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Catalog Number 1987.66.18
Object Name book
Accession number 1987.66
Summary Table of Contents: Captain Bodine's Letter; Letter from Lieutenant Cary; Roster of Battery "A"; Declaration of War and the Recruiting of Battery "A" (Effect of the Declaration in Vermilion County; The Making of Battery "A"; The Summons and the Departure; Danville to Fort Sheridan; The Train Trip and Arrival; The First Night in Camp; Camp Life, Regular Routine Established; The Making Up of Regimental and Brigade Headquarters; Physical Exams.- More Preparations; The Departure From Fort Sheridan; Fort Sheridan to Camp Mills; The Train Trip; the Hike to Camp; Camp Mills; Drill Schedule; Preperations for Departure Overseas; On the Move Again; Battery Officers; Instructions for Troops; The Voyage; The Boat; General Notes of the Trip; Arriving and Landing; Stay in the St. Nazaire Camp and Trip to Guer; Coetquidan; The Details Training While at Camp Coetquidan; Trench Warfare-Loraine Front; The First Battery in Position; Life in the New Position; The Barrages; The Horseline; Enemy Activity; The Last Day at Domjevin; Hike to Merviller; Merviller Position; Reherry; The Hike to the Champagne Front; The Champagne Front; Arrivalin the Gun Position; Plan of Defence; The Attack; The Chateau Thierry Offensive; Villa Moyen Position-Battle of the Ourcq; The Advance; Off of the Front the First and Last time; Off the Front; The St. Mihiel Offensive; The Mandress Position; The Attack; The Advance; The Vigeneuilles Position; The Hike to Another Front; Argonne-Meuse Offensive; The First Position in the Meue-Argonne Offensive; The Attack; The Hike into Germany; Life in Germany; Homeward Bound; Orders Strictly Enforced; The Melting Pot; The Best in Observatories; Not so far to drop; Heaard in the Cafe; Night Hikes; There's a Reason; The Friendless Bonnet; Indoor Sports; How do they do it; The Anzac Dictionary; His Explaination; His Idea of Humor; What Taps Meant; The Fourth Man Won; After Six Months in France; A Regular Suprise; The Flag of Ehrenbreistein; German Soldiers); Roster of Battery;

List of Illistrations: Lieutenant- Colonel Curtis G. Redden; Captain William W. Bodine; 1st Lieutenant Fred G. Anderson; 2nd Lieutenant Reswell A. Bolte; 2nd Lieutenant Whitney L. Cary; Sergeant Hazlette F, Hahne; Private Earl Brooks; Private Leslie Harter; Private Glen S. Hockenberry; Private Glenn R. Coake; Corporal Irvin Rife; Battery "A" 149th Field Artillery. Raindow Division. Aril 29, 1919;The Western Front June-1918;
Subjects: United States. -- Army. -- Battery A.
World War, 1914-1918 -- Regimental histories -- United States
Title Battery A in France
Author Albert, Baldy
Publisher Interstate Printing
Published Place Illinois
Search Terms Battery A
149th Field Artillery
42nd division
OCLC Number 4655741