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Catalog Number 1983.120.31
Object Name Print
Accession number 1983.120
Description Print by Louis Raemaekers

Chest marked Belgium being plundered by Germans.

Information Written on Back: No. 10 / 1069 / We must have something for our trouble!

Additional Information from "Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers" by Louis Raemaekers Copyright 1916 (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19126/19126-h/19126-h.htm)

NOTE: The feature that will stamp Prussian War forever, and make this group of campaigns stand out from all others, is the character of its murder and pillage.

Of all the historical ignorance upon which the foolish Pacifist's case is founded, perhaps the worst is the conception that these abominations are the natural accompaniment of war. They have attached to war when war was ill organised in type. But the more subject to rule it has become, the more men have gloried in arms, the more they have believed the high trade of soldier to be a pride, the more have they eliminated the pillage of the civilian and the slaughter of the innocent from its actions. Those things belong to violent passion and to lack of reason. Modern war and the chivalric tradition scorned them.

The edges of the Germanies have, in the past, been touched by the chivalric tradition: Prussia never. That noblest inheritance of Christendom never reached out so far into the wilds. And to Germany, now wholly Prussianized—which will kill us or which we shall kill—soldier is no high thing, nor is their any meaning attached to the word "Glorious." War is for that State a business: a business only to be undertaken with profit against what is certainly weaker; to be undertaken without faith and with a cruelty in proportion to that weakness. In particular it must be a terror to women, to children, and to the aged—for these remain unarmed.

This country alone of the original alliance has been spared pillage. It has not been spared murder. But this country, though the process has perhaps been more gradual than elsewhere, is very vividly alive to-day to what would necessarily follow the presence of German soldiery upon English land.

NOTE AUTHOR: Hilaire Belloc

CARTOON CAPTION: Spoils for the Victors / "We must despoil Belgium if only to make room for our own culture."
People Raemaekers, Louis
Subjects World War 1
Political cartoons
Artist Raemaekers, Louis
Title Spoils for the Victors
Image size 37.7 x 29.2 cm