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Catalog Number 2004.71.20
Object Name Drawing
Accession number 2004.71
Description A series of sketches on the front and back of one piece of notebook paper.

The front side shows to landmasses divided by an area of water. On the right is the United States This side dominated by Uncle Sam. He is facing to the right, but his head is turned so that he can look behind him. In his right hand he holds a knotted club that has the word peace written on it. To his immediate left there is a circle with 'US' written in it. Above his head, but partially obscured by his top hat, is a cannon that is facing right, the muzzle of the gun cannot be seen because it is off the page. Above this cannon is the word 'Peace' to the left of the cannon on the other side of scribbles meant to look like smoke is a sketch of an American soldiers that is 1.5 times smaller than Uncle Sam. Behind this soldier is another cannon, only this one is pointing to the left, and smoke is coming out of the front of it.
On the body of water that divides the two landmasses there are two battle ships and one submarine. The landmass on the right represents Europe because the word 'Europe' is written near the bottom left-hand corner of the page. The representation of Europe is dominated on the right side by a male personification of Germany. The man is sitting in a chair facing left. In his right hand he holds a sword, while in his left hand he holds a switch. His face is full of what appear to be zits. He wears a spiked Helmut the word 'WAR' written on it. Around his collar is the word 'Germany'. ON his upper right arm is the world 'WAR' he wears a belt which also has the word 'WAR'. On his feet are knee high boots. In the top left-hand side is a biplane flaying to the left. Right below this plane are two artillery shells pointing to the left. It can be assumed these shells are coming from the cannon facing left on the right side of the page. There are a three other small images between the personified Germany and the images in the top right-hand side of the page that appear to be bullets. Some other marking on the extreme left side of the page but it is hard to tell what they are meant to represent.

On the back of the page shows a large artillery piece with smoke coming out of the front of it. Some kind of barrier almost like the side of a ship or the parapet of a tower is to the left of the artillery piece. There is a stair case on the base of the gun just below what appears to be a leaver or wheel. The back end of the gun is open, and to the right of the fun is a carriage moving a new shell into place.

From the service of Musician, later 2nd Lieutenant John Hoover Price, 25th Cavalry Band, then Band, Headquarters 83rd Field Artillery, then 19th Training Battery, Field Artillery Command Officers' Training School, Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky.

Subjects Artillery (Weaponry)
Uncle Sam
Shell carrier
Top hats
Artist Emroth, Harry