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Catalog Number 2011.87.0
Object Name book
Accession number 2011.87
Summary Table of Contents: Disclaimer; About the Author; Preface; Acknowledgments; First Aeronautics to August 1914 (Aeronautics Clubs; Military Applications; Airship Development; Military Trials of Airships; Airplane Night Flying; Military Night Flying; Notes); The Emergence of Night Bombing, 1914-1916 (The First Night Aviators; Night Attacks; Bombardment Aircraft; Hazardous Aspects of Night Flying; Differences in Day and Night Bombardment Aircraft; Organizational Changes; Notes); Tactical Night Bombardment (Germany's Opening Offensive; French Night Flights; The Battle of the Somme; Changes in French Aviation; Britain's No. 100 Squadron; French Bombardment Aviation Reorganization; Spring Offensives; The Minor Role of Tactical Night Bombardment; Notes); Strategic Night Bombardment (Bombardment by Airship; R-Planes; Turk's Cross; British and French Joint Offensives; British Reorganization; Briey Basin; US Assistance; Conclusion; Notes); The Foundations of Night Fighting (British Home Defense; Night Airplane Bombardment; Night Pursuit; Notes); Night Observation and Reconnaissance (Balloon Reconnaissance; Airship Intelligence Gathering; Night Aircraft Reconnaissance; Visibility Problems; Reorganization Efforts; Notes); Men and Materiel for Night Flying (French Bombardment Training; British Training; German Training; The Americans; Aircraft Instrumentation; Targeting and Landing Illumination; Radio Direction Finding; Airfield Illumination; Notes); Conclusion (Notes); Selected Bibliography; Index.

List of Illustrations: French Army Balloon; Signal Corps Dirigible; Flying School Advertisement from 1916; Farman Longhorn; Handley Page; Gotha; Caproni; French Night Bombardment Aviation, July-December 1916; Types of Objectives for French Bombardment Aviation, July-December 1916; Breuget; German Bombardment on the British Front; DeHaviland; Bristol Scott; Spad; Voisin; Friedrichshafen; Trade Advertisements for Self-luminous Compounds, 1917; Sketch Showing Wing Tip Parachute Flare Use for Night Landings; Sample German Lighthouse Signals, 1914; Plan for German Airfield Illumination, 1915; British "TEE" Electric Airfield Light System.
Title The Development of Military Night Aviation to 1919
Author Fischer, William Edward Jr.
Published Date 1998
Publisher Air University Press
Published Place Maxwell AFB, Alabama
ISBN 0160613825
OCLC Number 39868215