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Catalog Number 2007.157.0
Object Name book
Accession number 2007.157
Summary Table of Contents: Foreword; Dedication; Honor Roll; Beadle County's Liberty Loan; Nearly One and a Half Million W.S.S. The Story of the Red Cross; The Beadle County Press; Six Thousand for Y. M. C. A.; And 3000 more for K.C. Four Minute Men; The Council of Defense; Beadle County's Defense Council; The Food Administration; Buying Books for Soldiers; The Fuel Administration; An Illustrated Review of the World War; War Chronology; Where our Soldiers were in France; Wilson's Fourteen Points of Peace.

List of Illustrations: President Woodrow Wilson; Marshal Ferdinand Foch; General John J. Pershing; Honor Roll; Margaret Ferguson; Elizabeth McMullen; Sopjia Padecky; Rose Padecky; Lt. Col. Robert M. Lyon; Major T. J. Wood; "Beadle Count's Own"; Captain Irving Crawford; Governor Peter Norbeck; By This Sign You May Know Troop "G"; The First Sign of America in France; Honor Roll; The Liberty Bell of the World War; John Longstaff; Leaders in Red Cross; N.D. Annis; H.E. Barnes; J.I. McNeil; W.S. Bowen; W.G. Bunde; G.H. Bowen; John T. Breen; Alva E. Taylor; Coe I. Crawford; Charles P. Warren; Council of Defense; B.B. McClaskey; A. L. Kinkead; Beadle County Draft Board; He Won Again; German Ship French Harbor after Armistice; Devastated Soissons after American and French recapture; Belleau Wood; French Crossing Bridge toward St. Quentin, 1917; American Whippet Tank moving to support French storming Juvigny, Near Soissons, Last weeks of the War; American Doughboys; British Flyers "Taking Off"; Famous Australian Camal Corps, Deserts of Turkey; 14-Inch U.S. Naval Gun; Austrian Soldiers guarding German Field Marshal Guide Post; Chateau-Thierry after American Marines retook city in July, 1918; Desolation of Flanders; British Tommies on Outpost duty; Devastation of town near Albert, October, 1918; Graves of Marines who died "In Flanders Fields".
Title In the World War: Beadle County, South Dakota
Author Anonymous
Published Date 1919
Publisher Buck Beemears
Published Place St. Paul, MN
OCLC Number 8355878