the German "Victory Drive," July 1-14, 1918; Gouraud's Triumph, July 15-16, 1918; The Beginnings of the Winning of the War, July 17-Aug 1, 1918; Lieutenant Worsham Killed in Action, Night July 31-Aug 1, 1918; A Long Hike-Training, Aug 4-Sep 10, 1918; The local Infantry Attack, Sep 12, 1918; Our Part in the Battle of the Meuse-Argonne, Sep 25-Oct 6, 1918; Sechault, Sep 29, 1918; The Vosges Mountains, Preparing for a New Offensive, oct 7-Nov 10, 1918; The Armistice, Nov 11, 1918; First to the Rhine, Nov 12-Dec 10, 1918; The Croix de Guerre Pinned to Our Colors, Dec 13, 1918; Homeward Bound, Dec 17-Feb 12, 1919; Our Great Parade, Feb 17, 1919; Mustered Out, Feb 25, 1919; "Ah'm Er Goin' Back Ter Mah Reg'lar Job"

List of Illustrations: Henry Johnson and Needham Roberts; General Gouraud; Colonel Hayward, Kitchen and Dining Quarters in Trenches, Bois D'Hauzy; Front Line Sector Dugout, Bois D'Hauzy; Chapel in Sector Held by Regiment, Bois D'Hauzy; Drill at Vienne La Ville; Drill in the trenches; Recreation, Maffrecourt; No Man's Land; Review, Maffrecourt; Author Leading Parade, Maffrecourt; Parade (Band), Maffrecourt; Parade (Machine Guns), Maffrecourt; Band Returning to Quarters, Maffrevourt; One Mule Power Railroad; Supply Train at Supply Base, Maffrecourt; En Repos, Maffrecourt; Europe's Band in Paris; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #1; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #2; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #3; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #4; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #5; Gen. Gouraud's Photograph #6; Another View of the Band in Paris; Just Before Our Colors Were Decorated; The Author, Major Arthur W. Little; Gen Lebouc; Our Colors After Decoration; Headquarters Company, Ungersheim; Flags at the Ceremony of Decoration; Sergeant Cox, Our Color Bearer; One of Our Boys at Ungersheim
Title From Harlem to the Rhine: The Story of New York's Colored Volunteers
Author Little, Arthur W.
Published Date 1936
Publisher Coveci Friede
Published Place New York
Subjects World War I
African American
Military bands
Military life
Military organizations
Military service
Search Terms 369th Infantry
OCLC Number 560300452
Library of Congress Control Number 36012280