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Catalog Number 1984.81.0
Object Name book
Accession number 1984.81
Summary Table of Contents: Foreward; Honor Roll; Company I; Company H; The Draft System; The Draft in the Black Hills (Pennington County; Custer County; Fall River County; Lawrence County; Butte County; Meade County; Fort Meade); The Work of War Relief; Knights of Columbus; Work of the Red Cross (Pennington County; Custer Chapter; Fall River Chapter; Larrence County Chapter; Lead Chapter; Butte County Chapter; Meade County Chapter; The Liberty Loans; The Loans in the Hills; Women's Loan Committee; Pennington County; Custer County; Fall River County; Lawrence County; Butte County; Meade County); War Savings Stamps; The Council of National Defense (Pennington County; Custer County; Fall River County; Lawrence County; Butte County); The Four Minute Men (Pennington County; Custer County; Fall River County; Lawrence County; Butte County); The Home Guard (Belle Fourche Company; Deadwood Company; Rapid City Company; Sturgis Company); Sponsers; An Illustrated Review of the World War.

List of Illustrations: Presiden Woodrow Wilson; General John J. Pershing; Marshal Ferdinand Foch; Honor Roll; Col. Boyd Wales; Company "I", 4th Infantry; Company "H"Infantry; Dr. Swafford; W. B. Penfold; L.G. Brown; John Hale; Roscoe Keene; Udge miser; Mrs. Clift; Mrs. Cox; Mrs. Stuart; Mrs. Lampert; Mrs. Lampert; Mrs. Bennett; Mrs. Dryborough; Geo. P. Bennett; Canteen Committee (Mrs. Johnson; Mrs. Humphrey; Mrs. Mansfield; Mrs. Day; Mrs. Gray; Mrs. Duhamel); A Group of Red Cross Knitters (Mrs. Hally; Mrs. Coursaon; Mrs. Mathias; Mrs. Stewart; Mrs. Ferguson; Mrs. Longworth; Mrs. Ferguson); Pennington Refugee Garment Workers (Mrs. Wood; Mrs. Swander; Mrs. Tone; Mrs. Meleban; Mrs. Wheaton; Mrs. Morris; Mrs. Mansfield; Mrs. Mathias; Mrs. Schrader; Mrs. Walker; Mrs. Boyd; Mrs.Robins; Mrs. Dilger; Mrs. Bridge; Mrs. Halley; Mrs. McManhon; Mrs. McCain; Mrs. Bernard; Mrs. Young; Mrs. Marshall); Edith Wilson; Mrs. Glattly; Mrs. Clark; Mrs. Buell; Mrs. McGee; Mrs. Small; Comfort Kit Committee (Mrs. Warren; Mrs. Buell; Mrs. Bennett); Red Cross Sewing Group (Mrs. Hughes; Mrs. GrayMrs. Bernard; Mrs. Ewing; Mrs. Wheaton; Mrs. Johnson; Mrs. Beirmbaum; Mrs. Tone; Mrs. Mattson; Mrs. Way; Mrs. Grimes; Mrs. Lott; Mrs. Umpsted; Mrs. Harvey); Opal Red Cross Workers; Red Cross Work Day; Women in the Red Cross; Red Cross Nurses; I. L. Hazelton; Mrs. Schmitz; Mabel Howard; Mrs. Hazelton; Mrs. Peck; Mrs. Stevens; Mrs. Allen; Mrs. Atwater; Mrs. White; Mrs. Booley; Mrs. Ross; Mrs. Kirkeberg; Group of South Dakota Officers; Liberty Loans (Buell; Bray; Jacobsen; Mortimer;Anderson; Brown; Bangs; Phillips; Hartwell; Mortimer; Bird; Wellman; Gibbon); Sturgis Home Guard on Parade; German Ship French Harbor after Armistice; Devastated Soissons after American and French recapture; Belleau Wood; French Crossing Bridge toward St. Quentin, 1917; American Whippet Tank moving to support French storming Juvigny, Near Soissons, Last weeks of the War; American Doughboys; British Flyers "Taking Off"; Famous Australian Camal Corps, Deserts of Turkey; 14-Inch U.S. Naval Gun; Austrian Soldiers guarding German Field Marshal Guide Post; Chateau-Thierry after American Marines retook city in July, 1918; Desolation of Flanders; British Tommies on Outpost duty; Devastation of town near Albert, October, 1918; Graves of Marines who died "In Flanders Fields".
Title In the World War: 1917-1918-1919 The Black Hills, South Dakota
Author Anonymous
Published Date n.d.
Publisher Buck Beemears
Published Place St. Paul, MN
OCLC Number 41671221