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Catalog Number 2007.199.9
Object Name book
Accession number 2007.199
Summary Table of Contents: Air Power (What air power is; Its direct action and political effect; Its capacity not developed in 1914-18; The future primacy of the air arm; How it will be used; The menace to the cities; Absolute air defense impossible; Reconciliation of the demands of air power and humanity); The Laws of Air Warfare (The need for special rules; The rules and the "necessity of war"; Reprisals; The plea of superior commands; Airmen and war crime); The Opening of Hostilities (The declaration of war; The danger of a sudden stroke; Effect of the outbreak of war on various air relations); Combatant Aircraft (The conditions of combatant status; Marking of combatant aircraft; False marks; Squadron, private and camouflage markings; The question of uniform; Coloured or negro airmen; Belligerent rights; Civil aircraft and hostilities; Transmission of military intelligence in flight; Classification of aircraft); Air Combat (Chivalry in the air; The high standard of 1914-18; The usages of air combat; Attack in superior strength; Attack on disabled machines; Quarter in the air; Attack on "crashed" enemy airmen; Burning of machine to prevent capture; Ramming an opponent; Attack on Observer descending by parachute); Ruses (Lawful and unlawful ruses; The feigned fall of control; The death of Von Eschwege; Imitation of enemy's signals; Various other ruses); Special Ammunition (The use of gas; "Flaming onions" Flechettes; racer bullets; Buckingham bullets; Explosive bullets; The wounds inflicted; Fire in the air; Restriction of special ammunition to attack on balloons and airships); Bombing-Military Objectives (The pre-war law of bombardment; British, French, and German practice in 1914-18; The doctrine of the military objective; The doctrine of the combat area; A combination possible); Bombing-The Air Warfare Rules (The Rules of 1923; Indiscriminate bombing banned; The meaning of "indiscriminate" Certain difficulties; The categories of objectives in the Rules; Objectives bombed in 1914-18 now excluded; The question of warning); Bombing-Civilian Property (Air raids on centres of population; The war right of devastation; A right to destroy property, not life; Places densely populated by day; Attack in working hours illegitimate; Comparative precision of night bombing; Night bombing of such places alone justifiable); Bombing-Hospitals, Historic Monuments and Protected Buildings (The sparing of hospitals, churches, monuments, etc.; Conditions attaching to their immunity; Zones of protection for historic monuments); Special Missions of the Air (The landing of secret agents in enemy ground; The work of Vedrines and others; Some special missions described The war rights of the agent; The war rights of the pilot landing him); Propaganda by Aircraft (Air propaganda in the great war; Examples of the leaflets dropped; The Austrian threat; The trial of Lieuts. Scholtz and Wookey; Legitimacy of air propaganda); Enemy Casualties ("Crashes" in enemy ground; The humanity of the air services; Burial of fallen foes; Notification of casualties by air; Flying ambulances; The treatment of prisoners of war; The housing of them in places exposed to raids; The interrogation of prisoners; Some officers' experiences; Parole); White Flags and Armistices (The flying parlementaire; Air operations during parleys and truces; The white flag; Air attack on ground troops displaying it); Aircraft and Enemy Aircraft (Civilians and raiding enemy airmen; The war rights of the isolated pilot; "Military occupation" by air forces); Enemy Civil Aircraft (Capture of enemy civil machines; Attack upon them in flight; Closure of maritime aerial zones); Neutral Aircraft (Belligerents and neutral aircraft; Control and capture; Unneutral service; Air carriage of contraband; Blockade; Prize courts; Destruction of aircraft after seizure); Belligerent Entry of Neutral Jurisdiction (The precedents of 1914-18; Internment of belligerent aircraft; Aircraft-carriers and neutral ports; Airmen rescued at sea; Dismounted airmen crossing neutral frontiers; Observation of belligerent forces from neutral atmosphere); Neutral Volunteers and Neural Supplies (Neutral subjects in belligerent forces; The Lafayette Flying Corps; Sale of munitions to belligerents; The "Alabama" rule and aircraft; Angary); Aircraft Operations Against Merchant Vessels (The Washington Rules, 1922; Aircraft and deviation of merchant vessels; Visit and search by aircraft; Air attack on merchant vessels); Index.
Title Air Power and War Rights
Author Spaight, J. M.
Published Date 1924
Publisher Longmans, Green
Published Place London
OCLC Number 60737038