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Catalog Number 2008.150.9
Object Name Book
Accession number 2008.150
Summary Table of Contents: Preface; Chronology of the First World War; Part One; Georgia: An Immortal Record; America Arms; The National Guard of Georgia (Redesignation of Units; The 151st machine Gun Battalion, 42nd Division; National Guard Official Register 1915); Camp Wheeler and the 31st Division (Components of the 31st Division; The Vision of Amos); Camp Hancock and the 28th Division (Components of the 28th Division); Camp Gordon and the 82nd Division (Battle of the Meuse-Argonne); Fort McPherson (German Prisoners; First Officers' Training Camp; The Army Officer of America during the World War);Fort Oglethorpe; Fort Screven; The Arsenal at Agusta; The Officers Reserve Corps; The Reserve Officers Training Corps; The Students Army Training Corps; Camp Greenleaf (Deaths and Casualties); The Emory Unit; The Army Nurse Corps; Ambulance Company No. 20; The Seventeenth Regiment Corps of Engineers; Souther Field; Candler Warehouse; Camp Jesup; The United States Army (Rank and Insigne; Campaigns in France; Strength; Casualties; Georgia's Contribution and Losses); Georgia's Dead of the Army (Battle Deaths; By Accidents and Oher Causes in France; By Disease in France; By Accidents in the United States; His Majesty's Ship Otranto; By Disease in the United States); National Cemeteries; April at Chateau-Thierry; Georgia has ever Reverenced her Fallen Heroes; Major General Peter C. Harris; Georgia's Wounded of the Army; Decorations Awarded Georgian's by the United States of America; Organizations of Divisions and Sources by States; Army Divisions in France (Insert); Components of all Divisions During the World War (Insert); The United States Marine Corps (Dress, Devices, Rank and Insigne; Marines during the World War; Georgia's Contribution and Losses; Battle Deaths; Accidents in France; Accidents in France; Diseases in France; Diseases in the United States; Decorations); The United States Navy (Rank and Insigne; Strength and Casualties; The Naval dead of Georgia; Battle Deaths; Disease; Decorations); Admiral William S. Benson; The Colored Soldier of Georgia (Battle Deaths; Decorations; Roster of Wounded); Have I Seen Peace?; Part Two The American Legion in Georgia; Formation of the American Legion; Birth of the Georgia Department, Atlanta (Temporary Charter; Trammell Scoot; Louis H. Bell; The St. Louis Caucus; Georgia Men Serving on Committees; Incorporation of the Georgia Department; Congressional Districts of Georgia); Second Priliminary Meeting, Macon (Walter A. Harris; C. Baxter Jones); First Department Convention, Atlanta (Minutes and Proceedings; Basil Stockbridge; Kirk Smith, Jr.; National Convention, Minneapolis, Minn.; Permanent Charter); Was the Department of Georgia, The American Legion, In Politics? (Thomas E. Watson's Platform; The Constitution of the Department of Georgia; Second Department Convention, Augusta; Program; The Poppy Adopted by the Department; Proceedings); Administration of 1920-1921 (Allen L. Henson; J.G.C. Bloodworth Jr.; The Clean Up Squad; The Woman's Auxiliary of the American Legion; Third Department Convention, Columbus; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1921-1922 (James A. Fort; J.E.B. McKendon; Third National Convention, Kansas City; The Known and The Unknown Soldier Sleep in Southern Soil; The Clean Up Squad; Visit of Marshall Ferdinand Foch; Fourth Department Convension, Way-Cross; Program and Proceedings; The Georgia Department Wins its First National Trophey); The Administration of 1922-1923 (Rodney S. Cohen; Spencer L. Hart; Fourth National Convention, New Orleans; Georgia Wins the Hansford McNider Trophy Again; E. Erle Cocke; Fifth Department Convention, Athens; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1923-1924 (Edgar B. Dunlap; Heywood C. Hosch; The Fifth National Convention, San Francisco, Cal.; The Sixth Department