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Name Henschel, James (Ned) Edward

Associated Records

Image of 1996.51.136EB - Letter

1996.51.136EB - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0102_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel- Motor Section- Advance P.C. G.H.Q. APO 930- A.E.F. Germany- January 24th/1919- Dearest Mother- Once more the address changes - this time it's a long jump. Company "H" with its two officers, an infant organizations less than a week of age - is located at Treves (or Trier) and is taking over the staff cars of G.H.Q. in Germany. Some job for an outfit of jhenschel_0102_0002 kids, isn't it? Our seventy-five valient drivers are pleased as Punch - but your dutiful son feels a trembling around the knees every so often. My job is working around to where it will be me in the charge of shops and supplies and all

Image of 1996.51.136EF - Letter

1996.51.136EF - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0106_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance P.C., G.H.Q., A.P.O. 930 A.E.F. February 7th, 1919. Dearest Mother: Lots of things to tell this time. This wierd assortment of second lieutenants gave a dance last night; the party was quite as queer as those there. Our organization is quite unique; there are in our immediate circle eight second lieutenants and two captains, and the queer thing is that the shave tails run the place. Run it ragged, too. Well, as I started to say, the M.T. office gave a dance last night. There were the ten who eat at our mess, and four telephone girls - and, to insure that it would be a real honest to

Image of 1996.51.136EG - Letter

1996.51.136EG - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0107_0001 Lieut. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, A.P.O. 930, A.E.F. Trier, Germany. February 16th, 1919. Dear Dad: One of the inconveniences of having a wireless station is one's office is the fact that about every so often something happens to the electric lights. Of course, the station denies all responsibility, but that does not give us light and now we have learned again the wisdom of keeping on hand a goodly stock of candles. This morning, in fact all day was mighty pleasant for me, in spite of the fact that it has been wet and misty all of the time. We worked in the morning, and entertained two generals without bei

Image of 1996.51.136EH - Letter

1996.51.136EH - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0108_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel U.S Army- L.H. Henschel 3236 Euclid Ave- Kansas City- [Missouri]- U.S.A. J.E. Henschel 2nd Lt. M.T.C. jhenschel_0108_0002 12th February 1919 Dear Dad I am now stationed at Treves (or Trier) Germany with Motor Section; Advance P.C.; G.H.Q.; A.P.O. 930 and am healthy as a hound pup- J.E. Henschel- From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co. B Reserve Mallet--French Army, American Field Service, Quartermaster Corps, General Hdgts., and Motor Transport Co. 831.

Image of 1996.51.136EI - Letter

1996.51.136EI - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0109_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, A.P.O. 930, A.E.F. February 22nd, 1919. Dearest of Mothers: Two wonderful days, today and yesterday! Just like the first spring days at home; you know the kind, that make one feel too good to be true. Certainly were fine, and I did a lot of pretty good work on top of the weather; therefore I feel happy and at peace with all the world - nearly all. It being Washington's birthday, it was a holiday, but of course, holidays are nothing in our young life. Trucks have to carry food, and every Colonel and a few 2nd loots went to take a ride in passenger cars. Ergo, we sort of look

Image of 1996.51.136EJ - Letter

1996.51.136EJ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0110_0001 Lt. J.E. Henschel, Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, A.P.O. 930, A.E.F. Trier, March 13th, 1919. Dearest of Mothers: A new early morning pastime has the members of the motor transport office in its clutches. Someone made the interesting discovery that there were horses of a sort available for all who chose to risk them. Nice tame beasts, that have never killed anyone - yet. AND the captain assured us that nothing was quite as fine an appetizer as a ride before breakfast. Therefore each of us was to be found the next, and all succeeding mornings, climbing on top of a horse animal. Also praying desperately that he might stay put

Image of 1996.51.136EK - Letter

1996.51.136EK - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0111_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, APO 930, A.E.F. March 23rd, 1919. Dear Dad: A lot of news this week, as the week has been well taken up. Last night I returned from a trip to Cologne, where I acquired spare parts for a number of German passenger cars, and a severe cold. I drove almost three hundred miles in an open Cadillac, and the weather turned out to be a lot colder than I expected. Cologne is certainly a good looking town. The streets are all wide and well taken care of, and the business houses look more like American places than any that I have seen elsewhere. The cathedral is wonderful; the stone carvings are as delica

