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Catalog Number 2001.40.33
Object Name Manual, Training
Accession number 2001.40
Summary A training manual on signaling for the United States Army from the 1916.

The cover has 'corporal Albert E. Neumann' and '3rd leo. Fort Terry' written near the top in pen. 'Rec'd Hq. Terry, N. Y. Aug 17 1916' is stamped between the two handwritten notes. Below the stamp and hand written note is the branch insignia followed by the title 'Signal Book United States Army 1916'.

Table of contents:
I. General Instructions for Army Signaling 7
II. The American Morse Code 9
III. The International Morse or General Service Code 12
IV. Visual Signaling in General 15
V. Visual Signaling by Flag, Torch, Hand Lantern, or Beam of Searchlight (without Shutter) 17
VI. Signaling with Heliograph, Flash Lantern, or Searchlight (with shutter) 18
VII. The Ardois System 19
VIII. Signaling by Two-Arm Semaphore 21
Stationary Semaphore 21
Hand Flags with Two-Arm Semaphore Code 21
IX. Letter Codes
Infantry 23
Cavalry 24
Field Artillery 24
Coast Artillery 26
X. Conventional and Preconcerted Signals with Rockets, Bombs, Small Arms, Guns, Coston Lights, Very Pistols, etc. 28
XI. Flag Signals by Permanent Hoist 31
XII. Conventional Telephone Books and Ciphers 42
XIII. Emergency Signals 34
XIV. Additional and Improvised Codes 38
XV. General Instructions for Locating and Operating Visual Signal Stations 39
XVI. Telegraph Code Books and Ciphers 43
XVII. The Field Message 51
XVIII. Infantry Company Signal Flags 52
XIX. Visual Signal Equipment 53
XX. Field Message Book, U.S. Army 62

From the World War One service of sgt. Albert E. Neumann, Battery E., 56th Artillery, Coast Artillery Command, A.E.F.
Title Signal Book United States Army 1916
Author Anonymous
Published Date 1916
Subjects Manual
Signals & signaling
Search Terms United States Army
U.S. Army
US Army Signal Corps, AEF