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Catalog Number 2002.61.351
Object Name book
Accession number 2002.61
Summary An Aftermath of War: General Currie Fights the Ghost of Sir Sam Hughes; Mobilization: Hughes' One-Man Show; Salisbury Plain: A Foretaste of Flanders; The Search for Victory; Canada's Ordeal at Ypres; 1915: Break Your Teeth on my Barbed Wire; 1916: The Artillery-Dominated Battles of Attrition; In England and in Canada: An Interlude Behind the Scenes; Vimy: Canada's Easter Gift to France; 1917: Currie Retrieves Haig's Reputation from the Passchendaele Mud; 1918: The Corps Adjusts to Open Warfare; 1918: Canada's Hundred Days from Amiens to Mons; Aftermath: The Hollowness of Victory and the Transcience of Praise

Illustrations: Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie; Article in the Port Hope Guide; The trenches from the air; The Ypres Salient; "It was want of sleep that struck them most"; Hughes visits France; A visit by the King; The leaning Virgin of Albert; Major-General L.J. Lipsett, commanding the 3rd Canadian Division; Fixing Bayonets. Canadian troops at the Somme, 1916; Over the top! Canadian troops at the Somme, 1916; The village of Courcelette; Sympathy for fellow sufferers; The ordeal is over for the present; Hughes and Aitken; Hughes in London; Sir Robert Borden in France; The bombardment of Vimy Ridge; Storming Vimy Ridge; On Vimy. A respite after a job well done; Vimy in Canadian hands; After Vimy; Currie receives the accolade of knighthood; Hill 70. Canadian troops make their way through shattered enemy lines to the summit; Hill 70. The shattered suburbs of Lens as seen from the slopes of Hill 70.; Canadian heavy artillery in action; Currie and Haig; Passchendaele, 1917; Major-General G.B. Hughes, commanding the 5th Canadian Division; Dominion Day,1918; The Drocourt-Queant Line; After Amiens; Major Georges Vanier; The Arras-Cambrai Road; Entering Cambrai; The Great Advance; Brigadier-General A.G.L. McNaughton; Currie in Mons; Crossing the Rhine; The Victory Parade in London

Maps: The Western Front, August-September, 1914; Gallipoli; Ypres, 1915; The St. Eloi Craters, 10 April, 1916; Mount Sorrel, 2-13 June, 1916; Somme, 1916; The Nivelle Offensive, 1917; Vimy Ridge, 9-12 April 1917; The Battles of the Scarpe, April-May, 1917; From Vimy to Hill 70- Canadian Corps advances, April-September, 1917; Flanders, 1917; The German Offensives, March-July, 1918; Amiens, the battle area, 8 August, 1918; Arras to Cambrai, 26 August-11 October, 1918.
Title To Seize the Victory: The Canadian Corps in World War I
Author Swettenham, John
Published Date 1965
Publisher Ryerson Press
Published Place Toronto, Ont
OCLC Number 671706033
Library of Congress Control Number 66076199