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Catalog Number 1983.120.107
Object Name Print
Accession number 1983.120
Description Print by Louis Raemaekers

Old men in uniform talking.

Information Written on Back: No. 141 / 155 / Vox inycerator supremo lex. William: look here gentlemen our people have got to "hurah" [sic] what we say, that's all.

Additional Information from "Raemaekers' Cartoons: With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers" by Louis Raemaekers Copyright 1916 (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/19126/19126-h/19126-h.htm)

NOTE: Who are the Makers of Wars?
The Kings of the Earth.

And who are these Kings of the Earth?
Only men—not always even men of worth,
But claiming rule by right of birth.

And Wisdom?—does that come by birth?
Nay then—too often the reverse.
Wise father oft has son perverse,
Solomon's son was Israel's curse.

Why suffer things to reason so averse?
It always has been so,
And only now does knowledge grow
To that high point where all men know—
Who would be free must strike the blow.

And how long will man suffer so?
Until his soul of Freedom sings,
And, strengthened by his sufferings,
He breaks the worn-out leading-strings,
And calls to stricter reckonings
Those costliest things—unworthy Kings.
Here you have them!—Pilloried for all time!

And what a crew! These pitiful self-seekers and their dupes!

Not the least amazing phenomenon of these most amazing times is the fact that millions of men should consent to be hurled to certain death, and to permit the ruin of their countries, to satisfy the insensate ambitions of rulers, who, when all is said and done, are but men, and in some cases even of alien birth and personally not specially beloved by them.

Surely one outcome of this world-war will be the birth of a new determination in every nation that its own voice and its own will shall control its own destinies—that no one man or self-appointed clique shall swing it to ruin for his or their own selfish purposes. Who pays the piper must in future call the tune.

"The world has suffered much too long.
O wonder of the ages—
O marvel of all time—
This wonderful great patience of the peoples!
How long, O Lord, how long?"
The answer cannot come too soon for the good of the world.

NOTE AUTHOR: John Oxenham

CARTOON CAPTION: Vox Populi Suprema Lex / The Kaiser: "Don't bother about your people, Tino. People only have to applaud what we say."
People Raemaekers, Louis
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Subjects World War 1
Political cartoons
Artist Raemaekers, Louis
Title The War Makers
Image size 38 x 31.5 cm