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Name Henschel, James (Ned) Edward

Associated Records

Image of 1996.51.136BM - Letter

1996.51.136BM - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0035_0001 5 Private James E. Henschel- American Mission Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- October 12/1917- Dear Dad- Your letter of September eighteenth with two from Mother came today. Also the money order. I don't know how to thank you; it was mighty good of you to send it, and I certainly appreciate your doing so. It will be necessary for me to send the order to Paris - so that I shall receive the money in about ten days or so. the first things that I buy will be a bath - as soon as I have the slightest chance - and then have everything I own laundered. My last bath dates back to some time in September and a change of l

Image of 1996.51.136AY - Letter

1996.51.136AY - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0020_0001 August 18/1917- Dearest Mother- I have decided that from now I shall not wait until have the opportunity to write a regular letter - but instead shall try to send off of these things every day. In that way, I feel fairly certain that you will fear from me at least moderately regularly - and in addition, when we have a day or so of repos I can write a letter containing a little news - if there is any to tell. There is precious little, though at that save to say that I am "well jhenschel_0020_0002 and happy" - and today I can not say that with any degree of honesty. The last few days I have been a little under the weather bu

Image of 1996.51.136AZ - Letter

1996.51.136AZ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0022_0001 August 19/1917- Dearest Mother- Am writing this on the road, while waiting for dark before going further - so you must pardon worse penmanship than usual. We started at about one o'clock this afternoon, took a load of barbed wire, and are now waiting until dark to cross an open stretch of road. There seem to be quite a little doing on the plateau, judging from the sound of the guns, but then one can hardly tell. They jhenschel_0022_0002 keep going on pretty much all of the time. A German plane must be passing - for the sky is covered in one direction with the little white puffs of bursting shrapnel. It must be too high u

Image of 1996.51.136B - Letter

1996.51.136B - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0002_0001 Southwest National Bank of Commerce. Kansas City, Mo. July 18th, 1917 Hon. Jas. H. McCord Adjutant General, Jefferson City, Mo. My dear General:- This will introduce to you, Mr. L. H. Henschel, whom I commend to you most highly. I sincerely hope you may be able to grant his request in reference to his son who is in the University Unit and now at the front in France. Mr. Henschel is a good patriotic citizen. He has two other sons who have enlisted and he feels that he is entitled to consideration at your hands in reference to this boy. Your very truly,- W. T. KEMPER. WTK-ED From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co.

Image of 1996.51.136BA - Letter

1996.51.136BA - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0023_0001 August 23/1917- Dearest Mother- I am addressing this to you - but of course all my letters are meant for the whole family. I can not write to all of you - much though I would like to do so. Received letters from Aunt Kate and Uncle Wes - which I shall have to answer. I suppose that by the time you receive this both Ramsey and jhenschel_0023_0002 Harvey will be away from home. Harvey is with the Hospital Unit - how does he life it? And what is Ramsey doing? - A foolish question - for I suppose a letter is somewhere enroute telling me. I often think of the folks at home and wonder how things are going. Is Berthold a pr

Image of 1996.51.136BB - Letter

1996.51.136BB - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0024_0001 August 24/1917- Dearest Mother- We are carrying rock again today for what I sincerely hope will be the lost time. It's a dirty job and makes the camions a little more work than usual to clean - but worse than that is that it is so monatonous. Of course we are required to clean and oil up whenever we come in from a trip of any sort - and camions in wartimes must be kept spotless - much cleaner than jhenschel_0024_0002 nine out of ten private motor cars. And it must be done with out water - simply because there is no water here. Our drinking water is all brought from a nearby town. Must close for we are ready to leave. My

