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Catalog Number 1979.40.27
Object Name book
Accession number 1979.40
Summary Mobilization and Embodiment: (The Organization of the Regiment in 1914- "Mobilize"- The Depot- The 2nd Battalion- The Territorial Battalions)
Le Cateau and the Retreat from Mons: (The Situation- The Battle of Le Cateau- The Retreat Continued.)The Marne and the Aisne: (Introductory- The Crossing of the Marne- The Battle of the Aisne) Armentieres- Trench Warfare- Second Ypres: (The Move to the North- Meteren- The Attack on Le Touquet- The German Counter-Attack- The Winter of 1914-1915- The Second Battle of Ypres- The Gas Attack of 2nd May- The Gas Attack of 24th May) Egypt- Gallipoli- The Landing- First Krithia: (Introductory- The Landing- The Advance at Helles) Gallipoli- Second and Third Battles of Krithia: (The Second Battle of Krithia- The Third Battle of Krithia- The Action of Gully Ravine, 28th June, 1915) Gallipoli-Suvla-Trench Warfare- The Evacuation-Egypt and Sinai: (A Service Battalion's Baptism of Fire- The Battle of the Vineyard- Another Part of the Holding Attack- Another Gallant Attempt at Suvla- Trench Warfare, Mines, Storms and Floods- More Mining: "Boyd's Crater"- The Evacuation- Egypt and the Suez Canal- March and Countermarch in the Sinai Desert) The Expansion of the Army: (2nd/5th Battalion- 3rd/5th Battalion- 2nd/6th Battalion- 2nd/7th Battalion- 2nd/8th Battalion- 9th (Service) Battalion- 10th (Service) Battalion- 11th (Service) Battalion- 12th (Service) Battalion- 13th Battalion- 14th Battalion- The Salford Brigade Committe- 15th (Service) Battalion- 16th (Service) Battalion- 17th and 18th (Service) Battalions- 19th (Service) Battalion- 20th (Service) Battalion- 21st Battalion- 22nd Battalion- 23rd (Service) Battalion- 24th Battalion- The Reserve Battalions and the Depot- 3rd Battalion- 4th Battalion- 5th Reserve Battalion- 6th Reserve Battalion- 13th Battalion- 21st Battalion- 22nd Battalion- The Depot.) Trench Warfare, 1915-1916 (Summary- A Coda to the Second Battle of Ypres- The Initiation of the New Battalions- The Action at the Bluff- A Period of Routine and Raids- The Capture of "Crosbie Craters"- Patrols, Raids, and Counter-raids- The 2nd/5th Battalion's first Victoria Cross.) The Battle of the Somme, 1916: (The Origin, Setting, and Objects of teh Battle- How the Story will be Told- The Battle of Albert, 1916: The Attack on Thiepval, 1st July; The Attack on Beaumont Hamel, 1st July; Quadrangle Trench, Contalmaison, 5th to 7th July; Ovillers, 7th to 10th July; "They also serve who only stand and wait"; Ovillers again; The Battle of Bazentin Ridge, 14th to 17th July; Second-Lieutenant M.A. Callaghan's D.S.I.; In Reserve Entracte- The Battle of Delville Wood; An Allied Enterprise- The Battle of Pozieres Ridge- The Battle of Ginchy- The Battle of Flers-Courcelette- The Battle of Morval- The battle of Thiepval Ridge; A Minor Operation near Thiepval- The Battle of Transloy Ridges- Le Transloy Again- The Battle of Ancre Heights- Epilogue.) 