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Catalog Number 2005.98.208
Object Name book
Accession number 2005.98
Summary Table of Contents: Preface; Acknowledgements; Illustrations; Maps; Poem by C.D.L.; Dedication to Flight; Vehicles Lighter than Air; Birth of the Royal Flying Corps; 1914-The Squadrons Go To France; Air Reconnaissance-A New Element in War; The Royal Naval Air Service at Gallipoli; The Air Arm Gathers Strength; Spirit of Attack-The Somme Battles; Air Power Goes To Sea; 'In That Decorum…Perfectly Instructed'; Defensive Offensive: France 1917-1918; The Desert Air-Middle East 1914-1917; Air Defence of Great Britain 1914-1918; R.F.C. + R.N.A.S.= R.A.F.; Fathers of the Fleet Air Arm; Air Power Climbs to the Zenith; Winged Victory; The Clipping of the Wings; 'An Eagle Mewing Her Mighty Youth'; Appendix (V.C. Awards 1914-1918; Comparison of Ranks; An Early Air Reconnaissance; Order of Battle 1st July 1916; Chronology); Bibliography; Index.

List of Maps: The Western Front; Gallipoli; Aubers Ridge; The Battle of the Somme 1916; The Battle of Cambrai 1917; The German Offensive 1918; The Red Sea and the Near East; Allenby's Campaign in Palestine; The Campaign in Mesopotamia.

List of Illustrations: 'Audacious men, they clothed their vibrant vision with wood and linen'…; The first R.F.C. B.E.2B aircraft in France; Cockpit of Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8; Camera for air photography fitted on B.E. biplane; Primitive Bombsight and release; First machine-gun to fire through the airscrew; Target practice from cockpit; Le Prieur rockets; Bombing with incendiaries, No. 69 Australian Squadron; Balloon used in Bechuanaland expedition; Kite-balloon goes up to spot artillery; Gondola of patrolling naval airship; Handley Page bomber over Dunkirk beach; Sopwith Camel biplane fighter; R.E.8 reconnaissance aircraft; Aerial view of S. Albert with German trenches and gun-emplacements; Aerial views of Roeux; British Nieuport crash; German D.F.W. biplane crash; Sopwith about to takeoff; Naval airship ready for submarine patrol; Sopwith 'Baby' Seaplane; F.2B Flying Boats; F.2A Flying Boat; Short Seaplane; Sopwith Pup; Air-Sea Rescue after Sopwith 2.FI lands in water Sopwith Camel taking off from destroyer; Zero non-rigid airship with convoy; Konigsberg sunk near E. Africa; Zeppelin Shed at Nordholz; R.N.A.S. airman in front of 2 Nieuports at Tenedos; H.M.S. Furious; Pilots and ground-crew of a Bristol Fighter Squadron; Interrogation of air-crews near Albert; Airfield near Albert with R.E. biplanes; 'Richthofen's circus of Albatros; Trench Raid; Tank attack; Gas attack; Gallipoli; Mesopotamia; A Henri Farman of No.30 Squadron; Turkish troops attacked; Turkish transport destroyed by bombing, Sept. 1918; R.F.C armoured cars; Sopwith piloted by Major W.G. Barker, V.C.; Balloon apron used in defence of London; Wreckage of Zeppelin; Remains of Gotha bomber, Margate, December 1917.
Title Per Ardua – The Rise of British Air Power 1911-1939
Author Saunders, Hillary St. George
Published Date 1944
Publisher Oxford University Press
Published Place Oxford, UK
OCLC Number 1914410