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Catalog Number 1987.66.18
Object Name book
Accession number 1987.66
Summary Table of Contents: Captain Bodine's Letter; Letter from Lieutenant Cary; Roster of Battery "A"; Declaration of War and the Recruiting of Battery "A" (Effect of the Declaration in Vermilion County; The Making of Battery "A"; The Summons and the Departure; Danville to Fort Sheridan; The Train Trip and Arrival; The First Night in Camp; Camp Life, Regular Routine Established; The Making Up of Regimental and Brigade Headquarters; Physical Exams.- More Preparations; The Departure From Fort Sheridan; Fort Sheridan to Camp Mills; The Train Trip; the Hike to Camp; Camp Mills; Drill Schedule; Preperations for Departure Overseas; On the Move Again; Battery Officers; Instructions for Troops; The Voyage; The Boat; General Notes of the Trip; Arriving and Landing; Stay in the St. Nazaire Camp and Trip to Guer; Coetquidan; The Details Training While at Camp Coetquidan; Trench Warfare-Loraine Front; The First Battery in Position; Life in the New Position; The Barrages; The Horseline; Enemy Activity; The Last Day at Domjevin; Hike to Merviller; Merviller Position; Reherry; The Hike to the Champagne Front; The Champagne Front; Arrivalin the Gun Position; Plan of Defence; The Attack; The Chateau Thierry Offensive; Villa Moyen Position-Battle of the Ourcq; The Advance; Off of the Front the First and Last time; Off the Front; The St. Mihiel Offensive; The Mandress Position; The Attack; The Advance; The Vigeneuilles Position; The Hike to Another Front; Argonne-Meuse Offensive; The First Position in the Meue-Argonne Offensive; The Attack; The Hike into Germany; Life in Germany; Homeward Bound; Orders Strictly Enforced; The Melting Pot; The Best in Observatories; Not so far to drop; Heaard in the Cafe; Night Hikes; There's a Reason; The Friendless Bonnet; Indoor Sports; How do they do it; The Anzac Dictionary; His Explaination; His Idea of Humor; What Taps Meant; The Fourth Man Won; After Six Months in France; A Regular Suprise; The Flag of Ehrenbreistein; German Soldiers); Roster of Battery;

List of Illistrations: Lieutenant- Colonel Curtis G. Redden; Captain William W. Bodine; 1st Lieutenant Fred G. Anderson; 2nd Lieutenant Reswell A. Bolte; 2nd Lieutenant Whitney L. Cary; Sergeant Hazlette F, Hahne; Private Earl Brooks; Private Leslie Harter; Private Glen S. Hockenberry; Private Glenn R. Coake; Corporal Irvin Rife; Battery "A" 149th Field Artillery. Raindow Division. Aril 29, 1919;The Western Front June-1918;
Subjects: United States. -- Army. -- Battery A.
World War, 1914-1918 -- Regimental histories -- United States
Title Battery A in France
Author Albert, Baldy
Publisher Interstate Printing
Published Place Illinois
Subjects World War I
People Albert, Warren J.
Allen, Harry D.
Anderson, Fred G.
Babcock, Joe
Baker, Charles
Barnes, Estle
Barnhardt, Harley G.
Bedwell, William B.
Bell, Elmer J.
Bertram, Sherman C.
Bloomfield, Ernest
Booth, Otis A.
Bowen, Claude M.
Brooks, Earl
Brooks, Earl
Brown, Charles
Brown, Dorwin, N.
Brown, Herman H.
Brown, W. Bion
Buck, Ishmael L.
Burow, Walter F.
Burton, Paul E.
Carlile, John C.
Clark, Paul M.
Clem, John F.
Coake, Glen R.
Coake, Glenn R.
Coates, Edward
Coffey, Joseph W.
Cole, John D.
Cole, William B.
Conley, Adrain
Connelly, Harry
Cummings, Orville L.
Curtis, Harrison
Davidson, John
Davis, Jay C.
Davis, Oliver
Demmerly, Harry L.
Dengler, John R.
Dickson, Clarence J.
Diffenderfer, Harold E.
Dines, Chester
Donahey, Harry
Donahey, Henry C.
