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Catalog Number 1993.66.10
Object Name book
Accession number 1993.66
Summary the dramatic story of the First War in the air.
Table of Contents: Introductions; A Weapon Is Born; Machines to Frighten Horses; The Fledgling Few; Mad Days of Trial and Error; The Game Becomes Deadly; Their Finest Hour; They Couldn't Wait; The Great Zeppelin Scare; A Year of Heroes; Bright Wings- and Tragic Glory; The Final Rendezvous; The Look of Eagles; The End of the Beginning; Bibliography.

List of Illustrations: First gun to fire through a revolving propeller; Eindekker Scouts; Fokker E-II with synchronized machine gun; Air Force photo; German Rumpler B-I biplanes; German balloon preparing for takeoff; Observers in tiny baskets; L-XLIX, October, 1917; Poisonous gas attack; Maurice AFarman Shorthorn pusher; Oswald Boelcke; Anthony Fokker near D-I; Georges Guynemer; Guynemer with Spad; Billy Bishop over No Man's Land in Nieuport Scout; Charles Nungesser, French in Lafayette Escadrille; Members of the Lafayette Escadrille in front of Nieuport (Lt. de Laage de Meux; "Chout" Johnson; Victor Chapman; James McConnell; Bill Thaw; Raoul Lufbery; Kiffin Yates Rockwell; Dider Masson; "Nimmy" Prince; Bert Hall); Members of Escadrille with lion mascots "Whiskey" and "Soda"; Squadron of German Albatros; Werner Voss; Captain Baron Manfred von Richthofen with father; Richthofen with Jagdstaffel 11; James T. McCudden; Albert Ball in Nieuport; McCudden and Mannock wit S.E.5A; Nieuport 28 Scouts of the American 95th Pursuit Squadron, 1918; Billy Mitchell in cockpit of Spad XI; Frank Luke 'The Balloon Buster'; Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker with Spad XIII; DH-4, only American-built aircraft to reach front; Bleriot trainer; Captain Roy Brown with Sopwith Camel; Sopwith Camel; Canadian ace Billy Bishop in Nieuport; Major Edward "Mick" Mannock; Fokker D-VII, An Albatros, and Fokker Triplane; Triplane and crew; Hermann Goering and Bruno Loerzer; Fokker D-VIII "The Flying Razor".
Title They Fought for the Sky
Author Reynolds, Quentin
Published Date 1957
Publisher Rinehart and Company
Published Place New York
OCLC Number 475254