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Catalog Number 2010.130.164
Object Name book
Accession number 2010.130
Summary Good overview of the immediate pre-war situation.

Contents: the International Anarchy (The General situation, The Balance of Power, Armaments and Counter-Armaments, The Motives of Aggression, Diplomacy, National Honor, Public Opinion and the Press, Conclusion); General Sketch, 1870-1914 (France and Germany, Germany and Russia, England and Germany, England and Russia); The Triple Alliance (The Austro-German Alliance, The League of the Three Emperors, The Triple Alliance, The France-Italian Treaties, The Mediterranean Agreements); The Triple Entente (The Franco-Russian Treaty, The Anglo-French Treaties, The Anglo-Russian Treaty and the Treaty of Bjorkoe); Morocco and the conference of Algeciras (The Previous History, The Anglo-French Rapprochement, The German Intervention, Delcasse's Resignation, British Policy, The Conference, The police, The Bank, The Menace of War); The Annexation of Bosnia (Previous History, The Balkan Treaties, the Annexation, The Policies of the Powers, Conclusion); Agidir (The Franco-German Agreement of 1909, The Agreement Breaks Down, The march to Fez, Agadir, The meaning of the German Coup, The Anglo-German Tension, The Imminence of War); Tripoli (Previous History, the Launching of the Enterprise, The Policies of the powers); The Bagdad Railway (the Earlier History of the enterprise, The Attitude of England, the Gulf Section; Russian Policy; The Potsdam Agreement; French Policy; Conclusion); Persia (Peaceful Penetration, The Division of Persia into Sphere of Interest, The Powers, Germany and Persia, the Bear Squeezes the Cat); The Far East (Japan Adopts Western Civilization, Japan is Deprived of the Fruits of Victory, Europe takes "compensation", The anglo-Japanese Alliance; Japan and Russia Join hands, Russia and China); The Balkan Wars (Russia and the Central Powers after 1909, The Racconigi Agreement, The Balkan states combine, The Treaty between Serbia and Bulgaria, The Treaty between Bulgaria and Greece, The War Breaks out, The Policies of the Powers, Austrian Policy, Russian policy, Italian Policy, French policy, German policy, British policy, The Imminence of War); The Last Year (The Anglo-German Rapprochement, The Liman-Sanders Episode, the Balkans); The Hague Conferences (The Conference of 1899: Disarmament, The Conference of 1899: Arbitration, The conference of 1907); Armaments (Continental armies, the British expeditionary Force, The Angle-German Naval competition, The anglo-German naval discussions, the naval agreements with Russia); The Last Three Weeks (The murder of the archduke, German policy, Germany and the ultimatum, Serbian policy, Russian policy, French policy, British policy, The Austrian note is delivered, mediation proposals, Germany reverses her attitude, armaments begin to function, the partial mobilization of Russia, Austria resists German pressure, the Russian general mobilization, The last hours, how France came in, How England came in, The real moral, Italy comes in); Conclusion (The Secret Treaties, Reasons for Modifications of the Treaties, The Treaties of Peace, The way of salvation)

World War, 1914-1918 -- Causes.
Europe -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
World politics.
Weltkrieg (1914-1918)
Title The International Anarchy, 1904-1914
Author Dickinson, G. Lowes
Published Date 1926
Publisher Century Co.
Subjects Outbreak
OCLC Number 310996
Library of Congress Control Number 26011142