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Catalog Number 1999.62.4
Object Name book
Accession number 1999.62
Summary reprint of original, published in 1935.

The origin of tanks- undaunted pioneers- Little Willie and Big Willie- The camp of mystery; A chapter about machinery, which can be skipped by those who prefer to go straight on with the story in Chapter 3- What a tank is- How it goes- What it is capable of doing; The curtain goes up on the Somme- Amazement and terror of the Boche- What the Tommies thought; The all-conquering "female"- Mud- Through snow and ice at Beaumont-Hamel; Mark II.- The tank loses its tail- Bellying and ditching- The struggle for existence; Smashing through at Arras- The cruise of the Lusitania- In the snow at Bullecourt- The lone fight at Monchy- Armour-piercing bulletts- Undaunted crews; Training at home- Strenuous times at the Cadet School- The depot at Wool- Thrills of the first tank ride; Improvements- The Mark IV. tank- Blowing up the Boche- The unditching beam- The "hush-hush" scheme; The dreaded salient- Treachery- Ugly rumours- How to empty a "pill box"- Fighting for sixty-two hours- Fray Bentos holds up the Boche; Swallowed up in the mud- Captain Robertson wins the V.C., and establishes a tradition- The Poelcapelle disaster- Whitehall loses faith- Salvage; The Only Way at Cambrai- The general leads his land fleet- Triumph of the tanks- Captain Wain achieves the impossible- The lone gunner- A tank commander at bay; The extra hand- A gearsman sees red- Desparate fighting at Fontaine- A tank to the rescue- Shaking off the Boche- How Private Smith died; The Great Retreat- Repairing a breakdown- Attacked by aeroplanes- A rearguard action- The mad sergeant- Holding the gap- A bold raider; Villers-Bretonneux- Tank meets tank- Whippets in full cry- The turning of the tide; The Mark V. arrives- The German tanks- With the "Aussies" at Hamel- Brave Americans- A brilliant show- With the French at Moreuil; How a battle is planned- Mark V. star tanks- Bluff- Detraining at night- Spying out the land- Battle orders- The approach march- The hi-hi bird; The exploded dump- Zero hour- A receipt for a village- Tiny and Co.- The great cruise of Musical Box- Thrilling raid of armoured cars- Flotsam; The faithful servant- The man of peace- "Slippery" in a tight corner- The perfect little gentleman- Buried alive- Fruits of victory; Tanks crews sorely tired- A lame tank- A one-man tank- Never say die!; Crossing the Canal du Nord- The attack of the wooden tanks- Peace at last- The flag reaches Cologne; Tanks in Egypt- The French chars d'assut- The U.S.A. tank corps; What the tanks accomplished- The infantry's battering-ram- How they affected the Germans- A civilian force; Post-war machines- Mechanized warfare- Cross-country lorries- The amphibious tank- The pole-jumping tank- The four-track tank- The Halger-Ultra bullet- Tanks in the future- Destruction or peace?; Glossary of tank terms

Illustrations: "For the first time in history tank was to encounter tank"; Approach March; A Mark I. tank in action on the Somme; "A tank is walking up the High Street at Flers, with the British Army cheering behind"; Diagram showing position of crew and guns in Mark IV. tank; Daily Tank Log; "They swarmed over the machine"; A Whippet tank; After the heavy fighting at Fontaine-Notre-Dame; A captured German tank, the Elfriede; Section of Mark V. tank; "Suddenly swerved, crushing both guns and gunners into the ground"; An aerial photograph of the German front near Dodo Wood; O.P. Chart; Secret Barrage Map; The Carden-Lloyd amphibian tank coming ashore

Tanks (Military science)
World War, 1914-1918 --Personal narratives, English.
Tank warfare.
Title Tank Warfare: the Story of the Tanks in the Great War
Author Mitchell, F.
Published Date 1935
Publisher Naval and Military Press
Published Place London
Subjects tanks
OCLC Number 220094855
Library of Congress Control Number 34031788