Image of 1996.51.136BC - Letter

1996.51.136BC - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0025_0001 August 25/1917- Dearest Mother- We are out on another night trip and have a few minutes to wait so will write my daily. We are to move - at least that is the rumor. It seems that instead of three "sections" to a "groupe" they want four here are splitting all of the old organization up. I think it a mistake - know it to be one, so for as personal satisfication is jhenschel_0025_0002 concerned - but "c'est le guerre". I suppose that we can [ms illegible: 1 wd] all right. Must Close Love Ned From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co. B Reserve Mallet--French Army, American Field Service, Quartermaster Corps, Gener

Image of 1996.51.136BD - Letter

1996.51.136BD - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0026_0001 August 26/1917- Dear Folks- Well the rumor is true; we must move - better - are moving. I told you - I believe - that the Missouri boys had been placed with about the same number of fellows from Princeton - because a transport section requires about twice the number that an ambulance unit does. They were mighty fine fellows and we got along together fine - but now we are to be separated and each outfit jhenschel_0026_0002 made the basis of a new one, the additional members being taken from newly arrived unattached boys. The result is almost horrible to contemplate (I can't think how words should be divided any more). Non

Image of 1996.51.136BE - Letter

1996.51.136BE - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0027_0001 August 27/[1917]- There is no news. We are still moving - still on repos - and it is still raining. I am thoroughly disgusted with the way things have turned out. Have seen the new boys - a "horrible men". Ned. From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co. B Reserve Mallet--French Army, American Field Service, Quartermaster Corps, General Hdgts., and Motor Transport Co. 831.

Image of 1996.51.136BF - Letter

1996.51.136BF - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0028_0001 August 28/1917- Dearest Home-Folks- We are at last in our new home - although by no means comfortable - in spite of the rain, which seems never to stop completely. The poor lads (from 18-80) "over the hill" must be having a nice time of it. Don't think that I would enjoy living in a trench this kind of weather. jhenschel_0028_0002 We are still on repos - and it is beginning to show on the rest of the boys as well as on myself. We are about as sociable I believe as a bunch of starved bears. I have had a "grouch" for the past few days. Hope that we get a call soon - or we will not be fit for one. My love - as always goes

Image of 1996.51.136BZ - Letter

1996.51.136BZ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0048_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet. France- January 16/1918- Dear Dad- Am answering in reply to your letter of November twelfth, which reached me a short time ago. I do not understand why it is that you folks do not hear from me more often than your letter would indicate. Of course, for a short time we were limited to only two letters a month, but as I have written Mother (which means all the folks at home) this was raised. Since then I have written every week if only to say "Howdy". I hope that more will have reached you before this. I have been just a little worried about jhensch

Image of 1996.51.136C - Letter

1996.51.136C - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0003_0001 July 19, [1917] Honorable James H. McCord, Adjutant General, Jefferson City, Mo. Dear Sir:- Not having the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with you, I procured a letter of introduction from Mr. W. T. Kemper who advised me that he knew you very well personally, and I enclose this letter of introduction herewith. I naturally would have preferred presenting this letter of introduction to you in person, but as I am the only active officer of our Company, it is very hard for me to get away from the office at the present time. Mr. Kemper advised me that you frequently came to Kansas City on your way to St. Joseph and should you be

Image of 1996.51.136BG - Letter

1996.51.136BG - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0029_0001 August 29/1917- Dearest Mother- I have taken to printing the addresses on my "dailies" - in order the better to insure their delivery. We are still on repos - so I have no news whatsoever to impart. Oh yes - there is to be a toolbox inspection this afternoon. We have cleaned and polished and shined our trucks for it seems month - hoping for a call jhenschel_0029_0002 and they have held every inspection that they could think of as an excuse to give us something to do and now they hold this one. It does not worry me a great deal - for the Frenchman who piloted my truck through the battle of the Marne (it looks as though it

Image of 1996.51.136BH - Letter

1996.51.136BH - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0030_0001 August 30/1917- Mother dear- I have just a few minutes before they call lights out in which to say "goodnight". The long-lost trip arrived at last and it was a real one. We left at some early hour (long before dawn) carried seventy-fives and returned at about nine tonight. A pretty long drive. I have just finished carrying jhenschel_0030_0002 gasoline and brushing off the mud and dust - so that old twenty-two is already for the inspector again - and I am all ready for bed. I hope that they keep us busy from now on and that the repos is not only broken but ended. Although tired - I think the fellows are more contented th

