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Catalog Number 2005.98.209
Object Name book
Accession number 2005.98
Summary Table of Contents: Preface; The Opposing Air Services on the Western Front in 1914; Air Co-Operation with the Armies; The Beginnings of Air Fighting; The Fokker Supremacy; Verdun and the Somme; Richthofen and 'Bloody April'; Formations and Tactics, 1917-1918; The Allies Regain Air Supremacy; Sources and Bibliography.

List of Illustrations: Aerial view of 'Concentration Camp' at Netheravon, June 1914; BE2c; Lieutenant H.D. Harvey-Kelly; A 'C' type aerial camera fixed to BE2c; Aerial photograph of Albert France, June 1918; Royal Flying Corps office near Arras, 22 February 1918; Morane-Saulnier Type N 'Bullet' with Lieutenant T.H. Bayetto; Fokker EI monoplane; Oberleutnant Max Immelmann; Vickers FB5 'Gunbus'; Captain Lanoe G. Hawker; BE2c with Lewis gun; Parabellum LMG machine gun in Albatros CV two-seater; Major G. Raoul Lufbery; Capitaine Georges Guynemer; Lieutenant Charles Nungesser; Major General H.M. Trenshard; Captain H.W. von Poellnitz in DH2; FE2d with Lieutenant W.C. Cambray; Captain Albert Ball; Instructional diagram for RFC pilots; Albatros CIII; British Caquot-type observation balloon; Sopwith I½-Strutter; Spad S7; Sopwith Pup; Halberstadt DII; Line-up of Jasta II at Douai; Rittmeister Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen; Pilots of Jasta II at Roucourt aerodrome; Major Raymond Collishaw in cockpit of Sopwith Camel; Sopwith Triplanes of No. I Squadron at Bailleul, 28 October 1917; Major W.A. 'Billy' Bishop with Nieuport 17 Scout; Major Edward 'Mick' Mannock; Major J.T.B. McCudden; Instructional diagram; 'Beware of the Hun in the Sun' 1918 instructional diagram; Spad S7s and S13 on French airfield; Capitaine Rene Fonck of Escadrille; German anti-aircraft gun at Flanders, August 1917; Bristol F2B Fighters of 'B' Flight; SE5as of No. 85 Squadron at St Omer on 21 June 1918; Pilot of No. I Squadron at Clairmarais; Sopwith Camels of No. 203 Squadron; Albatros DV and DVa Scouts and Fokker DrI triplanes of JG2 at Toulis in spring 1918; Fokker Dr I triplanes of Jasta 12 in March 1918; Lieutenant Werner Voss; Halberstadt CLII two-seat fighterRE8s of No. 15 Squadron 25 March 1918; Lewis guns and ammunition being issued o observers; Air mechanic hands photographic planes to observer 22 February 1918; RE8 crew report to commanding officer Major H. V. Stammers; Sopwith 5F1 Dolphin single-seat fighter; Oberleutnant Ernst Udet with Fokker D VII; Fokker D VII; Anthony Fokker with Hauptmann Bruno Loerzer and Oberleutnant; Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker; Captain A.W. Beauchamp-Proctor.
Title Air Fighting 1914-1918: The Struggle for Air Superiority over the Western Front.
Author Simkins, Peter
Published Date 1978
Publisher Imperial War Museum
Published Place London
OCLC Number 826380356