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Catalog Number 2013.142.1
Object Name Book
Accession number 2013.142
Summary From the library of General John J. Pershing. This copy of the report has been prepared for the personal use of General John J. Pershing and is respectfully presented to him by Major General J.H. Harbord, Commanding General, S.O.S.

Table of Contents: Foreword; A Few Significant Dates; Duration of Great War; Territorial Terms of Armistice; Organization of Services of Supply; Organization Chart of Services of Supply; Some Interesting Totals; Operating Sections; Strength of American Expeditionary Forces; Analysis of Casualties; Handling Troops on Arrival; Distribution of Troops by Services; Camps - Combatant Personnel; Camps - Non-Combatant Personnel; Training Areas; Construction in Divisional Areas; Location of Troops by Sections; Ports; Port Development; D.W.T. of Cargo Fleet; Cargo Discharged - Monthly; Total Tonnage Discharged - Classified; Cargo Discharged per man in American Expeditionary Forces; Transportation Service; Typical Ports (Bordeaux and Bassens); Terminal Yards (Bassens); General Storage Depots; Covered Storage Space; Typical Base Depot (Montoir); General Storage Depot (St. Sulpice); Ordnance Ammunition Depot (St. Loubes); Typical Intermediate Depot (Gievres); Typical Regulating Station (Is-sur-Tille); Railroad Transportation; Railway Construction; Transportation Equipment; Engineer Department; Engineer Material Construction Projects; Forestry; Motor Transport Corps; Motor Transport Activities; Motor Vehicles in American Expeditionary Forces; Quartermaster Corps; Foodstuffs Discharged in France; Composition of Ration; Subsistence Received from U.S.; Ration Components on Hand; Bakeries and Mechanical Plants; Bakery Capacity and Output; Refrigerating Plants (Map); Refrigeration Capacities; Oil and Fuel Depots; Gasoline and Oil Storage; Coal Procurement and Stocks; Clothing Received and on Hand; Reclamation by Salvage Service; Animals in American Expeditionary Forces; Remount Depots & Veterinary Hospitals; Remount Depots, Location & Capacity; Veterinary Hospitals, Location & Capacity; Medical Department; Evacuation of Sick and Wounded; Hospitals (Map); Hospital Capacities; Base Hospitals; Hospitalization Analysis; Medical Supplies; Disposition of Hospital Cases; Death Rate in Action and By Disease; Analysis of Deaths from Disease; Ordnance Department; Ordnance Activities; Artillery and Small Arms; Ammunition Receipts and Stock; Ammunition Expenditures; Ordnance Controlled Stores; Chemical Warfare Service; Chemical Warfare Material; Signal Corps; Telephone and Telegraph Lines; Signal Corps Material; Air Service; Air Service (Map); Status of Air Service in France; Aerial Photographs; Second Aviation Instruction Center; Breguet Airplane Over Lines; Chateau Thierry; Bombing; Headquarters Services of Supply (S.O.S.), Vertical Photo; Headquarters Services of Supply (S.O.S.), Oblique Photo
Title Some Accomplishments of the Services of Supply
Author Statistics Branch, General Staff Headquarters S.O.S.
Published Date c. 1919
Subjects World War I
Railroad construction & maintenance
Railroad travel
Railroad yard
Storage facilities
Engineering & construction
Eating & drinking
Veterinary hospitals
Clothing & dress
Medical aspects of war
Medical equipment & supplies
Medical facilities
Wounds & injuries
Ordnance industry
Artillery (Weaponry)
Gas warfare
Aerial photographs
People Pershing, General John
Harbord, Major General J.H.
Search Terms Services of Supply (S.O.S.)
Statistics Branch, Services of Supply (S.O.S.)
Motor Transport Corps
Chemical Warfare Service
US Army Signal Corps, AEF
Air Service
Transportation Service
Engineers Department
Quartermaster Corps
Medical Department
Ordnance Department