Image of 1996.51.136BI - Letter

1996.51.136BI - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0031_0001 September 15/1917- Dearest Mother- You must pardon the interval between this and my latest "carte lettre" - it has been spent solely in having a good time. For the past twelve days I have done nothing but enjoy myself - haven't written a line to any one and have completely forgotten the camions - and now am returning to Jouaigne and work by way of Paris. You see - I received my first permission, or leave - (which we receive about every four months). I spent part of the time at Paris and the rest at [Biarritz] on the Atlantic coast, near Spain. We bathed and walked and ate and spent all of our money - and now are going back - cl

Image of 1996.51.136BJ - Letter

1996.51.136BJ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0032_0001 no. 1 September 25/1917- Dearest Mother- At last I have a chance to write home. Since my return from Biarritz they have kept us going pretty much night and day, and I have not had a chance to write my carte-lettres as planned. Today - however my car in the shops acquiring new brakes and undergoing various minor but much needed repairs - so after cleaning it. I have had the opportunity to wash my face and try to catch up with my correspondence. Until today I have not even had the chance to get my mail - so you can see that we have really been rather busy. Day before yesterday I was at the wheel twenty hours - which is pretty lon

Image of 1996.51.136BV - Letter

1996.51.136BV - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0044_0001 France, December 31, 1917 Dear Butch & Harvey- There are a very few minutes left before a roll call - so I am afraid this will be short. The "Bull" came through fine - am smoking some of it now. I don't know how to thank you other than merely to say "Thanks" so there it is. You know how much it was appreciated. It would seem more dangerous to stay at home and play with Dynamite then come over here. You certainly have had a tough time of it with the broken arm, Butch - but I am hoping that by now it is all well again. Next time I'll bet the spark-lever is retarded. Our cars kick too. One of them broke two Frenchmen's right a

Image of 1996.51.136BW - Letter

1996.51.136BW - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0045_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission- Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet- France- January 2/1918- Dear Mrs. Warner- Am writing to acknowledge two very pleasant remembrances - "T Lembarom" and your letter. It was mighty good of you to send them and I have certainly appreciated your doing so. It's a fifty-fifty" proposition over here - one's self and the other fellow, so the book is now a part of the Y.M.C.A. library, where a good many of the boys will enjoy reading it as much as I have. If you were here I am sure that that is what you would wish me to do with it. jhenschel_0045_0002 Two weeks after the "two a month" l

Image of 1996.51.136BX - Letter

1996.51.136BX - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0046_0001 Private J.E. Henschel. American Mission. Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet. France. January 13/1918- Dearest Mother- A few days ago a whole sheaf of letters from home was delivered to me - dated all the way from some time in October to December 3rd. The day following brought Dad's letter of December 10th (I believe) and the box of good things from all of you. The box arrived in first-class shape and all of the "eats" perfectly fresh and in just as god condition as when packed. I can't thank you all enough. The dates were delicious - as a good many of us can testify when thanking Elizabeth. The handkerchiefs jhenschel

Image of 1996.51.136BY - Letter

1996.51.136BY - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0047_0001 Private J.E. Henschel- American Mission. Motor Transport A.E.F. Reserve Mallet. France- January 15/1918- My dear Friend- The package containing the "knee-ups" came today as a delightful surprise - even though I know that they were on the way. Now see - after a certain indefinite period a time has passed, we give up packages as lost - so you see - I was doubly pleased when my name was on the list today. It was mighty good of you to knit them, the "knee-lets" or "caps" or whatever they ought to be called. I certainly appreciate your going to so much trouble for me - and am certain that they will be might useful. jhenschel_0047_