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Catalog Number 2006.7.19
Object Name book
Accession number 2006.7
Summary author dedicates the book to General Billy Mitchell, a personal friend.
Table of Contents: The Challenge to America; Skagerrak and Dunkirk; The Battle of Britain; The Mediterranean and the Bismarck; Possession or Elimination; Air-Power Lessons for America; The Twilight of Sea Power; Europe's Aviation Mistakes-and Ours; The Ordeal of American Air Power; The Emancipation for Air Supremacy; Victory Through Air Power!

List of Illustrations: General William Mitchell; Douglas B-19; Glenn Martin Flying Boat; Maginot Line; The Author's First Solo Flight; Troop Concentrations at Dunkirk; Airdrome in Norway; Battles of Dunkirk and Skagerrak; Fire Power of the RAF versus the Luftwaffe; Stuka Dive-Bomber; Heinkel Bomber; French Plane in World War I; British Armament; German Dornier D-215 Bomber; Messerschmitt 109 Fighter; Spitfire; Hurricane; Bombing Damage of London; German Glider; Maleme Airport, Crete; Four-Motored Focke-Wulf Courier; Italian Bombing Planes; French Fighting Plane; Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Ranger; Ship-Borne Aircraft; The End of the Ark Royal; Passive Defense Against Air Raids; The B-19 in Flight; Coventry after the Air Raids; Barrage Balloons of the Fleet; Fighter into Bomber; Seversky P-35 Modified for Export; American Eagle Squadron; Altitude Chart; Army Pursuit P-47B; Army P-39 Bell Airacobra; Vought Sikorsky Air-Cooled Navy Fighter; Consolidated B-24; Curtiss Dive-Bomber; Air-Force Control; Long Range Interceptor Fighter of the Future; Bell Airacuda; Flying Fortress B-17E; In the British Air Command Nerve Center; Air Control of the World from the United States; Air Power Ignores the Tentacles.
Title Victory Through Air Power
Author Seversky, Maj. Alexander P. de
Published Date 1942
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Place New York
OCLC Number 570111