Image of 1996.51.136EL - Letter

1996.51.136EL - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0112_0001 Motor Section, Advance GHQ, APO 930, A E F. March 31st, 1919. Dearest Mother: Your letter came this morning - the one with your copy of Ramsey's citation. That certainly listened fine, and all day today the hard working motor section, GHQ, has been reading of the exploits of one R.C.H., representing the family Henschel. Ramsey certainly played in hard luck, didn't he - about the commission, I mean; there were a lot others in exactly the same boat, and most of them had a Sam Browne due. I certainly was tickled to get the letter, and felt all "stuck up", because those things come so seldom in our army that when they do come, one

Image of 1996.51.136EM - Letter

1996.51.136EM - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0113_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, APO 930, A E F April the sixth, 1919. Dearest of Mothers: Harvey wrote me a letter some time ago, telling me that the pictures taken at Limoges were not. The letter came on the same day that another from one "Tad" Robertson, late pvt. now sgt. 1st cl., U.S.A., arrived, bearing the same cheerful news from Decize. Interesting information, but not very satisfactory, with better results, I hope. Really it begins to appear as though the fates to not intend that my likeness shall be recorded for the benefit of coming generations, but we may the get the best of them yet. Bought another camera - a peac

Image of 1996.51.136EN - Letter

1996.51.136EN - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0114_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, APO 930. April 15th, 1919. Dear Mother: The office is rather deserted after supper, and I can by that token find my typewriter at rest. Other times, it is rather too busily employed to admit writing of letters home. Hooray, cheers, etc. THIS letter contains two photos, one of myself (a close up after a strenuous session) and the other, a picture of Harvey all dressed up in my clothes, standing beside a newly confiscated German motorbike. Acknowledging. Many bars of Hershey's. Much gun, stick, chewing. Sundry magazines, arriving from time to time. All of which was very much appreciated. Al

Image of 1996.51.136EO - Letter

1996.51.136EO - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0115_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, A P O 930, A E F April 20th, 1919 Dearest of Families: Easter Sunday, a beautiful day, a fine dinner - and a letter home. All in all, a pretty fair combination. Gee, but a feel good today. Yesterday being just as wonderful, I called it a day off, locked the door on the room known as my office, roped in a friendly major and took a long auto drive, "over the hills and far away". Did not come back until supper time, and had a wonderful time. Therefore, today, I feel fit and able to whip all the rest of the world, and Mars and Jupiter thrown in. Two or three days ago "our Major", (the same one men

Image of 1996.51.136EP - Letter

1996.51.136EP - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0116_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, APO 930, A E F April 27th, 1919. Dear Mother: Enclosed find one of the many reasons why one doesn't go on leave often. After the nineteenth indorsement, business of madly waving arms, despair, and so on. However, I started an entirely new letter, so that I might save the one I am sending to you; it's a wonderful example of military efficiency. Perhaps I'll make the grade yet - this is the nearest That I have been able to come to doing so, thus far. SH*sh--sh - - s h - - s. New dope. Rumor hath it that Advance GHQ may be found dispensible on or about some unknown date in June or July. This wo

Image of 1996.51.136EY - Letter

1996.51.136EY - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0117_0001 May 4th/1919- Dearest of Mothers - Just 40 words this Sunday. Three days leave - Paris - arrived this morning - c'est bien aimable - cette Paris - c'est quelque chose de plu belle - as always - and in spite of expensive food and an unpeaceful conference. My love - always - Ned - (A long letter coming) From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co. B Reserve Mallet--French Army, American Field Service, Quartermaster Corps, General Hdgts., and Motor Transport Co. 831.

