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Catalog Number 2003.38.87
Object Name Drawing
Accession number 2003.38
Description A series of four different cartoons. The first cartoon in the upper right hand side of the paged is titled A Close UP of A "Cootie". This depicts a man's hand holding a magnifying glass over a bug. The bug is wearing boots, and has a hand drill in his to front lets. To the right of this image is a poem that reads "The bomb, grenade the hissing shell corn willie hash and stew. All do their bit to make war hell but coot they cant beat you". Another sketch in the upper right hand side of the page is titled Oft in the Stilly Night (and Often in The Chilly Daytime). This sketch depicts a man who is not wearing a shirt sitting in a trench. He has something in his hand that he is attempting to manipulate. The object is going click-click, and he is cursing because he cannot get the thing to work. The speech bubble above his head has symbols in representing cursing, and outside the speech bubble is the word 'censored' which is pointing to the speech bubble. The sketch to the bottom left hand side of the page is titled Watching an Air Battle, and it depicts a soldier wearing a helmet looking up into the sky with a pair of binoculars. There is a speech bubble above him that reads 'Get him Frenchie atta boy'. Centered on the lower half of the page, and connected to a sketch on the lower right hand side of the page are two drawings with the title of Here Comes the Chow. The centered drawing shoes a soldier with a big smile peering at the viewer from a a trench The drawing on the bottem right depicts a jub in a field. An arrow points to the jug at it says empty above it. A text bubble coming from the jug reads 'any butts on coffee'. At the bottom right corner on the page it reads 'Pvt. J.R. Nichols in the Trench France 1918. All of these sketches are drawn on the back of YMCA stationary.

From the service of PFC Clarence A. Marlette Company B, 18th Infantry, 1st Division, then Headquarters Company, 1st Replacement Depot, then Sergeant in the American Red Cross, and the service of Florence S. Battershill, stenographer with the American Red Cross.
People Nicols, J. R.
Subjects Cartoons (Commentary)
Trench warfare
Trench life
Food vendors
Search Terms YMCA
American Expiditionary Force
Artist Nicols, J. R.
Title La Tranchee "Nooze"