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Catalog Number 2005.15.9
Object Name book
Accession number 2005.15
Summary relief of American eagle holds up a shield on which the title is printed.
Table of Contents: Honor Roll; Service Men of Saunders County; Brief History of the Red Cross; County Chapter and Its Origin; Membership Drives; Life Members of the Saunders County, Nebraska, Chapter American Red Cross; War Fund Statement; Red Cross Day Over 60,000 Added to Saunders County War Chest; Auto Contest Raises 22,000; White House Wool; Bureau of Supplies; Cutting Department; Surgical Dressing Department; First Aid; Nursing Survey; Hospital Garments; Comfort Kits; Knitting Department; Refugee Drive; Civilian Relief; Junior Red Cross; The War Library Fund; Christmas Boxes; Report of Work by Branches; Knitting of Work Branches; Knitting by Branches; Financial Report, June 1, 1917, to July 1, 1919 (Does not include War Funds); Miscellaneous; Auctioneer; Organization of the Branches and Auxiliaries; Wahoo Branch; Morse Bluff Branch; Cedar Bluffs Branch; Mead Branch; Weston Branch; Malmo Branch; Marietta Auxiliary; Ceresco Branch; Prauge Branch; Colon Branch; Swedeburg Branch; Memphis Branch; Pohocco Women's Auxiliary; Babtist Auziliary of Pohocco; Yutan Branch; Leshara Branch; Carey High Auxiliary; St. Matthew's Lutheran Auxiliary, East Side; St. Matthew's Lutheran Auxiliary, West Side; Plainview Auxiliary; Luther College Auxiliary; South Center Auxiliary; Valparaiso Branch; Ithaca Branch; Wann Branch; Ashland Branch; Liberty Loan History in Saunders CO.; The Fifth Liberty Loan; Liberty Loans; Stocking Precinct; Cedar Bluffs Liberty Loan; Morse Bluff Liberty Loan; Prauge Liberty Loan; Malmo Marietta Precinct; Ithaca Liberty Loan; Colon Liberty Loan; Memphis Liberty Loan; Touhy Liberty Loan; Ceresco Liberty Loan (Rock Creek and Richland Precincts); Leshara Precinct Liberty Loan; Yutan Liberty Loan; Weston Liberty; Marble Precinct Liberty Loan (Wann); Oak Creek Precinct Liberty Loan (Valparaiso); Ashland Liberty Loan; United War Work; United War Work-Kinghts of Columbus Wahoo Council, 1833; Local Draft Board of Saunders County; Saunders County Council of Defense; The County Press; History of Four-Minute-Men; Legal Advisory Board; War Savings Stamps Campaign; County Organization; Armenian and Syrian Relief; Medical Board; Wahoo Home Guard; Colon Home Guard; Malmo Home Guard; Czecho-Slovakia; Czecho-Slovak Army; Base Hospital No. 49; Honor Roll Patrons; Ashland Sponsors; War Chronology; Where Our Soldiers Were in France; Wilson's Fourteen Points of Peace.

List of Photographs: President Woodrow Wilson; General John J. Pershing; Marshal Ferdinand Foch; Honor Roll; Judge A.Z. Donato; Miss Lottie Klotz; F.E. Anderson; J.M. Ohslund; Miss M. Manners; C.N. Walton; J.M. Galloway; F.J. Kirchman; Hon. E.E. Good; Chas. Perky; J.M. Ohslund; Dr. E. O. Weber; Red Cross Float in Parade, Red Cross Day, Wahoo; Main Street, Wahoo, Red Cross Day; White House Wool; Judge Slama Paying for Wool; Mrs. M.A. Miller; Mrs. I.R. Edwards; Mrs. I.S. BartonMiss C. Cook; Nurses from Surgical Dressing Department; Mrs. E. McDonald; Mrs. D. H. Templeton; Mrs. T.J. Pickett; Mrs. F.E. Way; P.P. White; Joe F. Berggren; Prof. F.E Alder; Miss Mengel; Col. J. Wernsmann; Mrs. W. McDonald; Miss C. Cook; Morse Bluff (Walla, Bartosh; McCluhan); Mrs. Mary McCluhan; Cedar Bluffs Branch (Louden; Brokow; Keller; Bias); Mrs. R.R. Miller; Weston (Hogstadt; Novak; Koudele; Kriz; Westman); Malmo Branch (Walters; Chidder; Moltorf; Hills); Marietta Auxiliary (McCord; Crinklaw; Ellison; Crinklaw); Ceresco Branch (Lundstrom; Siegrist; Nelson; Newsham; Anderson; Chapman; Nelson; Wright); Prauge (Ruzicka; Zabka; Broz; Vlaska); Junior Red Cross; Swedeburg Branch (Pearson; Polson; Peterson Eliason; Gustafson; Martinson; Danielson; Liliedahl; Carlson); Babtist Auxiliary of Pohocco (Wild; Wild; Engel; Maxwell); Mrs. M. Hannan; Valparaiso Branch (Mahaffey; Petermichael); Mrs. D. Grimes; Mrs. Howard; Ashland Branch (Sherman; Hartford; Bontz; Oliver); (Fales; White; Darling); Used Tank in Victory Loan Drive; F.E. White; Oscar Hanson; B.E. Hendricks; Stocking Precint (Benson; Johnson; Dolezal); Cedar Bluffs Liberty Loan (Pickett; Schere; Fenstermacher; Mackprang; Schere); Morse Bluff Liberty Loan (Wolf; Zackovec; Walla, Jr); Prauge Liberty Loan (Vlasak; Hohl; Simanek Jr.); Malmo Liberty (Frana; Lind); Colon Liberty Loan (Bastar); Touchy Liberty Loan (Carek); Ceresco Ceresco Liberty Loan (Walin); Leshara Precinct Liberty Loan (Fetz; Obermuller); Weston (Pacal; Koudele); Wann (Griffis; Gilberit); Valparaiso (Petermichel; Elmelund); United War Work (Barry; Swanson; Harnsberger); N.C.Wagner; Saunders County Draft Board (Hines; Templeton; Smith); Saunders County Defense Council (Elmelund; Ludi; Slama; Perky; Placek; Pickett; Donato; Watson; Davis; Simpson; Weber; Bredenberg); County Press (Pickett; Howard; Yowell; Pickett; Ludi); (Ruch; Alder; Bithel); Legal Advisory Board (Donato; Hendricks); Armenian and Syrian Relief (Packard; Johnson; Ohslund); Medical Board (Tornholm; McCreery; Kirkpatrick; McCaw; Way); Wahoo Home Guard; Colon Home Guard; Malmo Home Guard; Czecho-Slovak Army (Petrus; Tomayer; Suchanek; Urban); Czecho-Slovakia; Base Hospital (Worrall; Meduna; Brown; Vasina; Simanek); The Cemetery; Waiting List; Night Work; Preparing to Unload; Full for the Night; More Hikes;
Title In the World War 1917-1918-1919: Saunders County, Nebraska
Author Anonymous
Published Date n.d.
Publisher Wahoo Democrat
OCLC Number 12844747