Image of 1996.51.136EZ - Letter

1996.51.136EZ - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0118_0001 Motor Section, Advance PC, GHQ, APO 930, A E F. May 11th, 1919 Dearest of Mothers: The most beautiful day thus far. Just the right sort of day for Mother's Day. The sun has at last discovered a way to crawl out of its prison - and as a consequence, I can talk once more. Paris is more wonderful than ever. Honestly, mother mine, there just couldn't be a more beautiful or lovable city. I spent three of the happiest of days there - no rain, fairly warm, all the trees and plants green again. I've decided on my career in life: to become a millionaire and spend some three months a year in Paris, and the other nine at home. Every

Image of 1996.51.136F - Letter

1996.51.136F - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0006_0001 July 25, 1917 Hon. James H. McCord, Adjutant General, Jefferson City, Mo. Dear General:- I beg to acknowledge receipt of your communication of the 24th advising that after further consideration of the matter you have granted an honorable discharge from the State militia to my son James Edward Henschel. I thank you for your courteous and favorable consideration of this matter, and wish to assure you that I appreciate your action with reference thereto. Yours very truly, LHH.B From the service of James E. (Ned) Henschel, Co. B Reserve Mallet--French Army, American Field Service, Quartermaster Corps, General Hdgts., and Motor Tra

Image of 1996.51.136FA - Letter

1996.51.136FA - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0119_0001 June 1st, 1919 Dear Mother: Missed last week's completely. Too much to do, or too lazy, or too many changes or some such rotten excuse. Anyway, there's a lot of news for today's. Went to Wiesbaden, theoretically to attend the races and horse show given by the French who now inhabit the town. Did see some very remarkable riding, but that was not all of the three days by a long ways. Quite a wonderful city, is Wiesbaden, and very modern. A mighty fine place to spend a vacation and a lot of money; they say that one can be cured of most any illness there, or forget it - about the same thing. Also acquire it. (By the way, am I

Image of 1996.51.136FB - Letter

1996.51.136FB - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0120_0001 June 8th, 1919 Dearest Mother: Advance GHQ is no more! We were all hoping that when that day came around our term of usefullness as occupiers would come to an end also, but it seems not. We are headed now to Coblenz, where it is rumored that we lose our Cadillacs and become classifiers of automobiles at a big reception bark there. The boys are all about as cheerful as a set of long starved bears. The first thing that they did was to write a petition - (it seems to me that I recall something a bot a petition in other times) or a letter, and getting permission of the Adjutant General's adjutant to present same to Mr. Adjutant Ge

Image of 1996.51.136FC - Letter

1996.51.136FC - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0121_0001 Coblenz-Neuendorf. June 15th, 1919 Dear Mother: The big move has come to pass; one of them. We are now at Coblenz-Neuendorf, Cadillac-less, the biggest part of the personelle of a bigger automobile reception park, moving, classifying, putting together, and doing a lot of work generally. Our location is beautiful, one the banks of the Rhine, where all day long the big boats pass by. The men can go swimming every day, if they wish, after four o'clock comes along, and a good many of them are taking advantage of the opportunity. Work starts at seven each morning (this week they took Sunday off the calendar, and so the boys are har

Image of 1996.51.136FD - Letter

1996.51.136FD - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0122_0001 Motor Transport Co. 831, Motor Reception Park #3, APO 927. June 22, 1919 Dearest of Mothers: This old world certainly is full of a number of things, and not least among these is changes. These changes have come and gone and come again so rapidly during the last week that one's head fairly swims. First, due to the pending (or impending) date of the signing of peace, it has been necessary to get ready for service all available motor transportation, and of course all available personel to operate said transportation. Hence one bright and balmy summer eve, at about six o'clock I find myself the proud daddy of a family of forty Pack

Image of 1996.51.136FE - Letter

1996.51.136FE - Letter

Full transcription of text follows: jhenschel_0123_0001 Motor Transport Co. 831, Motor Reception Park #3, APO 927, A. E. F. Coblenz-Neuendorf, Germany. June 29th, 1919 Dear Mother: Last night was rather SOME night. What we have all been hoping for the last half year has actually come about; peace has been signed. Troops will start to move backwards now pretty rapidly, in fact some outfits are slated for the "big Trip" tomorrow morning. I myself am hoping to get my company together once more, and then back to work at the park. As fast as divisions turn in their transportation, we take it over, straighten it all out, classify and prepare it for disposition as the powers that be see f