Downey, Leonard F.
Downing, Frank L.
Dwiggins, Ford L.
Ellis, Elmo E.
Everett, Fred B.
Ferris, Francis E.
Filiscky, August
Foley, Humphrey M.
Fowler, Paul H.
France, Archie
France, Bruce A.
Frankeberger, Leola G.
Gage, Clarence
Gaines, William S.
Gannon, Russell L.
Gnaden, George D.
Govan, William
Graham, Glen E.
Gray, Rollin E.
Gray, William H.
Griffin, John H.
Griffith, Robert H.
Gritton, Floyd
Hagadorn, Francis A.
Hahne, Hazlette F.
Hahne, Hazlette F.
Hall, Fred
Hammond, Thomas S.
Harrison, John R.
Harter, Leslie
Harter, Leslie E.
Hawkins, Leroy T.
Hebert, Beaucie J.
Herron, Earl G.
Hickman, Alva G.
Hickman, Asa
Hickman, Frank
Hickman, Ray
Hiddleson, Charles M.
Hill, Charles B.
Hill, Russell F.
Hockenberry, Glen
Hockenberry, Glen S.
Holman, John
Holycross, George W.
Holycross, Thomas J.
Hooton, George K.
Hooton, Roscoe V.
Hymer, William B.
Ing, Charles W.
Jeffries, Thomas C.
John, Harold J.
Jones, James E.
Jones, Porter
Killen, W. L.
King, Earl L.
Kitchen, Guy F.
Knott, Louis M.
Lade, Victor
Lafferty, Harold
Lawrence, Fred
Lesch, Edward C.
Lesch, Otto C.
Lewis, Clifford
Leyson, Edgar P.
Lind, Carl G.
Lytle, Paul D.
Marshall, Frank
Marshall, Robert B.
Martin, Kenneth P.
Martin, Mark E.
Mater, Robert H.
May, Harry W.
McArdle, Wilfred D.
McArthur, Clifford D.
McCabe, John E.
McCord, Clarence A.
McCusker, Herbert A.
McDix, Joseph
Miller, Clarence
Miller, Grover C.
Miller, Henry A.
Miller, Leonard
Miller, Ray S.
Mills, Chester C.
Muirhead, Thomas
Nelson, Alva K.
Nichols, Ivan L.
Nicholson, C.H.
Novario, Leslie
O'Bannion, Jess
Ogle, Roy M.
Olmsted, Gene S.
Overholt, William H.
Palmer, montie
Parry, Edward S.
Payne, Cy W.
Peters, Bruce L.
Pettis, Samuel P.
Pickard, Kenneth M.
Poole, Melvin R.
Potts, Harry E.
Powell, Earl L.
Pratt, Albert
Radliff, Henry
Ray, John W.
Reed, Ernest J.
Resnekoff, Lou L.
Rienke, Fred W.
Rife, Irvin
Rife, Irvin W.
Robbins, Hudson S.
Roberts, Roy L.
Robinson, Alvin G.
Roy, Wiliam H.
Sanford, George F.
Schaffer, Otto
Scharlau, Harry H.
Schiffman, Ernest S.
Schroeder, H.C.
Schumacher, A. H.
Schumacher, Austin R.
Seaman, Ira S.
Seibel, Glee P.
Seibert, William
Shaw, Scott M.
Shields, Clarence O.
Shouse, Daniel J.
Shreve, George E.
Shutts, Hubert B.
Sloan, Offie B.
Smith, David M.
Smith, Homer H.
Smith, John C.
Smith, Victor
Sperry, Charles W.
Strader, Mervin
Strawbridge, Ernest T.
Temple, Guy E.
Tengen, Herman T.
Trobaugh, Alva C.
Unger, Charles A.
Wall, Jesse
Walsh, Richard J.
Welsh, Roy
White, Martin L.
Williams, Dennis E.
Williamson, Lloyd
Wimmer, Omar R.
Winn, Everett K.
Woodall, Julian
Wright, Dale W.
Young, Russell
Zimmerman, Drue F.
Search Terms Battery A
149th Field Artillery
42nd division
OCLC Number 4655741