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Catalog Number 1983.120.64
Object Name Print
Accession number 1983.120
Description Print by Louis Raemaekers

Joseph nailing stable door shut, Mary by manager that holds Christ child.

Information Written on Back: No. 73 / 193 / 1916. Christmas precautions / The Germans are near.

Additional Information from "Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers" by Louis Raemaekers Copyright 1916 (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19126/19126-h/19126-h.htm)

NOTE: Mary, worn with grief and fear, covers her emaciated face with scarred hands, as she kneels in prayer before the infant Jesus. Joseph, grown old and feeble, nails up a barricade of planks to strengthen the door against the missiles of Kultur already bursting through it and threatening the sleeping child. So in that first Christmas, nineteen centuries ago, he saved Mary's child from the baby-massacre ordered by Herod to preserve his own throne.

Kultur, the gathered wisdom of the ages, has brought us back to the same Holy War. What a Christmas! What a Festival of Peace and goodwill towards men!

People ask: Why does God allow it? Is God dead? Foolish questions. When I was at school I had the good fortune to be under a great teacher whose name is honoured to-day. He used to tell us that the most terrible verse in the Bible was: "So He gave them up unto their own hearts' lust and they walked in their own counsels" (Ps. lxxxi, 13).

Man has the knowledge of good and evil; he has eaten of the tree and insists on going his own way. He knows best. Is not this the age of science and Kultur? We must not cry out if the road we have chosen leads to disaster.

Yet still the Child of Christmas lives and a divine light shines round His head. He sleeps.

NOTE AUTHOR: A. Shadwell

CARTOON CAPTION: CHRISTMAS EVE Joseph: "The Holy War is at the door!"
People Raemaekers, Louis
Subjects World War 1
Political cartoons
Artist Raemaekers, Louis
Title The Christmas of Kultur, A.D. 1915
Image size 37.5 x 29.1 cm