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Catalog Number 1983.120.112
Object Name Print
Accession number 1983.120
Description Print by Louis Raemaekers

Kaiser between spectral figures.

Information Written on Back: No. 150 / 20 white / 218 toned / "The Spirits I called to help me".... Blood-shed and Hunger: no. you must follow us now to the end. The Kaiser: to my end!

Additional Information from "Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers" by Louis Raemaekers Copyright 1916 (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19126/19126-h/19126-h.htm)

NOTE: Ay—to your end!—to your end amid the execrations of a ravaged world! Through all the ages one other only has equalled you in the betrayal of his trust. May your sin come home to you before you go, as did his! May his despair be yours! It is most desperately to be regretted that no personal suffering on your part, in this life at all events, can ever adequately requite you for the desolations you have wrought.

Outrage on outrage thunders to the sky
The tale of thy stupendous infamy,—
Thy slaughterings,—thy treacheries,—thy thefts,—
Thy broken pacts,—thy honour in the mire,—
Thy poor humanity cast off to sate thy pride;—
'Twere better thou hadst never lived,—or died
Ere come to this.

I heard a great Voice pealing through the heavens,
A Voice that dwarfed earth's thunders to a moan:—

Woe! Woe! Woe, to him by whom this came!
His house shall unto him be desolate
And, to the end of time, his name shall be
A by-word and reproach in all the lands
He repined.... And his own shall curse him
For the ruin that he brought.
Who without reason draws the sword—
By sword shall perish!
The Lord hath said.... So be it, Lord!

NOTE AUTHOR: John Oxenham

CARTOON CAPTION: To the End / War and Hunger: "Now you must accompany us to the end." / The Kaiser: "Yes, to my end."
People Raemaekers, Louis
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Subjects World War 1
Political cartoons
Artist Raemaekers, Louis
Title Ad Finem
Image size 38.3 x 29.6 cm