1916-1917: (Some Raids- An Echo of the Battle of the Somme- A Winter of Routine and Reorganization- More Battalions arrive in France- The Advance to the Hindenburg Line; The Attack at Savy Wood; The Operations near Gricourt; The Battle of Arras- An Epilogue to the Battle of Arras- A Spring Miscellany- The Battle of Messines.) The Third Battle of Ypres- The Battle of Cambrai: (Introductory- The Opening of the Battle: Lieutenant-Colonel B. Best-Dunkley's Victoria Cross- The Attack on Westhoek Ridge- The Crossing of the Steenbeck near Langemarck- Behind the Line- The Battle of Langemarck, 16th to 18th August, 1917; Two Side-Shows- An Ill-Starred Attack- The "Green Line" Once More- A Side-show- In the Wings- The 9th Battalion's Last Action, 4th October, 1917- The 9th of October: Summary; The Regular Battalions; The Territorial Battalions; The Pioneer Battalion- The Attack at Houthulst Forest, 22nd October, 1917- The End of the Third Battle of Ypres- Autumn Gleanings- The Battle of Cambrai: The Attack; The Dummy Attack; An Interlude; The Riposte- More Gleanings- The Attack at Westroosebeke.) 1918 Up to the End of the German Advance Astride The River Somme: (Routine and Reorganization- More Patrols and Raids- "March, 1918": Introductory; The Annihilation of the 197th Infantry Brigade; A Long Rear-guard Action; Another Rear-guard Operation; "First Somme, 1918"; "First Bapaume, 1918"; "First Arras, 1918"; A Magnificent Stand, Second-Lieutenant B.M. Cassidy's V.C.; A Typical Episode of the March Retreat; Local Counter-operations at Ayette; The Germans' Last Fling in the South) 1918: The German Attacks in the North and On the Aisne- The Summer Up to the End of July: (Introductory- The Defence of Givenchy, 9th April, 1918- The Attack Spreads to the North- "The Battle of Vieux Berquin"- The Pioneer Battalion is Drawn into the Fight- Riez du Vinage: a German Attack, a Patol Affair and a Counter-Attack- The Loss of Mount Kemmel- A Period of Comparative Quiet- A Glorious Disaster- A Gallant Attempt at Aveluy Wood- Raids and Counter-Raids- More Raids and a Visit to America.) 1918: August to the Armistice: (Curtain Raisers- The Start of the Return Journey- Probing- The Beginning of the End- A Cleverly Planned Surprise at Givenchy- The Advance Begins in the North- The Approach to the Hindenburg Line- Pressure Continues in the North- The Hindenburg Line Again- Into the Hindenburg Line- Through the Hindenburg Line- A Fourth Battle of Ypres- The pressure continues in the Centre- The Right Moves as Well- The Battle of Courtrai; South-East Lancashire to the Scheldt; The 1st Battalion's Last Battle- A Fine Finish by the 23rd Battalion- Real Mobile Warfare at Last- The Last Round- The Battle of the Sambre- Oise Canal and the Last two V.C.'s; Into the Forest of Mormal; Through the Forest and On; The Rochdale Unit nearly Rejoins its Old Companions; Following Upl A Fine Finish.) Macedonia: (Over to Macedonia- The Advance into Serbia- The Entrenched Camp- To the Frontier- The Doiran-Vardar Front- Machukovo- Krusha Balkan- Spring, 1917- The Battle of Doiran, 1917- Aftermath- Raids and Routine- Finale.) Envoy: (After the Armistice- Colours- The number of Battalions- Honours and Awards- The Cost and its Reward.)
Illustrations: Lancashire Landing, Gallipoli; Part of 1st Lancashire Fusiliers Fixing Bayonets For The Battle of the Somme, 1st July, 1916; Two N.C.O.'s of 11th Lancashire Fusiliers Carrying Duckboards Near Pilckem, 10th October, 1917; Battalion of Lancashire Fusiliers On March in Snow Near Cambrai, 21st December, 1917; Panorama of Lake Doiran, Macedonia

Maps: France and Flanders (Central); France and Flanders (Southern); France and Flanders (Northern); Ypres Area; The Gallipoli Peninsula; Helles Area; Suvla; Egypt and Sinai; Somme Area; Macedonia; Doiran Area
Title The History of the Lancashire Fusiliers 1914-1918 Vol. 1
Author Latter, Maj. Gen. J.C.
Published Date 1949
Publisher Gale & Polden
Published Place Aldershot
OCLC Number 7375118