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Catalog Number 1979.40.25
Object Name book
Accession number 1979.40
Summary Preface; Historical Note; Mobilisation and Training; The Battalion Goes to France; With the Sixth Division; Houplines; In the Ypres Salient; With the 56th Division- Training for the Offensive; Gommecourt, July 1st, 1916; The Battles of the Somme, 1916 I. The Fighting for Combles. Leuze Wood II. The Battle of the Transloy Ridges; Neuve Chapelle and Laventie; On the Arras Front; The Battles of Arras, 1917 I. The First Battle of the Scarpe, 1917 II. The Third Battle of the Scarpe, 1917; The Summer of 1917; The Battles of Ypres, 1917; On the Cambrai Front, 1917; The Battle of Cambrai, 1917 I. The Capture of Tadpole Copse II. The German Counter-Attack, November 30th, 1917; The First Battle of Arras, 1918 I. In the Gavrelle Sector, December, 1917, To March, 1918 II. Gavrelle, March 28th, 1918; In the Telegraph Hill Sector, Arras; The Battle of the Scarpe, 1918; The Battle of the Canal Du Nord I. On the Vis En Artois Front II. The Capture of Sauchy Cauchy III. On the "Ne Plus Ultra" Lines; The Advance to Victory; The Battles of Valenciennes and the Samre and the Passage of La Grande Honnelle; Peace; Itinerary; The Roll of Honour; Rewards won by Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men, 1914-1919; List of Officers who Served in the First Battalion, 1914-1919

List of Illustrations: Group of Officers, Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, 1917; Panorama of the Houplines Sector, Armentieres, 1915; Panorama of the Gommecourt Salient, 1916; Houplines, 1915: ("Buckingham Palace," The German Trenches from the British Front Line, "The Mappin Terraces) Ypres, 1915: (Machine-gun Section Wearing the First Gas Masks; The Cloth Hall; A Street Scene; Dugouts on the Canal Bank; Sauchy Cauchy from the Air, August 25th, 1918; The Queen's Westminster Memorial Window, Westminster Abbey

Maps: General Map of Western Front; Sector of Armentieres Front, 1915; Hooge, August 9th, 1915; Ypres, 1915-1916; Gommecourt, July 1st, 1916; Leuze Wood, 1916; The Somme, 1916; Laventire, 1916-1917; Arras, 1917; Ypres, 1917; Cambrai, 1917; Gavrelle, 1918; Battle of the Scarpe, 1918; Sauchy Cauchy, 1918; Sebourg, 1918; The Final Advance, 1918
Title The War History of the First Battalion Queen's Westminster Rifles
Author Henriques, Maj. J. Q.
Published Date 1923
Publisher Medici Society
Published Place London
OCLC Number 2003146