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Catalog Number 2007.199.7
Object Name book
Accession number 2007.199
Summary Author became an Air Marshal in the RAF.
Table of Contents: In the Beginning; The Conquest of the Air; Aircraft Go to War; Air Combat; Air Bombardment; Reorganisation and Controversy; The Dawn of Commercial Aviation.

List of Illustrations: French air display poster; 'Lament for Icarus'; First flight-September 1783; Elegance aloft!; French balloons in Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars; Inventor Edward Golightly; Jacob Degan's flying machine 1807; 1829 future of transport; 1884 early airship La France; German gliding pioneer Otto Lilienthal; American pioneer Langley's Aerodrome; 17 December 1903 Wilbur and Orville Wright; Reconnaissance balloon, 1900; A Clement-Bayard airship looms over Paris; Spencer airship on display at Ranelagh Gardens in London, 1903; Wright brothers glider; Motor-driven biplane; German Zeppelin LZ4 1908; British HM Airship No. 9; Albatros-Doppeldecker; British BE8; British 'Baby' balloon, 1909; French Maurice Farman's S7 Longhorn; American Glen Curtiss' 'pusher' biplane; Olympia Flight Exhibition of 1910; July 1909-Louis Bleriot over English Channel' Bleriot and his wife; Count von Zeppelin; Passenger cabin LZ7; Zeppelin types from 1900-1923; New 'sport' becoming a popular public spectacle; German cartoon; Albatros DIIIs of German air force; Air strength on the Western Front, 1914-18; Types of British planes 1912-17; Vickers aircraft factory shop floor; Observers spotting artillery; French Red Cross air team; Italian airmen dropping propaganda; German photographic observation from balloon; German marine airship L31; British seaplane carrier HMS Engadine; German aircraft drawn by horses; British Scout aircraft; Italian aircraft destroys Drachen tethered kite balloon; De Havilland 2 fighter; DH4 daylight bomber; Sopwith Camel; SE5a; Neiuport 11; Spad 16 used by 'Billy' Mitchell; Naval airship L9; Fokker EI; Fokker Dr. I; Pilot and tail-gunner; German aircrew; Crew of British FE2d; French primitive anti-aircraft device; German mobile anti-aircraft unit; Ernst Udet; Oswald Boelcke; Max Immelmann; von Richthofen; Jean Navarre; Rene Fonck; L.G. Hawker; W.A. Bishop; Milan magazine saluting Italy's aviators; Painting of dog-fight between Allied and German planes; Italian crew in Caproni aircraft; Savage dog-fight; Italian illustration of dog fight, 1918; Baron Manfred von Richthofen and fellow German pilots; German aircraft; Short seaplane launches torpedo; Airborne British naval lieutenant throws bombs; German bomber crew over Belgium, 1914; Italians bomb Austrian supply route; Zeppelin airship raid; V1 bomber 1918; Italian plane loaded with bombs; Father of RAF-Lord Trenchard before start of WWII; 1923 Instructors at Cranwell; Iraq's King Feisal in cockpit of RAF Vickers Vernon; Sopwith Snipes on patrol over Baghdad, 1926; Bomber tests, 1921; General William Mitchell; US airship Shenandoah destroyed in storm, 1923; Commercial enterprise and the Pioneer spirit; June 1919 newspaper; Alan Cobham, 1926; NC4 arrives in Lisbon from North America; London-Paris air route, 1926; Epic flights from 1909-1924; Croydon Airport; Early Air France passenger; Air ice-Marshal Sir Sefton Brancker; England-India air mail plane; Model parachute from Da Vinci; 1919 advertisement; 19th Century cartoon; Caricature of new steam power; Caricature of Alberto Santos-Dumont; American girl pilots; Sopwith with British aircraft carrier; 1924 Poster; Air Marshal Sir Robert Saundby; JM Roberts; Robert H. Goddard with liquid-fuel rocket, 1926.

LoC Subjects: Aeronautics--History.
Title Early Aviation: Man Conquers the Air
Author Saundby, Sir Robert
Published Date 1971
Publisher Macdonald
Published Place New York
ISBN 0356038270
OCLC Number 379812
Library of Congress Control Number 72180258