Convention, Savannah; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1924-1925 (J. R. Fitzpatrick; M. C. McMullen; Sixth National Convention, St. Paul; Endowment Fund; The Seventh Department Convention, Rome; Program and Proceedings; Song "The Legion of America"); The Administration of 1925-1926 (Homer Watkins; Joe M. Carr; Seventh National Convention, Omaha; Eighth Department Convention; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1926-1927 (Emory P. Bass; Eighth National Convention, Philadelphia; Constitution and By-Laws; The Ninth Department Convention, Savannah; Program and Proceedings); The Admimistration of 1927-1928 (Asa Warren Candler; Ninth National Convention, Paris, France; James A Bankston; Junior Baseball; Tenth Department Convention, Athens; Program and Proceedings; Major General Peter C. Harris; The Education of War Orphans); The Administration of 1928-1929 (Louis S. Moore; Tenth National Convention, San Antonio; Community Service; Eleventh Department Convention, Brunswick; Program and Proceedings) The Administration of 1929-1930 (Charles P. Graddick; The Eleventh National Convention, Louisville; The Twelfth Department Convention, Gainesville; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1930-1931 (W. A. Sirmon; J. M. McLellan; William Parker, Jr.; Twelfth National Convention, Boston; Presentation of a Flag by the Republic of Greece; Initation Over the Radio; Blood Mountain Memorial; Thirteenth Department Convension, LaGrange; Changes in the Constitution; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1931-1932 (Oliver Quimby Melton; The Thirteenth National Convention, Detroit; Georgia Products Dinners; The Fourteenth Department Convention, Macon.; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1932-1933 (George Scott Candler; Miss Margaret Giles; The Fourteenth National Convention, Portland.; Georgia Products Dinners; Fifteenth Department Convention, Valdosta.; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1933-1934 (Albert Sidney Camp; Stanley A. Jones; The Fifteenth National Convention, Chicago.; The Economy Act; Sixteenth Department Convention, Savannah; Program and Proceedings; The Department's Districts Changed); The Administration of 1934-1935 (William DeLacey Allen; Dr. J. M. Toomey; Pre-Convention Meetings in Atlanta; The Sixteenth National Convention, Miami.; Junior Baseball; Convention Queens; The Seventeenth Department Convention, Macon.; Program and Proceedings); The Administration of 1935-1936; Administration of 1935-1936 (Benjamin T. Watkins; The Seventeenth National Convention, St. Louis.; Department Standing Committees; Activities of the Department; Junior Baseball; Post Commanders and Adjutants; Membership; Posts Chartered; The Eighteenth Department Convention, Athens.; Program and Proceedings); Membership Summary; Appendix (Government Hospitals in Georgia; U.S. Veterans Hospital No. 48, Atlanta; U.S. Veterans Hospital No. 62, Augusta); Part Three; History if the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Georgia; Dedication; Letter From the National Commander John G. Emery; Introduction; Constitution and By-Laws; Charters Issued to Georgia Units; Birth of the American Legion Legion Auxiliary in Georgia; Organization of the Georgia Department and First Administration, 1921-1922; Second Administration, 1922-1923; Third Administration, 1923-1924; Fourth Administration, 1924-1925; Fifth Administration, 1925-1926; Sixth Administration, 1926-1927; Seventh Administration, 1927-1928; Eighth Administration, 1928-1929; Ninth Administration, 1929-1930; Tenth Administration 1930-1931; Eleventh Administration, 1931-1932; Twelfth Administration, 1932-1933; Thirteenth Administration, 1933-1934; Fourteenth Administration, 1934-1935; Membership Dummary, 1921-1935.
Title Georgia's Participation in the World War
Author Toomey, Joseph M.
Published Date 1936
Publisher J. W. Burke Company
Published Place Macon, Georgia
OCLC Number 1894513