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Catalog Number 2014.126.7
Object Name book
Accession number 2014.126
Summary Table of Contents: Title Page; In Memoriam; Introduction; Author's Preface; Could the National Guard be Trusted to Fight in France; The First National Guard Division Organized for Service in France was the Rainbow; From a Name on Paper the Rainbow Becomes a Division; Starve England or Stop American Troops, Which?; The Beginning of the World's Greatest Argosy; The Difficult Problem Facing Pershing as the Rainbow Arrives; Is the Rainbow to be a Combat Division or Only a Replacement One?; Allies Recoversing Confidence at Time Rainbow Goes to Front; Face to Face With the Enemy at Last; Rainbow Frees French Troops to Help British; The First American Division to Take Over a Whole Sector; Allies' Desperate Need for Reserves Takes Rainbow from Defensive Sector in Lorraine; The Battle the Rainbow did not Fight; The Rainbow's Part in the Decisive Day fo the War; American Reinforcement Gives Foch First and Long Hoepd For Chance to Attack Germans; The Battle of the Ourcq Compels the Germans to Completely Evacuate the Marne Salient; The Rainbow Artillery Goes on to the Vesle; A Rest at Last; Will Allies Use New Advantage of Numbers Over Germans to Strike for Decsive Victory?; The Rainbow in the First Attack of the First Army; Building a Trench Sector at San Benoit; How Breaking Kriemhilde Sellung Became Mission of the Rainbow; The Artillery Brigade, the First to Enter the Argonne Battle; The Rainbow Breaks Through the Kriemhilde Stellung; Kriemhilde Stellung Broken--What Divisons Will Exploit the Victory?; Helping the Second Division Launch Their Attack; The Race for Sedan; Striving for Decisive Victory Foch Comes Too Late to Pershing's Views; The March to the Rhine; The Watch on the Rhine; Homeward Bound; Addenda; Appreciation

Maps: St. Clement and Luneville Sectors; 42nd Division in the Baccarat Sector; 42nd Division in the Battle of Champagne; 42nd Division in the Battle of Ourcq; Aisne-Marne Offensive; 42nd Divison in the St. Mihiel Offensive and Essey; Attack and Captuee of Exermont Masif; 42nd Division in the Battle of Landres-et-St. Georges; 42nd Division Advances on Sedan; Diagramatic Argonne Forest and Verdun
Title Americans All: Rainbow at War
Author Reilly, Henry J.
Published Date 1936
Publisher F. J. Heer Printing
Published Place Columbus, OH
Search Terms 42nd Division
OCLC Number 1160721